legal cannabis delivery?

What is is a place where you might find legal marijuana for delivery, if you live in the parts of Northern California that we serve.

What should I try? What’s Indica? What’s Sativa? What’s CBD?

It sounds like you need some context on cannabis – we have a page for you!

Why should I order from

We’re a new startup with an old domain name, working to provide the most convenient, inexpensive, quality cannabis to you wherever you need to receive it. We look forward to experimenting to learn the best ways to help you enjoy and find comfort from this amazing pot plant. We believe that there are frontiers of improved health and well-being that we can help bring about through conducting our efforts at with a focus on positive social impact. You should order from to give us a chance to help you feel good.

Do you have a cannabis license? is a software & services company, working with local partners licensed by the Bureau of Cannabis Control who employ drivers to make deliveries.  Here is a list of the folks we are working with so far:

Cannabis Buyers’ Club Berkeley CBCB – C10-0000353-LIC

Mission Organic Center – M10-17-0000015-TEMP

Abatin Sacramento – C10-0000352-LIC

One Plant Salinas –  C10-0000628-LIC

One Plant Merced – C10-0000601-LIC

Where does deliver?

We deliver legal cannabis to patients in California; check to see where we currently serve!

We plan to grow our reach into more of California and beyond, let’s please keep on working to legalize this plant and we hope to serve you some day, somewhere in the golden state or a golden state of the mind.

Does ship cannabis?

Unfortunately we are prevented by law from shipping cannabis products. However, we work with our partner Hemp Shop to ship fine CBD hemp goods across the United States. And we work with Buy CBD Hemp Cigarettes to ship smokable CBD flower around the world.

Did you say legal cannabis, marijuana, pot, weed, bud, grass, ganja, herb, jazz cigarettes, devil’s lettuce, chronic, tree, kush, doobie, dope??

Yes – haven’t you heard? This amazing plant is being re-legalized around the world. As the medical and recreational benefits become apparent, societies are realizing the immense costs of cannabis prohibition. As a new legal marijuana industry takes root, is proud to offer bud delivery in Northern California, one of the first places in the United States to offer safe, legal access to pot for qualified adults. In 2017, qualified adults means having a medical weed prescription. In 2018, qualified adults means being over 21 in California.

What’s the story with

Justin Hall registered in 1994. In 2017 he met Dean Arbit. These two founded as you see it today. We wrote out a few more details here: a history of In addition, we’ve seen some press coverage of

how do I

How do I get started with cannabis?

Pick a product that sounds helpful or fun, or choose a few things to give yourself a sampler to try. You can see if you like smoking or vaping better before a movie. Maybe the soothing creme works better than edibles for easing a sore knee.

Place items that strike your fancy in your cart, verify you are over age 21, check out, and we will soon be heading your way!

If you’re stuck and looking for guidance, feel free to contact us with questions.

How can I pay for my legal cannabis? is currently accepting cash and debit cards with a PIN. We look forward to offering additional payment methods as the US financial system evolves to serve our customers!

Does offer discounts on legal cannabis delivery? offers a 5% discount to “OGs” – our elders, seniors can save on their legal cannabis delivery orders. We check ID during checkout to ensure people are over 21 years old. If we find you’re over 65 years old, you’ll automatically save money on all your future orders. offers a discount to US Military Veterans – between 5% and 10% depending on the location. Thank you for your service. During checkout, you’ll be asked to validate your military ID. Once you qualify, we’ll apply that discount to all your future purchases.

Note: we don’t stack discounts: if you add multiple discounts to your order, we’ll use whichever discount has a greater value.

Is there a limit on how much bud I can per day?

According to California state law, each recreational customer is limited to 28.5 grams per day for flower & prerolls, AND 8 grams per day for vape cartridges, concentrates, edibles, and topical ointments. We write “AND” because you can purchase that much of both each day. So for example, you could purchase 8 eighths, and 16 vape pen cartridges (if those are each .5 mg). Or you could purchase 8 packs of pre-rolls (assuming they’re 3.5g) and 80 (yes eighty) 100mg edibles. Also you are free to schedule multiple day deliveries at the same time.

What about California Medical Marijuana ID cards and physicians recommendations?

Your doctor’s recommendation letter allows you to buy & carry higher limits than recreational users, but the state doesn’t allow us to waive the sales taxes unless the state has issued you a formal card. If you have a state Medical Marijuana ID Card, you don’t pay sales taxes, but you still pay state and local cannabis excise taxes.

If you have a California Medical Marijuana physician recommendation letter, the California Department of Public Health wants you to use that recommendation to get a card, and that means going to a local County Health Office. Once you have a state ID card, please send us a copy with your next order, and we’ll make a note for your future orders!

What are your delivery hours?

We deliver weed seven days a week; times vary by location. Legal delivery in California is allowed between 6am and 10pm. 

Will the product be fragrant?

We deliver cannabis that resembles consumer packaged goods. Our products arrived packaged, and then served in a childproof bag. If you order lots of fresh flower, these layers can do much to hide that rich smell, but maybe not all. We’ll keep our noses out as we do more deliveries and we’ll update this section as we see how much smell there really might be from a bag full of bud.

Can you leave the package unattended, or must I be there to accept it?

California state law demands that cannabis be purchased by 21+ adults. For delivery, that means we need to deliver the product an adult who can produce proof of age.

Do I tip the delivery person?

We work to ensure that people throughout our supply chain are fairly compensated. If you are grateful to your driver, or they provide some expert advice, or some other unexpected delight you should feel free to offer them a cash tip. We do not at this time offer digital tipping for our cannabis delivery folks.

Do you have storefront or location where I can visit to shop and purchase pot? is the shop. Please visit us online, or chat with one of our budlers!

Is delivery discreet?

To ensure a discreet cannabis delivery experience, we deliver cannabis in unmarked vehicles, and our drivers act in a calm, professional manner.

Why do you use thick plastic bags with all the other packaging on your products?

California state cannabis laws mandate child resistant packaging. So rather than putting an impenetrable layer of plastic around every preroll joint, every cannabis chocolate, every CBD balm, the industry has put an impenetrable layer of plastic around the moment of retail sale: when the cannabis goes to the customer. When we delivery cannabis to you, we put it in a child-resistant bag.

We would love to have everything we sell be as biodegradable as pot itself. We’re working on it. Between our good intentions, and the law, there is citizen action:

  • you can save your delivery bags and give them to our driver on your next delivery so we can re-use them.
  • imagine & speak out about better ways to lessen trash in cannabis distribution.

more bud, please

How do I get in contact with

If you have questions about shopping or an order, you can contact us on our page.

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what more can I learn?

There’s more to learn about bud than there is to learn about You might visit our page to see what slight truths we may have teased out about this evolving plant.