We help local dispensaries launch delivery service. We look for dispensaries anchored in their community who want to focus on their core business while we focus on bringing & supporting delivery orders. bud.com works with select dispensaries to drive delivery eCommerce growth and sustainable customer acquisition.

We market delivery in their local area leveraging the growing strength of our bud.com presence on the web.

We facilitate the establishment of delivery operations for dispensary operators.

We help with driver recruiting, onboarding, and dispatch.

We handle customer support communications with our Customer Experience team.

We drive re-engagement through email campaigns today and SMS campaigns soon in 2021.

We provide access to a reporting dashboard to assess our the conversion funnel for cannabis shoppers.

Our bud eCommerce software platform integrates with a number of leading cannabis POS systems to allow inventory syncing and order synching. We currently work with dispensary POS systems include Treez, Blaze, Meadow, and Cova.

If you are running a dispensary and looking to launch or expand your cannabis delivery, please check out our bud.com partners page.