Bud's Best Dispensaries in Wisconsin

Best dispensary in Wisconsin

Not just famous for cheese, Wisconsin also offers fish boils, many fine sausages and bratwursts. Most folks would wash it down with a beer; increasingly folks in Wisconsin are finding ways to enjoy cannabis as well.  Finding the best dispensary in Wisconsin is easy for all the wrong reasons.  In a State with such great College towns and sport tradition a lack of cannabis and dispensary options just seems wrong.

Today Wisconsin offers only limited CBD Oil medical marijuana for qualified patients. Fortunately there is an option for Wisconsinites to get some weed in the form of legal cannabinoids: Hempshop, an online dispensary available in Wisconsin. We think Hempshop is the best dispensary option in Wisconsin.  They stocks a wide-range of lab-tested legal products including:

  • Delta-8
  • Delta-9
  • Delta-10
  • HHC
  • THC-0
  • CBD
  • CBN
  • CBG

You can order online using a credit card for delivery by mail.

dispensary products available in Milwaukee, Madison, Green Bay, Kenosha, and Racine in Wisconsin?

When you're looking for flower, and we don't mean Wood Violet - you can find flower, vapes, edibles and more all over the Badger State.

You can find dispensary listings close to these locations in Badger State: Milwaukee, Madison, Green Bay, Kenosha, and Racine.  Unfortunately due to lack of access at the State level, 'the best dispensary in Wisconsin' isn't in one of its great cities.  And thats a giant collective groan you hear from the Green Bud Packers contingent.

Can I buy legal weed online in Wisconsin?

There may be some local weed delivery in Wisconsin. Otherwise we're going to suggest checking out the flower, vapes, edibles, prerolls and more products that are now available online. Hempshop is an online dispensary available in Wisconsin, accepting credit cards for lab-tested legal THC, CBD, Delta-8, HHC, THC0 and you can get by mail.  These cannabinoids are all 100% hemp-derived and thus Federally legal. The US Farm Bill which provided a an acceptable THC% within the definition of "hemp", was enacted by the US Congress in 2018.

We can ship the increasingly popular delta-8 THC directly to residents in Wisconsin. Some people prefer the milder high that Delta-8 offers.  While others prefer tried and true delta-9 gummies which are also available online.

Delta-9 Gummies in Wisconsin

For those looking for more potent cannabinoid products, hempshop also has options. They offer 10 mg Delta-9 gummies; similar to 10 mg THC gummy sold at leading dispensaries.  Happy Daze gummies are vegan, gluten-free, and great tasting.  These are the identical potency as dispensary gummies.  And provide provide a similar effect.  Another reason we think Hempshop is the best dispensary in Wisconsin.

Things to do in Wisconsin once you visit the best dispensary

Once you buy weed from an online dispensary or in person, you might find all sorts of things to do in the 54,158 square miles or 140,268 square kilometers in the state. Here's a few off the top of our heads:

  • Visit Timms Hill, the highest point in Wisconsin
  • Visit Mitchell Park Horticultural Conservatory, Olbrich Botanical Gardens, Gardens of the Fox Cities, Cofrin Memorial Arboretum, , Paine Art Center and Gardens, Rotary Botanical Gardens, Schmeeckle Reserve, Foxfire Botanical Gardens, Boerner Botanical Gardens, Ledge View Nature Center, Jones Arboretum and Botanical Gardens, Norskedalen
  • Get together with some neighbors to sing "On Wisconsin" currently the state song
  • See if you can find the state bird, a American Robin
  • Welcome visits at airports like Milwaukee Mitchell International Airport,Dane County Regional Airport (Truax Field),Appleton International Airport,Green Bay–Austin Straubel International Airport,,Chippewa Valley Regional Airport,La Crosse Regional Airport,Rhinelander–Oneida County Airport,Central Wisconsin Airport
  • Research the state of legalization in Wisconsin with the Marijuana Policy Project

People have been searching for safe & preferably legal weed for thousands of years. We're glad to help people find theirs at the best dispensary in Wisconsin.

Delta 9 Gummies; Yes They Are Legal to Buy Online!

Delta-9 THC is of course the best know cannabinoid- IT has been getting people high for Centuries.  And now, based on the 2018 US Farm Bill definition of allowable delta-9 THC within Hemp on a dry weight basis- Delta 9 gummies are legal to ship throughout the Country.

So of course the logical first question- Are these the same as the THC gummies at the local dispensary?

Legal Delta 9 gummy Vs dispensary gummy

There are two main difference between these legal-to-ship D9 gummies and the gummies sold through adult use or medical dispensaries.

First difference, the cannabinoid is extracted from Hemp, rather than Cannabis.  Second, and most notable, the legal Delta-9 gummies are significantly bigger than their dispensary-sold counterparts- usually roughly 3 or 4 times the size and mass.

The bigger gummy contains less than than 0.3% of Delta-9 by total, individual dry weight of the gummy.

But in terms of potency, they are essentially identical milligram to milligram.   A 10 milligram gummy is the recognized "dose" of THC for edibles in most recreational States.  Most common gummy brands are sold in 100mg packages, consisting of 10 gummies.  The dispensary gummies provide the same effect and relief from certain conditions, as a hemp-derived Delta 9 THC gummy also dosed at 10 milligrams.

Both hemp and cannabis derived delta 9 gummies you really high, so if you're a novice, start low and go slow!  And always remember to keep them away

What is Delta-9 THC?

Delta-9 THC or Δ-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (Δ-9-THC)), is of course the main psychoactive component in cannabis. It is generally what is meant when referring to ‘thc’ in popular culture and press.  For thousands of years humans have used delta-9 THC to heal and celebrate. Or just get high.

If Cannabis were Federally legal, there would be no reason to reconstitute cannabinoids from hemp.  The practice of extracting delta-9 THC from hemp, where it exists in very small amounts is wasteful.  Since there is significantly more THC from years of purposeful breeding, the energy, resources, and land used to grow substantial consumable hemp strains would better be used for other crops, while the requisite amount of Delta 9 is already being extracted at a tiny fraction of resources used to procure the same amount of D9 from hemp harvest.

But with many Americans still having no access- and so here we are. “Legal Delta-9 THC” and Delta-9 Gummies.

Is Delta 9 legal?

Today in 2022, Delta-9 derived from Hemp has become a viable alternative for all Americans, based on the allowable THC levels of .03 by dry weight as interpreted from the 2018 US Farm Bill. Full spectrum hemp derived Delta 9 is the new boutique cannabinoid finding legal refuge in the Farm Bill’s definition of Hemp. Even though it comes from Hemp rather than the Cannabis Sativa plant, delta-9 extracted from hemp is indistinguishable from delta-9 originating from regular dispensary weed.

The Best 10mg Delta 9 Gummy

Happy Daze Gummies

Happy Days are here again. We think best gummy online are Happy Daze Gummies.  These Vegan and Gluten-Free Delta-9 gummies are made from premium hemp-derived Delta-9 THC distillate, organic ingredients, and always third-party lab tested.  Always consistently dosed, these gummies are similar in potency to ones sold at dispensaries - 10mg THC per gummy.  Shaped as squares for easy titration, they are easily cut in half for smaller or beginner doses.  Besides providing the desired effect, the assorted delights are a fun, great tasting mix of fruit flavor in each bag.  Flavors include:


-Blue Raspberry

-Pineapple Mango


-Pink Lemonade

Delta 8 Vs Delta 9

The more common gummy available online is Delta-8.  Its more important to note that Delta-9 gummies are more potent the Delta-8.  D9 is roughly 50% to 25% more potent.  Although generally Delta-8 is sold in higher dosage, usually 25mg, rather than 10mg for Delta 9 gummies, which is also the typical dispensary gummy dose.

Both will get you high, but Delta 9 will get you higher if taking the same dose or edibles or equivalent amount of smoking or vaping.  Remember we've written a guide to the best delta 8 flower online in a previous post.

Gummies near me

Political strife aside, we live an amazing Country.  One that allows us to enjoy many freedoms and luxuries.  Bud.com is the place the go to find delta 9 near me, dispensaries near me, or even weed delivery near me.  We give adults throughout the U.S. access to cannabinoids based the legality of cannabis at a State level. In States that allow access to recreational or medical cannabis, bud.com offer weed delivery and pickup options directly from dispensaries near you.  We love dispensaries and think they're a great part of cannabis experience and culture.

However in States that do now allow legal cannabis sales via dispensaries, hempshop.io online dispensary offers direct shipping of edibles, flower, vapes, and prerolls derived from legal hemp.  So gummies and other products can be 'near you' in a matter of days.

CBD, Delta-8, Delta-9, Delta-10, HHC, THC-O online

Alternative cannabinoids have gained popularity for a number of reason, chief among them, simply being available to adults in States with no options or access.  Other than maybe the grey (ok black) market plug.  However available data indicates material sales for hemp derived alt noids are also coming from Illinois, Florida, Massachusetts, and even California.

CBD, Delta 8, legal Delta 9, Delta 10, HHC and THCO-O are resonating with consumers because as a total offering they can be presented in a simple and intuitive chart of cannabinoid potency.  This allows shoppers to purchase products based on a desired and effect and potency.

From CBD which is now a ubiquitous non-psychoactive cannabinoid. To THC-O which is said to provide a very intense high, described as slightly psychedelic.  And a ladder of cannabinoids in between- in a distinct order of ascending potency.

Delta 9 THC vs THC-O

Delta 9 is the most commonly associated with the sensation of being high.  Surprisingly it's not the most psychoactive compound derived from Cannabis.  That honor belongs to THC-O, or THC acetate ester, which can be synthesized from THC or THCA.  THC-O was researched by the US military back in the 1940s, and first referenced in a book in 1974.  However no reports of THC-O gummies until 2021.

There are reports alluding to THC-O being between 2X-3X the potency of Delta 9 THC. That may be at a molecular level or when the extract is ingested directly. However most third party reviews of Delta 9 and THCO-O to be pretty close.  Delta 9 gummies seem to have a similar effect to THC-O gummies of the same dose.  But a segment of consumers definitely agree that THC-O Vapes and edibles get them extremely high in a more trippy or psychedelic way. We encourage you to research Reddit and and the THC-O sub-reddit specifically.  Don't blame us when you're hours deep down that rabbit hole.  Anyway you cut it, THC-O is at least as potent as Delta 9, to some more-so.  Proceed with caution.

Bud Sponsoring Villain Arts Shows Nationwide

Weed + Ink; bud.com sponsors country’s largest tattoo expo

Weed? Tattoos? Yes please!

The leading national tattoo expo and online cannabis provider have partnered to bring legal cannabinoids and creative, healing vibes to Country’s largest tattoo arts expo.

Bud.com has become the exclusive cannabis and hemp sponsor of the Villain Arts Tattoo Expo, which will host over 400k visitors and enthusiasts across 24 US Cities including Chicago, Atlanta, Houston and New Orleans. Villain Arts expos have been running since 1999, the sponsorship kicks off April 1 in Cleveland, Ohio.

The multi-year arrangement will allow bud.com to serve attendees based on legality and regulation in each host city- whether medical, recreational, or both. For events in States with no access or cannabis regulation in place, bud.com will promote and sell federally legal wellness products and alternative cannabinoids permitted through the 2018 US Farm Bill, while educating and engaging with consumers.

"bud.com is excited to partner with Troy and his Team, to continue and extend our brand across the country at a pivotal time." says bud.com CEO Dean Arbit. "People are out, masks are off and we’re stoked to be activating at events featuring legendary tattoo artists in major cities all over the country."

The use of tattoos has a long history which goes back to 2000 B.C. Throughout history, tattoos have been used as religious symbols, amulets for protection, status symbols, group identification, body adornments, and statements of love. Cannabis too has been used throughout history for physical and spiritual healing. In modern times weed and tattoos were both relegated to the fringes of society- associated with prison, criminals, and antisocial behavior. Fast forward to 2022, the tides of social acceptance have shifted; weed and tats are the center of progressive self expression and are pillars of pop culture. There are world leaders who’ve smoked weed, gotten tattoos, or both (see Justin Trudeau).

weed & tats = <3

Cannabis and hemp have long been associated with body art. Fans of the counterculture often enjoy both, and especially together: a good toke can help ease the anxiety or pain around a session, and might make those tattoo photos vibrate just slightly. And there are a number of skin creams and treatments with cannabinoids like CBD and THC that may reduce skin irritation and promote healing. And of course cannabis has long been a favorite theme for body art:

Elon Musk toking tattoo
An attendee at the Chicago VillainArts Tattoo Expo got herself an inked image of Elon Musk smoking a joint on the Joe Rogan show.d

Ultimately it comes back to the bud: many folks enjoy smoking a bit of the cannabis flower. Now due to innovations in both botany and legislation, bud.com can offer legal psychoactive cannabis hemp flower products for sale at the VillainArts tattoo show floor. The bud.com booth will be loaded with sacks of glistening nugs, baggies of infused gummies, convenient beverages, ready-for-action prerolls, and more, with friendly guides to help you buy on the spot. These products for sale at the VillainArts feature delta-8 THC and HHC compounds, both of which are psychoactive but tend to be less mentally busy than regular pot. So you can enjoy a bit of dank-smelling flower and then walk the VillainArts tattoo show floor and have your mind blown by the range of body art-making under way.

Saying High at the Leading Nationwide Tattoo Arts Festival

The VillainArts tattoo expo brings hundreds of artists together for a rare chance to see some of the most talented at work on some of the most creative pieces today. Hosted by veteran tattoo artist Troy Timple and his talented team, the festival brings people together around tattoos in cities across the country.

Timple started work with American tattoo legend Philadelphia Eddie in 1993. Traveling to early tattoo conventions with Eddie in the mid-1990s, Timple saw that tattooing could appeal to more than just biker dudes. He saw photorealistic black and white body art and color realism tattoos. At these events he could learn techniques, new needle configurations, pigment loading strategies with other folks who were all working together to help make tattooing explode in popularity.

Now Timple and his team carry on this tradition building tattoo community, running VillainArts Tattoo Arts Expo since 1999. You can find these artists and fans at over two dozen cities across the United States each year: find the schedule and more on VillainArts.com.

"bud.com is stoked to have a chance to help tattoo-loving adults get high," says bud.com CEO Dean Arbit with a grin. "We have sent weed to every city on the VillainArts tattoo circuit. Now we're hooking you up live."

Best Dispensary in Indiana

We went looking for the best Dispensaries in Indiana but unfortunately found no brick and mortar shops worthy of mention.  However we did find a good option. Today Indiana offers only limited CBD Oil medical marijuana for qualified patients. Fortunately there is an option for Hoosiers to get some weed: Hemp Shop, an online dispensary available in Indiana. Hemp Shop stocks a wide-range of lab-tested legal products including Delta-8 and Delta-9 THC, HHC, CBD, CBN, CBG, and more. You can order online using a credit card for delivery by mail.

The Hoosier State has a reputation for churning out basketball legends.  From the mythical Jimmy Chitwood of Hickory High to Larry Bird AKA 'Larry Legend', the three time NBA champion and who famously grew up in French Lick, Indiana and attended Indiana State University.  And of course the Iconic University of Indiana Hoosiers and their fiery coach Bobby Knight bringing NCAA Championships to Bloomington.  The image of farm boys honing their jumpers on rickety hoops on their family farms.  One day maybe fields of huge cannabis plants will serve as a backdrop to the next generation of rural Indiana ballers.  That would be dope.

Best Dispensary in Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, Evansville, South Bend, and Carmel?

When you're looking for flower, and we don't mean Peony - you can find flower, vapes, edibles and more to be delivered to your door in the Hoosier State.

Hemp Shop online dispensary is the best dispensary in Indianapolis.  And the rest of the State-

Searching for dispensary near me? You can find dispensary listings close to these locations in Hoosier State: Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, Evansville, South Bend, and Carmel.

Dispensary near me

Given State laws, Indiana does not have brick and mortar dispensaries.  No medical marijuana or recreational pot.  However Delta-8, THCO, HHC and other cannabinoids that get you high are legal in Indiana by way of the 2018 US Farm bill.  This scenario makes the best dispensary in Indiana, also the 'dispensary near me'.  And although Indiana doesn't have a long history of cannabis activism, the State is a significant player in cannabis research.  The University of Indiana in Bloomington is one of only two Federal cannabis research programs in the US.  That's a pretty big deal and gives Hoosiers some street cred in the world of weed.

Can I buy weed online 24 hours a day?

There may be some local weed delivery options in Indiana. Otherwise we're going to suggest checking out the flower, vapes, edibles, prerolls and more products that are now available in a few days by mail via Hemp Shop. Hemp Shop is an online dispensary available in Indiana, accepting credit cards for lab-tested legal THC, CBD, Delta-8, HHC, THC0 and you can get by mail.

We can ship the increasingly popular delta-8 THC directly to residents in Indiana. Some people prefer the milder high that Delta-8 offers over conventional THC. Also, we can help you find HHC near me.

Things to do in Indiana once you get some weed

Once you visit the best dispensary in Indiana or in person, you might find all sorts of things to do in the 35,826 square miles or 92,789 square kilometers in the state. Here's a few off the top of our heads:

  • Visit Hoosier Hill, the highest point in Indiana
  • Visit Garfield Park Conservatory and Sunken Gardens, Foellinger-Freimann Botanical Conservatory, Potawatomi Conservatories, , Jerry E. Clegg Botanic Garden, Wellfield Botanic Gardens, Indiana University Arboretum, Christy Woods, Purdue University Horticulture Gardens, Hayes Arboretum, Gabis Arboretum at Purdue Northwest, Huntington University Arboretum and Botanical Garden, Greenfield Herb Garden
  • Get together with some neighbors to sing "On the Banks of the Wabash" currently the state song
  • See if you can find the state bird, a Cardinal
  • Welcome visits at airports like Indianapolis International Airport,Fort Wayne International Airport,South Bend International Airport (was South Bend Regional),Evansville Regional Airport,
  • Research the state of legalization in Indiana with the Marijuana Policy Project

People have been searching for safe & legal weed for thousands of years, we're glad to help people in Indiana find theirs.  Of course if looking for the best dispensary in Illinois, a neighboring State, we are happy to help with more of our vetted suggestions.

Bud's Best Dispensaries in Illinois

The 10 Best Dispensaries in Illinois

The land of Lincoln has always yearned for accessible cannabis.  Bud has scoured the state to find the best dispensaries in Illinois and ready to report back to our fellow cannabis enthusiasts.

Since 2019 recreational weed is available in Illinois for dispensary purchase. Before that, medical marijuana has been available since 2013. We know of at least 71 dispensaries in the Prairie State. These are the top medical and recreational dispensaries in Illinois we found:

Best dispensary in Chicago: nuEra - Wicker Park

Asking around for places to buy weed in Illinois we have been hearing about nuEra - Wicker Park, a notable dispensary in Chicago aka "The Windy City". Last we checked nuEra - Wicker Park is located at 1308 W North Ave, Chicago, Illinois, 60642.

Depending on their current stock levels, you can shop for flower, vapes, edibles, concentrates and more at nuEra - Wicker Park from brands that could include 1906, Dabtab, Kiva Confections, Select, Mary's Medicinals, Good News, Wana, Airo, Pax, Cresco, PuffCo, Beboe, Bhang, CANN, High Mountain Imports, High Supply, Higher Standards, Vibes, RAW.

Once you've gotten your plug, Chicago has a great array of things to do..especially if a sports fan. Catch a Cubs game in Wrigleyville or see the Sox play on the south side. For Hoops fans, the United Center is a great place to watch an NBA game and will forever be known as the House Micheal Jordan built. And a shout out to the National Basketball Association for being the most cannabis-friendly professional sports league in the World.

Rockford: Mapleglen Care Center

We learned about Mapleglen Care Center, a dispensary in Rockford aka "The Forest City". Mapleglen Care Center was last seen at 1308 W North Ave, Chicago, Illinois, 60642.

Best Dispensary in Peoria: Trinity Compassionate Care Center

We discovered Trinity Compassionate Care Center, a dispensary in Peoria aka "P-Town". Trinity Compassionate Care Center has their shop at 1308 W North Ave, Chicago, Illinois, 60642.

Best Dispensary in Champaign: Phoenix Botanical

We found Phoenix Botanical, a dispensary in Champaign aka "Emo Capital of the World". Phoenix Botanical is set up at 1308 W North Ave, Chicago, Illinois, 60642.

Oak Park: Seven Point

We noticed Seven Point, a dispensary in Oak Park. Seven Point does business at 1308 W North Ave, Chicago, Illinois, 60642.

Billings: Sunnyside Medicals

We observed Sunnyside Medicals, a dispensary in Billings aka "The Magic City". Sunnyside Medicals was last seen at 1308 W North Ave, Chicago, Illinois, 60642.

Springfield: Ascend- Downtown Springfield

We came upon Ascend- Downtown Springfield, a dispensary in Springfield aka "Flower City". Ascend- Downtown Springfield was last seen at 1308 W North Ave, Chicago, Illinois, 60642.

South Beloit: Sunnyside Cannabis Dispensary – South Beloit

We came across Sunnyside Cannabis Dispensary – South Beloit, a dispensary in South Beloit. Sunnyside Cannabis Dispensary – South Beloit was last seen at 1308 W North Ave, Chicago, Illinois, 60642.

Rosemont: EarthMed - Rosemont

We stumbled upon , a dispensary in Rosemont. EarthMed - Rosemont was last seen at 1308 W North Ave, Chicago, Illinois, 60642.

Best Dispensary in Naperville: Sunnyside Cannabis Dispensary - Naperville

We stumbled upon Sunnyside Cannabis Dispensary - Naperville, a dispensary in Naperville. Sunnyside Cannabis Dispensary - Naperville was last seen at 1308 W North Ave, Chicago, Illinois, 60642.

What kind of weed is available in Chicago, Aurora, Naperville, Joliet, and Rockford in Illinois?

When you're looking for flower, and we don't mean Purple Violet - you can find flower, vapes, edibles and more all over the Prairie State.

You can find dispensary listings close to these locations in Prairie State: Chicago, Aurora, Naperville, Joliet, and Rockford.

Can I buy weed online 24 hours a day?

There may be some local weed delivery options in Illinois. Otherwise we're going to suggest checking out the flower, vapes, edibles, prerolls and more products that are now available in a few days by mail via Hemp Shop. Hemp Shop is an online dispensary available in Illinois, accepting credit cards for lab-tested legal THC, CBD, Delta-8, HHC, THC0 and you can get by mail.  These are products will rival what you can get at the best dispensaries in Illinois.

We can ship the increasingly popular delta-8 THC directly to residents in Illinois. Some people prefer the milder high that Delta-8 offers over conventional THC.

Things to do in Illinois once you get some weed

Once you buy weed in one of the best dispensaries in Illinois.  Or from an online dispensary.  You might find all sorts of things to do in the 55,519 square miles or 143,793 square kilometers in the state. Here's a few off the top of our heads:

  • Visit Charles Mound, the highest point in Illinois
  • Visit Garfield Park Conservatory, Anderson Japanese Gardens, , George L. Luthy Memorial Botanical Garden, Abraham Lincoln Memorial Garden, Ladd Arboretum, Marberry Arboretum, Fell Arboretum, Cantigny Park, Oak Park Conservatory, Wilder Park Conservatory, Lilacia Park, University of Illinois Arboretum, Longview Park Conservatory and Gardens, Standish Park Arboretum, The Gardens at SIUE, Don Opel Arboretum, Morton Arboretum, Kaskaskia College Arboretum, Mabery Gelvin Botanical Garden, Chicago Botanic Garden, Starhill Forest Arboretum
  • Get together with some neighbors to sing "Illinois" currently the state song
  • See if you can find the state bird, a Cardinal
  • Welcome visits at airports like Chicago O'Hare International Airport,Chicago Rockford International Airport (was Northwest Chicagoland Regional Airport at Rockford),,General Wayne A. Downing Peoria International Airport,Abraham Lincoln Capital Airport,Central Illinois Regional Airport at Bloomington-Normal,Quincy Regional Airport (Baldwin Field),Quad City International Airport,MidAmerica St. Louis Airport / Scott Air Force Base,Veterans Airport of Southern Illinois (Williamson County Regional Airport),University of Illinois - Willard Airport
  • Cheer on the Fighting Illini from University of Illinois Urbana–Champaign
  • Research the state of legalization in Illinois with the Marijuana Policy Project

People have been searching for safe & legal weed for thousands of years, we're glad to help people in Illinois find theirs.  If looking for the best dispensaries in Indiana, the neighboring State, we can also help.

A Guide to the Best Delta-8 Flower to Buy Online

At a time when most Americans still don't have access to recreational or medical cannabis, secondary cannabinoids are being developed and brought to market at breakneck speeds. At Bud.com we have a first hand evidence of the growth of secondary cannabinoids.  Specifically we see consumers all over the U.S. searching more for up-and-coming compounds found in Cannabis and Hemp, including Delta-9 THC.  Taking the lead from our beloved users,  we decided to put our research into a Delta-8 guide.   Here we'll delve into all things Delta-8 and give you our thoughts on the Best Delta-8 flower to buy online.

What is Delta 8 Flower?

The secondary cannabinoids are exciting because of their unique effects and functions. One such compound is Delta-8. Also referred to as D8, Delta 8 is a unique cannabinoid that offers a great many benefits with limited side effects. The most amazing part is that it's legal in the vast majority of states in America.  Delta-8 is said to have all of the desired qualities of delta-9 but without the bad ones.  Delta 8 has been referred to ad 'bud light', pointing to the muted 'high'.  This is due to the inherent presence of CBD in Delta 8 which tempers some of the 'head high' when compared to the more intense Delta 9 THC vibe.  But don't get it twisted, Delta 8 Flower can get you somewhere between 50% and 80% as 'high' as the regular delta-9 THC flower sold in dispensaries.

Delta-8 Vs Delta-9 vs CBD

D8 THC, D9 THC, and CBD are all cannabinoids present in both Cannabis and Hemp.  They all differ slightly in terms of structure, which is primarily due to their chemical bonding. In terms of the psychoactive effect there is a clear distinction between the three compounds.  Delta-9 THC is the most psychoactive, CBD is the least psychoactive, and Delta-8 THC sits roughly in the middle...and closer to THC with better, more potent D8 flower strains.

Given the expansion and legal status of the Hemp, scientists have found ways to infuse pure, delta-8 THC extract into CBD and CBG-rich hemp flower. The D8 provides a potent kick to function CBD and CBG flower with different methods of infusion, including food grade spraying technology or specialized ovens to infuse the full spectrum distillate.  The Best Delta- flower also has a generous dusting of keef to accentuate potency and flavor.  The best Delta-8 flower consists of only naturally occurring cannabinoids and terpenes, including THC and CBD which coalesce into a great-tasting flower that takes you on a joyful ride — without making you lose your shit.

Best Delta 8 flower to buy online

Delta-8 THC is available in many forms such as tinctures, vapes, oils, topicals, and edibles including gummies.  And its amazingly easy to buy delta-8 online.

But, what if you are a traditional roll-a-joint. pack-a-bowl, or fire-up-a-blunt kind of person? In such a case, none of these newer innovations will satisfy you enough. So, you will need a flower, and thanks to nature + science, that option is now readily available and accessible.  And like infused products, you can also buy delta 8 flower online. Based on our findings, here are the Best Delta 8 Flower stains available to buy online:

Best Delta-8 Flower Brand: Happy Daze

Happy Daze is fun brand with a simple mission-  To bring legal, high quality, and functional cannabinoid products to citizens of the world. And their strains are some of the best delta-8 flower available to buy online. Happy Daze flower is grown using regenerative farming practices in Northern California and Southern Oregon.  Single strain delta-8 is distillate and whole plant hemp terpenes are infused into flower with a proprietary method that helps bind to the naturally occurring cannabinoids and terpenes in the greenhouse grown flower. Happy Daze is the best delta-8 flower brand, producing exceptionally good tasting flower strains with happy heady effects and a great full body high.

Grape Haze - Best D-8 flower strain

For the many purple bud lovers out there the Happy Daze Grape Haze is a Hybrid with gassy tones and dark buds with swaths of purple throughout.  A Grape Ape and purple haze haze cross, the Grape Haze provides a balanced high and a focused and relaxed effect.  The Happy Daze Grape Haze is our favorite purple Delta-8 flower strain.

Maui Waui - Best D-8 flower strain

Maui Waui (or Maui Wowie) is legendary strain dating back to the the 1960s.  This venerable Sativa dominant (80/20) strain was some thing your dad...or granddad may have tried.  Once seen as one of the most potent strains, average (delta 9)THC % of 13-18% now seem very pedestrian.  This milder high is perfectly mirrored in the Happy Daze d8 strain. The sweet, earthy tones and uplifting, euphoric affects make for a great daytime smoke.

Forbidden Fruit - Best D-8 flower strain

Eve definitely had it right...and the Forbidden Fruit strain is one of the most popular stains of recent times.  This Indica-dominant (70/30) Hybrid is a Cherry Pie X Tangie cross.  Forbidden Fruit is one of the most distinctly fragrant cultivars. A flavorful bud packed with bright cherry sweetness, tropical fruitiness, and loud orange citrus tones, with a smooth musky aftertaste. The rich fruity aromas complement the deep green color and robust bud structure. To round out the aesthetic the nugs are covered in bright green trichomes, sticky resin, and a spattering of orange hairs.  Forbidden Fruit from Happy Daze is one of the best delta-8 flower strains available to buy online.

Bubba Kush - Best D-8 strain

An original heavy Indica cut that originated in 1996, Bubba Kush is hugely popular for its sedative effects- aka couch-lock. Bubba has a sweet hashy taste with subtle notes of chocolate and coffee on the exhale.  Bubba Kush exhibits a distinctive, bulky and dense bud structure with hues that range from forest green to pale purple.  

Most Potent Delta-8 Flower online

NorCal Fire Company produces the most potent delta-8 available online.  They Feature greenhouse and sun grown strains from the Santa Cruz and Salinas Coast, one of California's famed cannabis growing regions.  NCFC uses terpy strains infused with premium delta-8 concentrate and kief.

Jetlato - NorCal Fire Company

A cross of Gelato 45 x Jet Fuel (x Hi-Octane) strains Jet Fuel Gelato aka ‘Jetlato’ is a tasty, uplifting cultivar with  unique aromas; diesel, cream, berry, piney.  Jetlato will keep you running for sure.

Skywalker OG - NorCal Fire Company

A cross of two kick-you-in-the-head  Indicas; Skywalker (blueberry x mazar) and OG Kush, Skywalker OG may lead to couch-lock. Make sure to clear your calendar.  This chunky nug OG has notes of sweet pine, citrus hops, and a spicy peppery finish.

Cherry Pie - NorCal Fire Company

A cross of two staple strains; Grandaddy Purple (props to Ken Estes) and Durban Poison, Cherry Pie is a chunky Hybrid with sweet and sour cherry notes and distinct myrcene terpene profile.  It's definitely among the best delta-8 flower to buy online.

Best Value Delta-8 Flower available online


For budget conscious consumers, the Gramco brand pack punch and flavor.  It is bred and grown by Green Point Research in Florida. Fountain of Youth is defined by its predominately citrus notes. The dense buds are covered in light green hues.

Best Delta 8 Moon Rocks to buy online

Big Stones Moon Rocks

The most potent form of Delta- 8 flower are Moon Rocks.  These are CBD buds hand-dipped in high potency delta-8 distillate and coated to perfection with nothing but the purest CBD & CBG Kief. These hand-rolled moon rocks are the most potent and heavily covered of the Delta 8 options.  Who's ready to go to the moon?

Delta-8 near me

No longer is the presence of a medical or recreational 'dispensary near me', a determining factor in having access to potent cannabis. Delta-8 flower, Delta-8 vapes, and Delta-8 edibles are a great option for sleep, anxiety, and creativity.  Many think that Delta-8 may actually provide the preferred 'high' for the masses.  Most cannabis users are looking for a specific effect, not to get hammered.  So rather than searching for weed delivery near me, searching for 'delta-8 near me' gets potent gummies, flower, and vapes shipped your door.

We love Delta 8, HHC, THC-O, and other secondary cannabinoids.  They hold amazing medicinal promise and provide a great buzz.  But of course we love weed in all forms.  We love to talk about States that have legal weed delivery, and help you find weed delivery from dispensaries near me. Anywhere in the Country.  And now with the explosion in federally legal secondary cannabinoids, Delta 8 is kinda always near you.


Ktown Collective on Melrose in Hollywood (LA) joins bud.com

We at bud.com are juiced to be launching a delivery and in-store pickup partnership with the OGs at KTown on Melrose.

Koreatown Collective was founded in 2007 as one of LA's first 187 pre-ICO retailers..and one of very few to be led by a woman.  Janice Hardoon and her crew have been serving weed on one of the most trendy stretches of Melrose Ave- in the heart of Hollywood. Known affectionately as just  'Ktown' to patrons, the club's current location (since 2013) on 7382 Melrose at Martel Ave projects an LA-gangster chic vibe, far different from more sterile shops modeled after Apple Stores.

Beyond authenticity, KTown has a great menu featuring iconic Cali brands like Ember Valley, Stiiizy, Wyld, Big Pete's and Kiva.  Bud is excited to accelerate online and delivery sales for KTown, while offering our customers in LA a strong menu, great prices and professional service.  Our service area will span from West Hollywood, Los Angeles, Century City, Beverly Hills, Pacific Palisades, Santa Monica, Encino, Reseda, North Hills, Agoura Hills, Van Nuys, Panorama City, Sherman Oaks, Burbank, North Hollywood, Studio City, Valley Village, and Universal City. Order ahead and drop in on Melrose or let us bring Ktown weed to you.


Tijuana San Diego Bud Cannabis Delivery

Bud launches delivery and pickup in San Diego

When Bud looked to expand South we went all the way. We've partnered with the southern most dispensary selling weed in California to launch delivery and pickup in San Diego.  A Green Alternative™ was the first legal dispensary in San Diego starting medical service on March 20, 2015. Today AGA is a marijuana dispensary with the mission of creating a professional and safe atmosphere for purchasing lab-tested cannabis products. We're stoked to launch bud in San Diego with AGA.

Weed delivery and dispensary pickup in San Diego

Located at 2335 Roll Drive, San Diego, AGA is also the closest dispensary to the US-Mexico border, something AGA embraces.  Several AGA employees actually reside in Tijuana, Baja California, and there's a daily flow of folks buying green bud, vapes and edibles, then heading home to Mexico.  We LOVE the irony of weed going into Mexico from the US, after decades of 'brick' weed coming into the US courtesy of our neighbors to the south.

Green > Brown

Beyond the comical irony, the fact that citizens of Mexico have been educated on and seen evidence of 'legal' weed being superior to 'cartel' weed, is a microcosm of the changing attitude toward cannabis. It is further proof that the quality and safety of compliant California cannabis products deliver a better experience and normalized comfort than ultra-accessible, and much cheeper Mexican weed.  A Green Alternative is exactly that- a place to get quality green bud at great prices.  Because if its brown..we ain't down.  Apparently thats a thing in Mexico too.

Make a run for the border

Please go to bud.com to check out our San Diego weed delivery menu and punch your address to see the aggressively priced menu and huge product selection.  And remember, when hitting the border to spend the day or weekend in TJ or Rosa Rita Beach, AGA is the last green oasis you'll see before crossing.  With proper planning, one could order weed online, and pickup all the lighters, rolling paper, and other accessories (wait..did we forget something?) needed for a successful weekend in Baja California.  Grab the fuego and get your party on.

For more cannabis content related to San Diego please check out our SD delivery guide.

Bud Launches Cannabis Delivery In San Diego

San Diego Weed Delivery

You can now find Bud in the deep south...of California.  We're stoked to offer delivery services all the way down to the US-Mexico border, with our new delivery and pickup partners. A Green Alternative.  San Diego weed delivery and amazing in-store and delivery deals are now available on Bud throughout San Diego.

Happy to do our part to keep San Diego classy.

Cannabis delivery in San Diego from Dispensary near me

One unique characteristic of San Diego is the diversity of its neighborhoods. With cool breezes and the temperature-moderating effects of the ocean, coastal areas can be many degrees cooler in the summer and many degrees warmer in winter. San Diego is sprawled over some of the most scenic land along Southern California right down to the southern U.S. border.  And Bud delivers throughout the great neighborhoods of California's second largest City.  To the Padres fans, ordering weed from in La Jolla, Mission Hills, or Point Loma.  Or current and ex Charger fans ordering weed in Coronado, Balboa Park or the Gaslamp.  Fans (including students of legal age)of San Diego State University and UC San Diego can get La Mesa weed delivery, and Ocean Beach, and El Cajon residents will also be stoked to click and get cannabis delivered to their home or office.

Buy weed online in Chula Vista and Imperial Beach for Dispensary pickup

In addition to delivery throughout San Diego, Bud now offer in-store pickup for deep SoCal peeps looking for a cool dispensary experience.  Including weed delivery in Chula Vista. A Green Alternative is the best dispensary in San Diego in our humble yet informed opinion.  We love AGA because of the friendly, bilingual staff and amazing deals on a huge selection of top brands.  In fact we loved them so much we actually partnered the AGA.  We are stoked to extend their great deals and menu to our delivery and pickup customers throughout San Diego and into Baja California, Mexico (for pickup in SD).

Best Edibles, Pre-rolls and Vapes in San Diego

The most trusted brands in California are on Bud and available in SD. For edibles lovers we have an amazing array of gummies, chocolate, drinks with varying amounts of THC and CBD.  Top edibles brands on our San Diego menu include Kiva, Plus, and Wanna.  Dietary restrictions?  Not a problem. Whether you're vegan or kosher, we got you.  If vapes and pods are your thing check our San Diego collection from category leaders Stiiizy and Moxie.  And of course for those pre-roll lovers wanting instant contact, we offer a broad selection of top shelf singles and multipacks.  Looking for a doobie with an extra punch?  Infused joints covering the gamut of strains twaxed with hash, kief and other exotic concentrates from trusted California cultivators.

Best weed deals to be had in San Diego

Bud offers the 'OG discount' to everyone over 65, and all military personnel.  Both get 10% off their orders.  And of course the deals...cant forget about the deals.  Bud SD has amazing daily deals across all categories.  Go to bud.com, punch in your address, and see the deals offered at the top of the menu.  Happy shopping and above all...stay classy.



One of the many protests in front of the Capitol - you can see Aundre there with the megaphone

Local Companies Prioritizing Social Responsibility

Would you rather shop with a company that aligns with your internal views on social justice issues and the environment?

From IKEA to LEGO, companies around the world are increasingly prioritizing social and environmental responsibility in their business strategies.  This trend is seen in Fortune 500 companies and small businesses alike; including businesses in the cannabis space. 

California cannabis delivery company Bud and Sacramento dispensary Abatin are now collaborating on a joint philanthropic campaign to amplify the companies’ individual social responsibility efforts.

Roots in Sacramento Compassion

Local award-winning cannabis dispensary Abatin Sacramento is led by Aundre Speciale. Speciale is one of the few folks with experience retailing legal weed for decades not years. She got her start canvassing the country with cannabis legend Jack Herer, author of an essential weed history tome: The Emperor Wears No Clothes. From tabling to raise cannabis literacy next to Herer’s Hemp Bus, Speciale graduated to agitating with Americans for Safe Access (ASA) on behalf of imprisoned growers outside of Sacramento’s courthouse.

One of the many protests in front of the Capitol - you can see Aundre there with the megaphone
One of the many protests in front of the Capitol - you can see Aundre Speciale there with the megaphone

In 2005, Speciale launched the first of her California state medical marijuana dispensaries, in Sacramento. Speciale says one of the first things they did was clean up the block. Shortly after, she cold-called the Sacramento police department to invite them for a dispensary tour: she was able to demonstrate how a cannabis dispensary could help clean up the neighborhood 

At this time California and North America were still learning what “legal weed” might look like. In 2003, the California State Senate bill SB420 had strengthened legal cannabis rules. Medical marijuana collectives serving their patient members had to be nonprofit, but there wasn’t much other guidance on operating. Speciale and her crew identified a nearby building that could be used as a community center, and came up with an innovative idea to find teachers for free classes or volunteers to help elderly neighbors - she offered patients weed in exchange for providing these no-cost services to other patients in need.

By 2010, the Sacramento News & Review reported that Speciale’s dispensary was offering daily classes in yoga, tai chi, massage, cooking and fitness, life, and spiritual counseling. They hosted a chess club, art therapy, veterans meetups, HIV/AIDS support group, guitar lessons, a book exchange, and more. Her facility had an apartment for hosting people coming to town for cancer treatments. Speciale remembers, “it was a place of comfort, and cannabis was just a part of it.”

Growing Bud to Support Local Business

Today Abatin Wellness works with bud.com to help them reach and support Sacramento cannabis users. bud.com helps their dispensary partners build their online presence, so they can focus on the people and the products in the store. bud.com’s CEO Dean Arbit has a background in building new businesses. He left college before graduation and built an out-of-home media company in San Francisco, which he later sold. With a taste for growing companies and a curiosity for the power of the plant, Arbit launched New West Summit, a cannabis & tech event in 2011. Arbit has since co-founded cannabis businesses in manufacturing, technology, and media.

Arbit co-founded bud.com in 2017 as a California benefit corporation: requiring the company to account for more than just monetary revenue and profit. Arbit explains “this obligation for social good is a key part of our company’s DNA.” Since bud.com is a software company serving the cannabis industry, they don’t have a license but they serve a range of license holders including both dispensaries and brands. This gives them an opportunity to forge new partnerships across companies and regions to help better the cannabis industry and the communities it serves.

By focusing on win-win deals, Arbit positioned bud.com to help multiple parties throughout the emerging cannabis retail supply chain. “We have always looked at bud.com as a place to activate and connect with cannabis customers,“ says Arbit, “We can offer them products, and if we offer good service, we can ask their attention for some local issues that could use a lift.”

The Growing Corporate Responsibility

Social and environmental responsibility looks vastly different across industries and businesses. An analysis in Harvard Business Review, groups corporate responsibility efforts into strictly philanthropic, integrated into a company’s operations, or foundational to an entire business model. Whatever the approach, many agree that social and environmental responsibility should be a priority for companies. In two separate surveys, both CEOs and consumers ranked this as the most important aspect of a company’s success or offerings. 

Within the cannabis industry, efforts also range from philanthropy to transformative business models, although there can be differences from other industries. Thanks to Federal prohibition, cannabis companies can’t take advantage of tax deductible donations to nonprofits. Just like banking restrictions on cannabis, the lack of common sense to these laws actually work to dissuade companies in the space from philanthropy, by nullifying basic charity deductions.  But they haven’t stopped the industry from growing and supporting causes as well as their communities. 

Local Efforts

Abatin and Bud have philanthropy in their roots. More recently under the leadership of Sophia Linares, the General Manager, Abatin has contributed to community organizations such as the Gender Health Center, Front St. Animal Shelter, and the North American Parkinson’s Conference. Currently, the Sacramento-based dispensary serves as a donation point for Nor-Cal Resist, a community aid and activism group. Abatin customers who drop-off dry foods, diapers, or formula for those in need receive a 5% discount on their purchases. 

Meanwhile, Bud has oriented their community efforts towards supporting digital literacy, equal justice and using cannabis to reduce harm. Bud also currently offers discounts to retirees and veterans, and matching contributions to local charities in coordination with their local dispensary delivery partners. In July 2020, Bud ran a donation campaign to benefit the Equal Justice Initiative, an Alabama-based nonprofit focused on ensuring justice for the wrongly incarcerated - the results surprised Bud’s CEO Dean Arbit, who told the Bee; “We were floored by the numbers and humbled by the generosity of our customers..we got donations on 31% of all orders over the course of a long weekend”

A New Partnership

Now, Bud and Abatin are teaming up to help the Sacramento community. During the month of September, customers making Sacramento dispensary delivery orders through Bud with Abatin will be offered the opportunity to donate to the Mustard Seed School. The Mustard Seed School, run by Loaves and Fishes, provides free private school for children 3-15 who are experiencing homelessness. Loaves and Fishes is a community pillar in the Sacramento area, supplying food, shelter, medical care, and mental health and legal services to people experiencing homelessness.  

The Mustard Seed School is one of several ways Loaves and Fishes provides resources to local children. The school can give kids a sense of belonging and continuity. Their living situation may be in flux, but school and a community of peers is still available to these children. The staff at Mustard Seed also help students and parents prepare for enrollment or re-enrollment at public schools once the family is settled. With their new donation partnership, and their commitment to each match customer donations, Bud and Abatin hope to raise money and awareness for Mustard Seed School and all that it does for Sacramento’s kids. 

What’s Next

It’s only been 5 years since the end of prohibition in California and cannabis businesses are still experimenting and finding the business models that are right for them. However, it’s clear that many of them have integrated social and environmental responsibility into their priorities from the start. Even as bigger players become involved, there still seems to be a sense that the industry should make a positive impact.

Recently, entertainment power couple Beyoncé and JAY-Z started directing funds towards social equity in cannabis. JAY-Z even has his own cannabis line, MONOGRAM, and investing company, The Parent Company. Both companies have focused on creating positive cannabis experiences and righting wrongful incarcerations from prohibition. 

So, what comes next? Speciale has an interesting take on another form of ‘activism’ "we have new varieties like ENHANCED+, which are specifically designed to deliver a great and fun high, but without negative side effects like anxiety or paranoia. So this means patients who might have had a bad experience in the past, or thought cannabis wasn’t an option for them, can now enjoy the benefits… This to me is what ‘next-level’ activism is about — access at the flower-level itself.”

The future is evolving. Cannabis is becoming more mainstream and with that comes additional public scrutiny of the industry. Many other states and the Federal government are still deciding how they will handle cannabis. In the meantime, companies like Abatin and Bud are doing their part to steer the industry towards being a force for good in local communities.