How To Order Legal Marijuana Delivery in Sacramento

Online services are steadily becoming a convenient option when it comes to ordering marijuana delivery in Sacramento.

Websites such as allow residents from Sacramento and other nearby cities to purchase and receive high quality cannabis from the comfort of home. These cannabis delivery services are great for both local residents and college students. 

Sacramento weed delivery is also great for visitors coming to watch sports. Whether you’re coming to watch Kings basketball or River Cats minor league baseball, online services are a great way to stock up before the big game. And yes they also have concerts in Sac!

Weed delivery in Citrus Heights, West Sacramento, Elk Grove, Carmichael and Fair Oaks

Ordering weed delivery in Sacramento is a breeze, no matter what part of town you live in. Services such as offer delivery throughout Sacramento and the surrounding county. Marijuana delivery is available to areas including West Sacramento, Carmichael, Citrus Heights, Elk Grove, Fair Oaks, Folsom, and Rancho Cordova.

Cannabis delivery is also accessible in towns just outside of Sacramento County limits. Pot delivery is open to neighboring towns such as Rocklin, Granite Bay, Roseville, Orangevale, and Rio Linda.  We make sure to deliver to all areas with a significant population.  If you find that we do not delivery to your area, please contact us and we'll try to find our way to your city.

Nearby college students can also access weed delivery throughout places nearby Sacramento. Students attending Sacramento State University, UC Davis, or any of the local junior colleges can order cannabis online.

Cannabis vapes, edibles and flower delivered to your door in Sacramento

Many delivery services carry an impressive number of products comparable to a walk-in shop. Traditional smokers can purchase the usual flowers and pre-rolls.

Dabbing enthusiasts will marvel at the options of concentrates and available vape pens.  For non-smokers infused edibles are also in stock for those looking to simply eat and relax.

Weed delivery is ideal for veterans and medical patients

Ordering marijuana delivery can be quite convenient, but might be the only option for many.

These services provide safe access for immobile consumers such as medical patients, veterans, and the elderly.

In fact, offers a discount on cannabis delivery to military veterans.

A Guide To Oakland Cannabis Delivery

The Bay Area is synonymous with pot culture, but while San Francisco gets much of the headlines, make no mistake, Oakland is home to some of the first medical cannabis shops in the Country, and steeped in weed culture, and amazing cannabis. This discussion may be able to help anyone curious about weed delivery in Oakland.

The crown jewel of Alameda County is known for its wide availability of high quality marijuana. Dozens of storefronts operate throughout town, but online marijuana delivery is a quick and easy option for locals and visitors alike.

The Raiders and Warriors left town. At least we can still get weed delivery

Unfortunately, the East Bay has recently taken some major losses in the sports world.

The Raiders left for Las Vegas, but you can still root for them on television as legal pot reaches your doorstep.

Cannabis delivery in Oakland is possible with online services like, where customers can get legal cannabis products to arrive straight to their doorstep.

The former NBA champion Golden State Warriors also moved out, choosing to remain close across the Bay Bridge. Don’t worry about running late for the game, because you also place an order for weed delivery in San Francisco.

Lets go A's!

Order the best Edibles, Vapes, and Prerolls for fast delivery in Oakland

Bud offers a robust product menu, rivaling the stock of large dispensaries. Fans of edibles can enjoy gummies, exotic mints and chocolates from leading infused product manufacturers like Kiva Confections. Beyond featuring products for all tastes and budgets, we also feature edibles for those with dietary restrictions, including; vegan, gluten free, sugar free, and kosher.

If you're a flower lover we have Cookies and leading flower brands featuring exotic strains as well as old school staples- all from the best growers in California. From ultra high THC fire, to great value on ounces, our vast flower menu is second to none.

Discrete vapes are your thing? Our distinguished vape cartridges, pods and disposable pens from brands like Stiiizy, Sherbinski, and Absolute Xtracts. Choose from live resin carts, high CBD, and various ratios of THC/CBD vapes.

If you're looking to grab and go, we've offer an extensive selection of prerolls for delivery.  No need for rolling skills, shop for single joints, dog-walkers(minis), and multipacks of full flower prerolls.  To raise it up a notch, infused joints with hash, oil, and shatter are also available.

Oakland weed delivery is reliable and safe

The Town gets a bad rep for crime and overall safety, although neighborhoods continue to show improvement.

Even then, some people who use medicinal cannabis may have trouble accessing a brick and mortar dispensary. 

With that in mind, Oakland weed delivery services provide a safe alternative to physical shopping.

Cannabis delivery in Alameda and Contra Costa County offer delivery to surrounding cities throughout Alameda and Contra Costa counties. Next time you search for weed delivery near me in the East Bay, we got you. 

In Alameda County, whether its; weed delivery in San Leandro, weed delivery in Emeryville, or weed delivery in Alameda, it takes a few clicks from your mobile device or computer to easily order cannabis from the comfort of home.

In Contra Costa County, choose from; weed delivery in Orinda, weed delivery in Moraga, weed delivery in Walnut Creek, or perhaps weed delivery in Lafayette, weed delivery in San Ramon, or even weed delivery in Concord.

That was mouth full!! You get the point. We get you weed in Oakland, and all over the East Bay.

A San Francisco Tourist's Guide to Weed Delivery

Visiting a new city can be a bit overwhelming to navigate. Finding a decent place to eat can be frustrating, much less trying to find safe, legal cannabis for adults.

Hopefully, this discussion can aid in making the best decision for your traveling needs.

Travelers should also make note that all cannabis products should be consumed while in state. Weed is still illegal in federal spaces and in certain states without reformed laws.

San Francisco Cannabis delivery: A convenient option for hotel guests

Navigating the remarkable number of pot shops operating throughout San Francisco may prove daunting, however. If so, a legal cannabis delivery service in San Francisco might be more practical for certain tourists. 

These services normally house reliable staff, curating a lineup of the finest cannabis brands and products.

They also provide cannabis delivery to hotels located throughout the city, as long as customers provide a valid government ID.

Instead of searching for "weed delivery near me," visit an online service like They're known to deliver the best cannabis products to all neighborhoods in SF, and now including LA weed delivery.

Marijuana Tourism in San Francisco

San Francisco and weed have a special connection.  Like clam chowder and sour dough, the two are synonymous!  Formerly home to hippies in the 60s, San Francisco is now known as one of the most progressive cities on the planet.  San Francisco is also home to the first medical cannabis dispensaries in the US, starting with prop 215 which allowed for compassionate care collectives to open as medical-only dispensaries starting in 1996.

Weed delivery to San Francisco neighborhoods

San Francisco's eclectic neighborhoods are jewels.  We recommend getting lost and running into amazing finds.  Russian Hill, Polk Street, Ocean Beach (formerly home to Playland, the funhouse, and Sutro Baths) are fun places to walk, and are steeped in culture. There are also popular attractions like Fisherman’s Wharf, the counterculture of Haight Street, and the SOMA district nightlife, and the SF Zoo.  Something for all interests..including cannabis enthusiasts.

But one of the best reasons to visit the City by the Bay is the plethora of legal cannabis dispensaries. Many pot shops are open to out-of-state visitors. Adults 21 and over should plan to indulge in California’s recreational market.

If you can make it into a dispensary or dont want to deal with long lines, delivers to all neighborhoods within San Francisco, including- Richmond, Sunset, SOMA, FIDI, Pacific Heights, Russian Hill, Marina, Embarcadero, Crocker Amazon, Haight, Mission, Tenderloin,  Lone Mountain, Castro, Twin Peaks, Bernal Heights, Silver Terrace, and others.

Cannabis delivery is available throughout the Bay Area

A weed delivery service can reduce time and effort that could be better used to adventure throughout the Bay Area.  

Sports fans can visit the new Chase Center in San Francisco, home of the world champion Golden State Warriors.

Don't forget to experience one of the most technologically advanced NFL stadiums and new home of the San Francisco 49ers. Located in Santa Clara, Levi's Stadium is a hot destination.

Marijuana delivery in Marin County

For those who would rather experience the beauty of nature, weed delivery in Marin is also available. Afterwards, go wander off into breathtaking conservation areas and campgrounds that will undoubtedly reconnect hikers to the environment.  Whether you are staying in woodsy area close to nature, or in one of Marin's larger cities, we got you.  Bud offer same day and scheduled service for; Sausalito, San Rafael weed delivery, Novato weed delivery, Mill Valley weed delivery, Larkspur weed delivery

Weed delivery near SFO and San Francisco Peninsula

Don’t worry if you can’t make it back to San Francisco before dark. Many services offer weed delivery in San Mateo and SFO Hotels located on the Peninsula, which sits between the City, and Silicon Valley.  There are no dispensaries in major peninsula cities, however offers a huge selection of products to order online.  On-demand and scheduled service is offered in the following Peninsula cities; San Mateo, Millbrae weed delivery, Burlingame weed delivery, Redwood City weed delivery, Belmont weed delivery, South San Francisco weed delivery, and Daly City weed delivery.  

Order hemp-derived CBD direct to your hotel door

Want to wind down before heading home? Services dedicated to hemp-derived CBD can deliver a variety of products.

Reduce the stress of traveling with a relaxing bath bomb, or by snacking on some organic edibles.

CBD Hemp Cigarettes and Pre-rolls Spreading Fast

Through online sites or local convenience stores, Hemp-filled CBD pre-rolls and hemp cigarettes are finding their fans. Casual weed smokers are enjoying these flavorful hemp smokes. These offer the familiar ritual at times when the inebriating effects aren't welcome.  Cigarette smokers are looking to the same product as a nicotine-free tobacco cessation alternative. left behind are nicotine patches and vape pens. In a bit of cosmic timing, the recent vape scare and subsequent bans of vape and flavored tobacco products have freed up retail shelf space. CBD hemp cigarettes have shown up in convenience stores, gas stations and smoke shops throughout the Country.

Also known as Hempettes, these cigarettes are made using smokable hemp flowers rich with cannabidiol (CBD). CBD is now legal to produce as long as the amount of THC is limited to a trace amount of 0.3 percent or less.

CBD Cigarettes For Smoking Cessation?

Experts believe that hemp cigs act as more than just a tobacco alternative. CBD may help smokers quit by providing biological support as well.
Researchers at University College London conducted a small study in 2013 of 24 smokers and gave them an inhaler with CBD or placebo for one week. They were told to use the inhaler when they felt the urge to smoke. Those given the placebo showed no differences in the number of cigarettes smoked. Those using CBD significantly reduced the number of cigarettes they smoked by 40%.

Market research firm Brightfield Group surveyed more than 5,000 CBD users, found that 24 percent have used pre-rolls to quit smoking. The same report found that 41 percent of successful quitters have used hemp CBD to quit tobacco entirely.

Popular CBD Smokes

Growing demand for cbd hemp cigarettes and pre-rolls has also drawn the interest of celebrities and cannabis enthusiasts alike. The Grammy-nominated musician Post Malone and renowned cannabis breeder Mario “Sherbinski” Guzman are teaming up to release a brand of American-grown hemp pre-rolls known as Shaboink, according to Forbes.

Guzman, the cultivator behind iconic contemporary THC cannabis strains such as Gelato, Sherbert and Mochi, believes that this product can allow users to legally enjoy flavors commonly associated with cannabis, regardless of their state laws. “Gelato has created a great name for itself in cannabis. Not just nationally but globally,” said Guzman in the Forbes interview. “This is a way for people to be connected and try Gelato, to experience what everybody’s been talking about. A customer may not have access to a cannabis dispensary in, say, Kentucky — but they can go to a convenience store and get Gelato hemp pre-rolls. They can connect with us.”

Shaboink and other early comer brands such as Wild Hemp, out of Texas, and OG cannabis brand Bhang, have moved fast. All have turned to tobacco equipment and packaging to manufacture their smokable hemp. 

Better Tasting Hemp Cigarettes

Although consumer interest is clearly there, feedback from consumers and reviewers has been mixed. Taste has been the main challenge for these tobacco-style hemp cigs. Product shortcomings seem to stem directly from tobacco equipment, which does not work with sticky or resinous flower. Cannabis and smokable hemp can look and even smell identical. Both are much stickier than tobacco. Smokable hemp processed with tobacco rigs tends to be dried out and pulverized to a consistency and humidity level closer resembling the tobacco in cigarettes. This leaves dry product mostly void of natural terpenes and taste. 

Hearing customer sentiment, new entrants are looking to build on the momentum of the smokable hemp wave. Brands are launching better tasting products, and veering away from the cigarette style format.  One such player, Lucy's CBD Hemp Pre-rolls, have been seen in Smoke Shops and online with funky 7-packs of high terpene California hemp strains rolled in cannabis style cones. They look and weed. 

Other products resemble neither a traditional cigarette or a joint. LVL Hemp is sold in a slick five pack of cylindrical hemp cigarettes rolled in unbleached hemp paper and a natural filter made from hemp fiber. LVL Hemp, based in Moss Landing, California’s central coast, come in three varieties based on unique terpene profiles. 

A Purpose-Made Hemp Cig

Ben Arreguy, LVL Hemp's Business Development Director recently spoke to GreenState. “Cannabis and Tobacco smokers alike love our purpose made hemp cig format. The filter provides a perfect pull and accentuates the natural terpenes of our great tasting, Cali-grown and bread flower. It’s just a great tasting smoke minus the nicotine or [significant amounts of] THC”. LVL Hemp cigarettes are 100% biodegradable, another point Arreguy says customers are embracing: “we worked for over a year to come up with an ultra functional, sustainably made filter, something we knew cannabis users wanted, and tobacco smokers would appreciate.” 

The verdict is out on which format and brands will prevail. Or even what we’ll call these smokable hemp rolls. One thing is clear through the smoke: the hemp revolution is bringing new, dank smoking options to a corner corner store or gas station near you.

Emerald Cup 2019: Winners from Humboldt To Oakland Recognized As California's Best Cannabis Strains

Cannabis is the new normal, as evident in this year’s Emerald Cup, one of the nation’s largest annual cannabis festivals.

The festival entered its sixth straight year of residency at the Santa Rosa Fairgrounds over the weekend. This was only the second Cup since California voters decided to legalize marijuana for adult use.
While it’s only been just short of two years since the state officially enacted cannabis reform, it was business as usual at this year’s Cup. A crowd of roughly 30,000 came to enjoy the festivities -- which included food trucks, cannabis consumption areas for adults, and musical performances from the NYC rap group Flatbush Zombies, indie-pop songstress Santigold, and reggae legends Steel Pulse.

“The normalization of cannabis is unbelievable,” said event founder Tim Blake to the Press Democrat. “We have gotten rid of 100 years of stigmatization in 10 years.”

Honoring Tommy Chong

In addition to honoring the state’s best achievements in cannabis cultivation, the Cup took time to honor comedian and actor Tommy Chong with the second annual Willie Nelson Award, created to honor those who helped push marijuana into the mainstream. His iconic career has been synonymous with cannabis culture since becoming one-half of the stoner comedy act Cheech and Chong.

The 81-year-old also famously used cannabis to fight cancer twice, and was once at the center of legal controversy for selling bongs via the internet.
“People ask me if you ever thought this day would come. I never thought about it because I never thought that far ahead,” Chong said after receiving the award at the fairgrounds stage.

This year’s top prize for California’s best sungrown flower went to southern Humboldt County’s Ridgeline Farms for their Ridgeline Runtz strain, beating out 700 entrants from 14 categories. The terpene-packed cross between Zkittlez and Gelato has quickly gained popularity throughout the state’s finer shops. “It’s the most beautiful bud I saw in the entire competition,” said judge Nikki Lastreto to Leafly. “A Boeing 747 that takes you to space.”

Best CBD Flower

Capitalizing on the booming trend of CBD, the Oakland-based dispensary Phytologie took home the award for best CBD flower with their frosty and functional strain, Holy Crunch. Phytologie, which has earned past Emerald Cup awards for its flower is especially stoked to represent its Oakland roots.  
Phytologie’s cultivation manager, Adrian Guerrero tells, “We're honored to win another First Place at Emerald Cup, Calfornia’s oldest and most respected cultivator awards. We’re especially stoked to bring the Cup back to Oakland, where hard work and elite genetics make beautiful music together.." Speaking about the winning strain, Guerrero says “Holy Crunch is an ‘enhanced flower’ it has over 30% Cannabinoids and 3% provides a one of a kind high."

Cup judges also recognized efforts to grow cannabis using environmentally responsible methods by awarding the regenerative farm award to the Humboldt County farm Organic Medicinals, who grow marijuana and vegetables using dry farming practices in the Eel River Valley.

What was once a clandestine event where nominees would wear bandanas over their faces to protect their identities from undercover detectives, has now become the flashpoint when cannabis companies begin to truly take shape.

“The Emerald Cup is rich with culture, and the awards matter,” said Sonoma County resident and longtime cultivator Shivawn Brady to the Press Democrat. “When you win this contest, it immediately creates your brand.”

For a complete list of awards recipients, click here. Black Friday and Cyber Monday Holiday Gift Guide

The holiday season is in full swing at a moment when cannabis reform is at an all-time high.

As California moves towards its sophomore year of legalizing and regulating adult use, more products than ever are available in both recreational and medical form. Whether your loved ones are looking for THC, CBD, or a combination of both, there’s a veritable cornucopia of edibles, topicals, pre-rolls and flowers to satisfy any preference.

But searching for the perfect gift may prove more daunting as the industry continues to expand. No need to worry, however, as we’ve provided a comprehensive list of our favorite cannabis brands and their specific products for your convenience. Many of these brands will also join mainstream commerce in offering considerable deals for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

To add even more to your convenience, there won’t be any need to leave the house or cut Thanksgiving dinner early, as all products can be delivered to your door thanks to the good folks at and the Hemp Shop.

Kiva Confections

Looking to satisfy a sweet tooth with a mature palate? Kiva Confections has all bases covered with delectable Camino gummies, exotic chocolates, and Petra mints perfect for micro-dosing responsibly. Kiva is perfect for anyone looking to try THC-infused edibles for the first time.


Despite the growing amount of high-tech methods to consume cannabis, nothing beats good old-fashioned joint. The people behind Tokes take the busy work out of rolling your own by offering packs of 12 pre-rolls containing go-to strains like Gorilla Glue and White Tahoe. Look out for discounts on certain strains this weekend, bringing them to $35 per pack.


If you’re considering using cannabis strictly for medical purposes, Dosist offers the safest method of vaporizing cannabis oils, as well as ailment-specific formulas meant to benefit sleep, pain relief, and several more conditions. 


Some people enjoy chocolate as much as they do cannabis. For that person in your life, Stokes is the perfect stocking stuffer, with THC-infused truffles packed with ingredients such as sea salt caramel, cherries and almonds, and creme de menthe. Check over the weekend for flavors discounted at $18 per pack.

Papa & Barkley

The market for CBD is flooding rapidly, leaving a handful of trustworthy brands in its wake. Papa & Barkley is one of those select few brands providing pure, clean hemp oils. Their selection of tinctures, balms and capsules contain several variations of CBD:THC ratios, giving patients plenty of options for the perfect dose. 


Free of any frills or gimmicks, Mericanna is all about a no-nonsense joint. These half-gram single pre-rolls will be on sale for $2 each, making for the most cost-effective stocking stuffer on our list.  Or any list!


The season can be downright stressful with activities like shopping, cooking, and spending time with relatives. Take the edge off with the help of Speciale pre-rolled joints containing a dominant percentage of calming CBD. Strains such as Lemon Crush and Holy Crunch are sourced from Emerald Cup award winners Molecular Farms, who have won the Best CBD flower award for three years straight.


For a perfect group session, Tommy Chong’s party joints — appropriately dubbed “Chongers” — are packed with an entire 1/8th ounce of premium cannabis encased in a tube just over 7 inches long. Pick up a few pre-rolls on sale for $35 each and consider your Christmas party officially lit.


Once the holiday hustle calms down, treat yourself and decompress with the help of Kenko’s relief cream. Slather your achy joints with a 3 ounce bottle packed with 200 mg of CBD, made to relieve pain while naturally soothing and hydrating skin. 

Pacific Stone

For your seasoned cannabis aficionado, there’s likely nothing that beats a big bag of weed. Give them the gift of the frosty Sativa known as Banjo -- a perfect holiday pick-me-up cultivated by Santa Barbara’s Pacific Stone brand. A full ounce will be discounted at a steal of $80, making for one of the best deals featured on this list (while supplies last).

Dr. Shu's Pet Care

Don’t leave your fur babies out in the cold. Give them the gift of calm and relaxation with pet care products from Dr. Shu’s Pet Care. Triple tested and comprised from veterinary professionals that specialize in CBD for pets, their hemp-based CBD Oil tincture is good for both dogs and cats to support joint mobility, normal brain function, and GI health.

Soji Health Luxe Face And Body Holiday Box Set

Everyone’s mother deserves a spa day, so treat them with this special gift set packed with a curated selection of hemp-based wellness products. Each box contains tremendous savings that includes a Body Lotion, Intense Recovery Eye Cream, Anti-Aging Daily Facial Cream, and a selection of three relaxing Bath Bombs. Reap even more savings on Black Friday through the Hemp Shop, which will offer this set, as well as all Soji Health items sitewide, for 25 percent off.

Bernie Sanders’ Plan To Legalize Marijuana Goes Beyond All Presidential Candidates


Every candidate involved in the Democratic presidential primary election believes in reforming federal cannabis laws. However only Bernie Sanders plans to go further than simply allowing use and possession.

Sen. Sanders released his comprehensive marijuana legalization plan last week. He hopes to involve more minority-owned businesses while banning the influence of Big Tobacco.  

According to his plan, Sanders says he will legalize marijuana within the first 100 days of his presidency under the following key points:

  • Legalize marijuana in the first 100 days with executive action
  • Vacate and expunge all past marijuana-related convictions
  • Ensure that revenue from legal marijuana is reinvested in communities hit hardest by the War on Drugs
  • Ensure legalized marijuana does not turn into big tobacco

Sanders foresees the creation of a $20 billion grant program within the Minority Business Development Agency, which would grant minority entrepreneurs enough funds to start their businesses. Additionally Sanders' plan incorporates a $10 billion grant program to help fund businesses in areas that have been disproportionately affected by the Drug War.

American anti-drug laws have "disproportionately targeted people of color and ruined the lives of millions of Americans," Sanders said in a statement. "When we're in the White House, we're going to end the greed and corruption of the big corporations. We will make sure that Americans hit hardest by the war on drugs will be the first to benefit from legalization."

All past marijuana convictions on both federal and state levels would be reviewed under Sanders’ presidency. All past marijuana convictions would be expunged, while prisoners currently serving marijuana-related sentences would also be placed under review.

"We are going to end the horrifically destructive war on drugs and legalize marijuana," Sanders added. "And we are going to end the disgrace of 400,000 people right now locked behind bars because they are too poor to afford cash bail."

Another component would keep out existing companies that sell tobacco and cigarettes. Big Tobacco, and those "that have created cancer-causing products or (are) guilty of deceptive marketing" would effectively be locked out from the legal cannabis market. 

Instead, the plan would give incentive to marijuana growers and distributors who choose to start non-profit or community co-op businesses. The idea idea is to reinvest some portion of cannabis profits to the benefit local economies. 

“With the exception of Joe Biden, all of the leading Democratic candidates for President support legalizing marijuana,” said Violet Cavendish, spokesperson for the Marijuana Policy Project, to Rolling Stone. “Bernie Sanders has set himself apart from the field by proposing the most detailed plan we’ve seen from any candidate during this primary campaign.”

Sanders hasn't elaborated on details regarding allowable products and if cannabis delivery would be broadly allowed.

Megan Rapinoe Announces Partnership With Female-Owned CBD Brand Mendi

After emerging as the new face of women’s soccer during this year’s World Cup, Megan Rapinoe has announced her first sponsorship deal with the CBD brand Mendi.

The superstar left winger is joining her twin sister Rachael Rapinoe, CEO of the Mendi. The brand, which is run completely by women, now has an A- list spokesperson with a massive platform.

“As a tool, CBD has been integral in Megan’s training and recovery program for the past few years,” said Rachael Rapinoe. “She’s seen the massive potential for more people to adopt CBD into their recovery regimens and saw a need to do something about it by partnering with us to make sure we do it right.”

Megan Rapinoe is set to  spearhead the brand’s “Athlete Ambassador Program,” with hopes to utilize her partnership with Mendi. They aim to raise awareness for diversity, inclusion, equal pay, equality, and justice into small communities and  workplaces.

"We’re not waiting for equal pay. It’s here today,” added Rachael. “We’re taking a proactive role to do something about it- building a business that cares for the athlete’s best interest. Run by our team of industry vets that share these values and the passion to change the game for good. We’re building a brighter future for sports both on and off the field so we can pass the torch to the next generation of athletes."

Mendi’s initial line of products contains CBD derived from hemp. All such products recently became federally legal under the 2017 farm bill. Their line of infused gel caps, gummy candies, and salve sticks are designed with athletes in mind. Mendi Products contain zero traces of THC, and are TSA-friendly for air travel.

Megan Rapinoe joins a growing number of athletes and celebrities entering the legal cannabis industry. Calvin Johnson, Mike Tyson, and Ricky Williams have all recently announced cannabis or CBD ventures.

CBD Can Ease the Psychiatric Side-Effects From Using THC, Study Finds

New research suggests that CBD may be able to counteract certain negative side-effects from using cannabis products containing the psychoactive compound Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

In a study published recently in the Journal of Neuroscience, a research team from the University of Western Ontario in London, Canada, found how both cannabidiol (CBD) and THC interact with each other, which can balance out the negative feelings and emotions associated with using THC.

“For years we have known that strains of cannabis high in THC and low in CBD were more likely to cause psychiatric side-effects,” said Steven Laviolette, a professor at Western’s Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry, in a press release. “Our findings identify for the first time the molecular mechanisms by which CBD may actually block these THC-related side-effects.”

Although medical cannabis is helping millions of patients with certain medical conditions, a vast amount of individuals just can’t deal with the possibility of side effects brought on by THC, such as anxiety, paranoia, and impaired memory.

Researchers examined rats that were given THC, and found that they exhibited many of the acute negative side effects in behavioral tests, such as anxiety about new environments, problems with social interaction, and memory.

After examining the rats’ brains after tests, researchers determined that the effects were caused by an overactive cellular signaling molecule called extracellular signal-regulated kinase, or ERK.

"We found that THC is overstimulating the ERK pathway, altering oscillation patterns in the brain linked to schizophrenia and disturbing the dopamine system," said Laviolette.

A group of rats that were given both CBD and THC displayed normal ERK signals, and did not reveal any signs of anxiety, paranoia or memory loss in the behavioral tests. The researchers believe that means that the CBD prevented the overstimulation of the ERK pathway.

"CBD by itself had no effect," said Vanier Scholar Roger Hudson, lead author on the study. "However, by co-administering CBD and THC, we completely reversed the direction of the change on a molecular level. CBD was also able to reverse the anxiety-like behaviour and addictive-like behaviour caused by the THC."

While these conclusions are in need of further research, the study could help medical cannabis producers create products better suited for specific patients.

“Our findings have important implications for prescribing cannabis and long-term cannabis use. For example, for individuals more prone to cannabis-related side-effects, it is critical to limit use to strains with high CBD and low THC content,” added Laviolette. “More importantly, this discovery opens up a new molecular frontier for developing more effective and safer THC formulations.”

Speciale, a California cannabis flower and preroll brand, is Industry leader in pairing varying ratios of THC to CBD in their products. Aundre Speciale, the brands namesake founder told "We have bred cannabis plants with a variety of CBD to THC ratios. We call it 'functional flower' because it can address your pain or treat your condition with a more desirable affect and less anxiety." Flower strains with consistent THC to CBD ratios are still rare in a recreational market focused on high THC counts alone. Speciale continues, "With these unique cultivars, we have an opportunity to provide a more balanced, less intense experience to both new cannabis consumers as well as those who've experienced unwanted side effects from THC (only) cultivars."

Animal Lovers Are Using CBD To Heal Their Pets

As more people turn to cannabis to treat their medical ailments, pets are now also benefitting from the healing properties of cannabidiol (CBD).

According to a report from the Los Angeles Times, several pet owners are seeing positive results after treating their pets with CBD-infused products, such as tinctures and edibles.

CBD, the therapeutic compound found in cannabis, is just as effective for pets suffering from the same conditions people use it for, such as pain, anxiety, seizures, digestive issues, and arthritic joints.

48-year-old Andrea Cullipher, a jewelry designer from Burbank, gives her 10-year-old basset hound, Axel, a few drops of hemp-derived CBD tincture on a piece of bread each morning to manage his degenerative joint pain.

“His tail is up, and he has noticeably more energy,” Cullipher told the Times.

Cat owner Montana Lee, 30, credits CBD for helping her ragdoll cat Zeus with his hostility and aggression, who now allows houseguests to pet him.

“He’s a whole different cat,” said Lee.

These success stories are backed by a handful of medical studies, including a 2018 federal study finding that CBD can help increase comfort and activity in dogs with osteoarthritis. Moreover, a 2019 study discovered that CBD may help reduce the number of seizures experienced by epileptic dogs.

These fur-friendly CBD medical supplements used to be hard to find, but are now widely available in legal retailers and weed delivery services.