bud.com is pleased to now offer veterans a discount on recreational cannabis delivery.

Honoring Veteran Cannabis Consumers

March 27 someone ordered an indica vape pen and two Daydream pre-roll singles from bud.com. They replied to their order confirmation email with a simple query: “Do u offer a veteran discount?”

We called them on the phone to discuss this further. We learned they had serious hearing issues: they were a veteran, living with a disability. Cannabis eased their symptoms but they were on a limited income. They were hoping to save money on their weed delivery.

When we launched bud.com as a benefit corporation we committed to find ways to serve our communities as we grow this business. A veterans discount seemed like a natural way to build a measure of compassion into our systems.

Streamlining Veterans’ Cannabis Delivery

Fortunately we found a military & veteran verification system that we could integrate with our shopping experience. In our tests, folks can be verified in a few minutes. Once a veteran has been verified on bud.com, they will see 5% automatically taken off the total for future purchases. Note: the Military & Veteran discount does not stack with other discounts here: if you add another promo code to your order, we’ll use whichever discount has a greater value.

There are many reasons people join the military. Veterans can end up doing some difficult work. When they finish their service they deserve access to the best crops of their homeland.

We have spoken to many veterans who benefit greatly from marijuana in their health and mental outlook, managing chronic pain and stress. Especially for folks who are not able to get out and about so easily, bud.com is excited to be able to bring veterans more affordable cannabis delivery.


Justin Hall, intrepid cannabis explorer, is the CTO of bud.com.