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Best 13 Pre-rolls in California 2021

Just grab and puff.  in 2021 Pre-rolls are one of the most popular cannabis products consumed in California.  And even slightly more popular on, where pre-rolls make up roughly 18% of all products sales.  California loves its pre-rolls and we aim to clue you in to the best brands and pre-rolls California has to offer in 2021.

Awesome right!? Well to be downright candid...pre-rolls have a checkered in past in the Golden State.  The reason-  California has the Nation's most mature cannabis retail market and culture.  We're also obviously known as the mecca of cannabis cultivation.  Back to the 1990's around the time Prop 215 legalized medical marijuana in California, most residents had ready access to outdoor weed grown in Humboldt or Mendo, or one of the thousands of indoor gown in the State.

So what does this have to do with pre-rolls you ask?  The term preroll, was made popular by dispensaries in the late 90s. Previously referred to as joints,Js, doobies, dubs, spliffs, doinks, and whatever you uncle called 'em. The first round of 'commercially' processed joints were mostly the shake at the bottom of the bag.  A Shepherds Pie of duff..but served up super conveniently.  We've come a long way.  Processing technology and packaging have raised the bar.  Pre-rolls are now full flower, pick-your-size and infusion (or not) delight for smokers of all kinds.

The best pre-rolls in California are available fo delivery and here are they are by category:

Best 1G doobie

The most common format for single pre-rolls, 1g joints are on available every existing dispensary menu.  As we exit the COVID-19 pandemic in 2021, we hope this shareable products is once again shared between friends.


Cali Indoor growers Connected Cannabis grow and sell some of the best and priciest weed in the State.  At one time this brand was literally connected to Cookies (see below), but have successfully carved out their own share of the market.  In 2021 Connected won first place for Indoor Flower, and the Breeders Cup, essentially signifying 'best in show' at the Emerald Cup, the most prestigious prize for California growers.


Cookies Gary Payton pre-rolls are one of the most popular strains of the year and a top seller from Berner's brand.  Gotta love that Gary Payton, Oakland native and NBA legend is an active and outspoken proponent of cannabis.

Farmer and Felon

The sun grown flower brand from NorCal stalwart Canna Craft, offers solid outdoor weed with a purpose.  They offer a platform for social justice and align with products and organizations working to fix the harm of the failed drug war.  Beyond the social purpose, which we commend and align with, FaF's Gorilla Snacks strain took 1st Place for Sun Grown Flower in Emerald Cup 2021.

Henry's Original

Henry's Original is a sustainably grown flower brands boasting Clean Green Certified sun grown flower.  Grown in beautiful Mendocino County, Henry's features dozens of strains between multi-packs and extensive lineup of 1G joints.  Mango Haze, Banana Kush, and Black Mamba are some of the favorites served up in Henry's conspicuous craft packaging.


Unlike many of the products and brands on our list, Canndscent is the brainchild of a former Ivy league and corporate veteran.  Accordingly their approach is different.  Canndescent was one of first brands to market their pre-rolls for effects rather than highlighting strain names.  Choose your preroll from Create, Calm, Charge, Connect, or Cruise.

Best Infused Pre-roll

Looking to get lit?  If so, a joint infused with hash, shatter or live resin will certainly twist your cap.  These potent smokes offer THC potency

Ganja gold tarantula

One of the first infused prerolls in California, Tarantula was the first keif-dipped joint on the market.  There are those who wonder if kief-on-the-outside is actually getting you high...we maintain it doesnt really matter.  By the amount of copy cat products on the market, seems like the smokers have spoken.  The Tarantula and the 2g King Tarantula are perennial favorites for Cali smokers into their pre-twaxed joints.


If you're looking for brand who's products feature the taste and essence of Hash, give Biscotti a try.  Using European hash making the Bay, Biscotti has become one of the most popular hash and infused pre-rolls on the market.

Space Coyote

"Born on a galactic night in Joshua Tree during a meteor shower, Space Coyote combines quality cannabis flower and delicious concentrates into 100% cosmic prerolls." Cosmic vibes and good flower infused with Hashes and THCA crystals.  Space Coyote collaborates with leading concentrate makers like Field Extracts and NASHA. Heady folks seem to approve. Very good infused j.

Best Value Joint


Looking for a cheep ass joint that kicks? Look no further than the patriotic colors of Mericanna.  California's cheapest preroll is also one of best pound-for-pound joints in the State.  Made from sun grown and greenhouse full flower, Mericanna half grams typically retails for between $3-$4.  Mericanna Minis, a multipack of dog-walkers using the same strains, is also the best value among mini Js. So we'll sa


Best Mini Joint


Infused BabyJeeter minis are one of the hottest products of 2021.  An SoCal's Jeeters are perhaps the hottest preroll brand on 2021.  Their muti-packs of minis offer great tasting strains, dipped in kief.  Cute but packing a punch.

Sublime Fuzzies

Made by Sublime, fuzzies are one of the oldest and most popular infused mini pre-roll brands in California.  Fuzzies are a product that appeals to a wide variety of consumers, and got votes for the Best Infused Pre-roll and Best Value Joint categories on this list.  Earlier this month (June of 2021) Fuzzies announced they were acquired by Harborside.

Best CBD x THC pre-roll


The hands down category winner is Speciale.  Namesake of cannabis pioneer and dispensary operator Aundre Speciale, Speciale offers some of most exotic, award winning strains exclusively within this ultra premium brand. Preroll strains include multiple Emerald Cup winning cultivars such as Lemon Crush which won First Place overall, aka Breeder's Cup. In 2021 the latest Emerald Cup winner is Peach Preserves for Most Unique Terpene.  Among the truly special flavors, are several popular 2:1 and 1:1 THC/CBD ratio strains.  Grape Lollipop, OG Citron, and Holy Crunch- yet another Cup Winner, are all immensely popular with folks looking for a really nice functional high.  Hands down our favorite in this category.

Best Blunt (no tobacco)

St Ides Blunts

The old school malt liquor maven is slanging blunts these days.  A clean pivot into cannabis with a very on-brand product.  St. Ides Blunts, are wrapped in hemp and come in singles and 2 packs, featuring strains like Wedding Cake, Jack, and LA Kush .


Pre-rolls Delivered in California

Anyone looking for the best pre-rolls in California, including all the products on this list, you can find them for sale on


Bud cannabis edibles

13 Best Cannabis Infused Edibles in California 2021

2021 has a been a huge year for Cannabis.  States such as New Jersey and Arizona have legalized recreational Cannabis.  Others states including New York and Virginia have confirmed they are on track for legal weed.  And of course cannabis was deemed 'essential' in the midst of the COVID19 pandemic, yet another signal that social acceptance for cannabis at an all time high.  As more consumers gain access to legal weed products, the fastest growing product category in recreational states is edibles.  In California, where our cannabis industry is robust and mature, edibles are now the largest product category outside of flower.  To celebrate our love for infused treats, we're happy to list the best edibles for delivery in California.

Edibles come in all formats, flavors, and CBD and THC ratios.  There are even options for all dietary restrictions- including Vegan, Kosher and Sugar Free diets, among others.  There are also edible infused with nano-emulsion technology with promotes bioavailability- or basically a faster on-set or high.

Here are the best edibles in California based on their popularity on

Best Cannabis Infused Cookies 2021

Big Pete's Treats

The iconic Santa Cruz based cookie maker...makes cookies.  The best infused weed cookies.  And thats it.  A refreshing notion, at a time when many brands veer into multiple product categories trying to seize more sales and market.  Founded and run by a father and son Team, Big Pete's has been making infused cookies and spreading surf city vibes since the prop 215 days.  Their impressive lineup includes chocolate chip, DOUBLE chocolate chip, and for those who want it all..Peanut butter oatmeal chocolate chip. All flavors are sold in 100mg THC bags with each cookie at 10 mg, with Indica and  Sativa options.


Prior to recreational legalization in 2018, Korova was synonymous with high dose edible in California.  The infamous Black Bar was among several products loaded with of over 1000 mg or THC, favored by medical patients and high tolerance edibles users.  With adult-use regulations reigning in dosage standardization and maximum THC limits per package (100 mg) and dose (10 mg), Korova reinveted itself and launched vape and flower lines.   However we still know them best for their cookies!  California consumer still love the selection of flavors including Lemon Poppy, Vegan Oatmeal, and our favorite, their signature mint chocolate chip.

Best Infused Gummies 2021

Kanha Gummies

Manufactured by multi state operator Sunderstorm, One of the largest Gummy producers in California, Kanha offers the largest combinations of products in the State.  Kanha offers over 20 SKUs in various exotic flavors within three distinct lines of gummies.  The regular gummies come

Kanha Nano Gummies

The best fast acting acting cannabis gummy!  Nanomolecular technology is used to create cannabinoid particles smaller than a wavelength of light, which makes for a quicker onset and higher absorption rate.  The average onset is around 15 minutes!  There are 5 flavors to choose from and options including Key Lime and Cran-Pomegranate Punch.  The Nano line includes both 5 mg and 10 mg

Kanha Nano Vegan Gummies

Vegan cannabis gummies utilizes fast-acting nanomolecular technology and maintains a soft texture.  Offered in Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid with flavors among Sour Apple to choose from

The first product made by Plus was not gummies.  It was chewing gum.  They quickly pivoted to making their unique square shaped gummies which became a hit in California.  They have continued to innovate with a 'strains' based SKUs- we love Grand Daddy Purple.  All packages come in 5mg servings and 100mg cans, just as their original affect based flavors.

Sensi Chews

Sensi Chews is another OG California edibles brand that is a pioneer in affect-based product formulations.  They began selling their 50 mg THC Amore edibles to enhance sexual pleasure, and 100mg insomnia chews, back in the medical prop 215 days. Their unique taste more closely resembles a tootsie roll, something that earned the brand loyal customers.  Women run, the company more recently launched Sensi Gummies, a more traditional gummy format with 6 flavors of both THC only and THC-CBD ratios which are Vegan, Gluten free, and enhanced with Omega 3.


Recreate is an edibles brand by the Stanley Bothers, who famously bred the CBD-rich strain Charlottes Web strain inspired by Charlotte Figi , the young girl suffered from Dravet Syndrome, a debilitating form of epilepsy.  Venturing into THC products, the Brand stays with a wellness theme and offers affect-based gummies which are infused with THC, CBD, and botanicals like Yerba Mate, Cordyceps, and Ashwagandha.

KIVA Camino Gummies

Kiva is on of the largest cannabis manufacturers in the Country, selling multiple lines of products across leading Cannabis markets. Camino Gummies, their best selling infused gummies are known for qualify ingredients, slik packaging, and innovative flavors like Pineapple Habanero, Sparkling Pear, and Watermelon Lemonade.  Extra points for the nice tins.

KIVA Lost Farms

KIVA's newest product is a unique strain-specific, plant-based gummies and chews infused with 100% live resin for a distinctively full spectrum, true-to-the-plant-high.  The exploding taste of strains in Lost Farm is hit with consumers looking for the unabashed taste of weed in their edibles.  All Lost Farms products come in 10 mg servings and 100 mg of THC per package.

Best Cannabis Infused Chocolate 2021

Bhang Chocolate

Bhang is a venerable California infused chocolate maker which has gown to operate in seven U.S. states and Canada.   The Brand has evolved, adding DJ Muggs of Cypress Hill to help guide growth, alongside CEO Jamie Pearson, one of the few women running public Cannabis companies  One thing that hasn't changed is delectable taste among the uniquely flavored THC and CBD infused chocolate bars.  Bhang bars come in 100 mg and single serve packaging, with award winning flavors including: Cookies and Cream White Chocolate, Cherry Cream Milk Chocolate, and Espresso Dark Chocolate made with award-winning sustainably-sourced 74% cocoa Dark Chocolate.

For those who like edibles noticeably lacking the taste of cannabis, Bhang is the best tasting chocolate bar on the market.


Kiva chocolates bars, infused blueberries and espresso beans are old school California favorite edibles.  Customers consistently choose these trusted infused products from the Oakland based edibles maker.


The edibles line from Cannacraft features some of our favorite foods dipped in infused chocolate.  Satori's line includes chocolate dipped blueberries, strawberries, and almonds in both milk and dark chocolate options.  These are some of the best tasting edibles on the market, however note that given the natural variation in each piece of fruit or nut, each package containing 100mg will have some variation in the amount of THC per piece.

Best Cannabis Infused Drinks 2021

Beverages are the fastest growing edible category in the Country.  While most see infused drinks as a refreshing way to consume weed, especially in the summer, these drinks provide a sipping option to the many consumer deciding to quit drinking alcohol.  We see continued growth ahead for this category, and here are best liquid edibles in California:

Pabst Labs

We love to see traditional brewers entering the infused beverage market as a sign of social acceptance for cannabis.  Pabst has been brewing beer since 1844, including namesake Pabst Blue Ribbon.  And in 2021 they made their first 12 oz can of THC infused Lemon Seltzer that's a hit with fans of the brand and weed drinks.  10 mg of THC per refreshing serving.

Hi-Fi Hops

The fist prominent beer brand to launch a cannabis beverage is Lagunitus Brewing Company, the famed Petaluma brewer.  Hi-Fi Hops is a collab between the Brewer and their north bay neighbors, vape giant Absolute Xtracts.  Hi-FI Hops taste will never be confused with any of Lagunitas' famed ales, but it does have a refreshing hoppy bubble water taste and is available in 5 and 10 mg cans.  h


Taking the micro dose approach to beverages has made Cann an instant hit.  Simple idea.  Low calorie seltzer water infused with interesting flavors and a hint of THC.  Only 2 grams of THC allows folks to indulge, and have a few.  We concur.  Simple yet innovative.  And easy to drink.  Try some this summer!

If you are new to edibles, all these products are amazing, however please remember that edibles affect everyone differently, and tolerance to THC doesn't necessarily correlate to size or weight.  So dont be a hero, start low and go slow to ensure a great experience eating or drinking THC.


More Access to Cannabis with Michigan Weed Delivery

The state of the Great Lakes has been on board with cannabis for over a decade. While recreational marijuana regulations weren’t established until 2018, Michiganders enjoyed access to medical marijuana way back in 2008.  Recently, Michigan furthered access to cannabis by allowing marijuana delivery. Michigan is now among U.S. States that offer legal cannabis delivery. Legislators opened up home delivery services just in time for the lockdowns in 2020. Today, the citizens of Detroit, Lansing, Ann Arbor, Kalamazoo, Flint, and other major population centers enjoy Michigan’s cannabis delivery services.

Offering reasonably priced marijuana delivery expands access for some of Michigan’s most vulnerable citizens. Often, the residents who need cannabis the most don’t have a dispensary close to them geographically. A recent study found a significant correlation between opioid deaths and access to legal cannabis stores. Marijuana delivery is the best way to bridge the gap between people who need cannabis in their life but don’t have the means to travel to a dispensary.

Delivery Near Detroit

How can the motor city go without a cannabis delivery service? America’s home of the ‘Big Three’ car manufacturing companies was once the most successful auto manufacturers in the US and the world, earning Detroit its respective nickname.

Detroit is an iconic American city that now offers its citizens recreational cannabis delivery. Weed delivery near me in the great city of Detroit is now possible, joining the many states that allow their citizens to have their weed brought to them.

As the largest city in Michigan, Detroit cannabis delivery is essential to give users who need cannabis and the potential benefits to living their best quality of life. Weed delivery near me opens an opportunity for cannabis consumers to get cannabis in large urban centers without traveling on public transport or ride-sharing costs. People who don’t have access to a vehicle or the means to afford ride sharing shouldn’t be prevented from accessing cannabis products.

The motor city is the largest city in Michigan and the largest US city on the Canadian border. Detroit serves as one of the largest legal cannabis markets in the Midwest. We are happy to see the classic American city offer its citizens cannabis delivery in Detroit.

Weed Delivery Near Lansing

Adding cannabis delivery in Lansing is one of the best things that could have happened in the state’s capital city. The central Michigan city is known for its beautiful scenery, government buildings, and beautiful State campus.

Lansing sits on the Grand River, one of the greatest tributaries of Lake Michigan. The residents of Lansing enjoy recreational activities like fishing, hiking, and hunting around the city limits. Cannabis delivery in Lansing adds to the general well-being of the people of Lansing and the surrounding areas.

The home of Michigan State offering weed delivery near me presents more options for the citizens of Lansing to enjoy cannabis products. Lansing did not escape the consequences of the COVID-19 lockdowns in both loss of life and economic destruction. Offering cannabis delivery in Lansing helped the people cope with the unprecedented times we all experienced over the past year. Michiganders, especially in the capital city, were subject to a tremendous political divide due to the business restrictions set in place by the governor, Gretchen Whitmer.

As we come out of the pandemic and businesses start opening up, it is still important to offer the citizens of Lansing weed delivery near me. Whether people enjoy cannabis products recreationally or for medical purposes, we have to expand the access to cannabis in states with legal programs in place.

Weed Delivery Near Ann Arbor

Offering cannabis delivery in Ann Arbor is particularly important because smaller cities have sparse populations and less effective public transit systems. With a population of just over 100,000, many residents of southern Michigan city live in rural areas far from being able to walk to a cannabis dispensary. Giving access to a cannabis delivery program is crucial in areas with lower population densities.

Ann Arbor is another one of Michigan’s college towns. The University of Michigan Wolverines call the small ‘Tree Town’ home. While the legal age to consume cannabis is 21 in Michigan, weed delivery in Ann Arbor definitely adds appeal to the city.

‘Tree Town’ continues to be one of Michigan’s most popular tourist destinations. Ann Arbor sits on the banks of the Huron River and offers many outdoor recreational activities. The city center is also known to draw in tourists. The famous Michigan Theater is one of the cultural highlights in the entire state.

Adding weed delivery in Ann Arbor was a wise decision by government legislators. The move adds to the culture and draw that makes Ann Arbor of the hidden cultural gems of the Midwest.

Edibles, Pre-Rolls, and Vapes from Your Favorite Brands Delivered

Any cannabis product you can imagine can be delivered conveniently to your residents through the Michigan weed delivery service. Whether residents are looking to smoke cannabis using a vape cartridge filled with cannabis oil or prefer edibles, they have the option to receive their cannabis from a reliable, fully compliant delivery service.

Cannabis legalization gives access to products that have undergone rigorous testing protocols. Patients suffering from health conditions can easily order weed delivery using a phone app and be assured they will have a safe product delivered right to their door.

The citizens of Michigan not only deserve legal access to cannabis products but the freedom to have their choice of edibles, pre-rolls, and vapes delivered at the push of a button. Weed delivery in Michigan gives the most in-need access to reliable, compliant cannabis products, even if the consumer doesn’t have the means to travel to a dispensary.

When we think of legal cannabis in the US, states like Colorado, Oregon, and California come to mind. Many people forget that Michigan offered its citizens a medical cannabis program back in 2008. Being one of the first states to open up medical cannabis, the Great Lakes State has a sophisticated recreational and medical program, now available to all Michiganders through weed delivery.

foods that boost weed high cannabinoids terpenes

Foods That Boost Weed High

Terpenes are an interesting issue in the realm of cannabis.  In excess of 100 assortments of terpenes, the fragrant oils that give the plant its smell, have been recognized in cannabis.  They start in the bloom’s gum organs, close by THC and CBD, yet they are not one of a kind to cannabis.  Terpenes are bountiful in numerous leafy foods.

Like cannabinoids, terpenes are accepted to impact the cannabis experience by authoritative to receptors in the cerebrum, with various terpenes offering distinctive restorative advantages.  Eating nourishments that are high in terpenes and Omega-3 unsaturated fats could likewise affect how your body communicates with cannabis.

And keeping in mind that everybody has a special endocannabinoid framework and encounters cannabis in an unexpected way, GreenState has distributed elite of five nourishments that, as indicated by science, may very well lift your high.  Below are some foods that are good to have around before you dial up a weed delivery service.


Greasy nourishments can enable your body to retain cannabinoids like THC and CBD quicker.

“CBD and THC mixes are fat-dissolvable, so fat is their medium,” clinical nutritionist Kelly Dorfman told GreenState. “On the off chance that you devour them with nourishments that contain fat, they will retain better — simply like nutrient E by and large assimilates better in the event that it is taken in the oil structure.”

Nuts are a sound and high-fat choice that may very well lift you up somewhat higher while likewise giving insurance to your heart.  As per PotGuide, the high convergence of sound fats in nuts can lessen pulse and be useful for those with cardiovascular issues.


Mangoes are stacked with myrcene, one of the most generally discovered terpenes in cannabis.  Myrcene is accepted to prompt loosening up impacts.  In the event that you eat a mango about an hour prior to you expend cannabis, the thought is that your cannabis receptors will be heated up and prepared to deal with the cannabis all the more proficiently.

Steep Hill Labs offers this clarification: “Myrcene has been appeared to expand the most extreme immersion level of the CB1 receptor, taking into account a more noteworthy greatest psychoactive impact.  For the vast majority, the utilization of a new mango, 45 minutes before breathing in cannabis, will bring about a quicker beginning of psycho action and more noteworthy force.”


Broccoli is as of now perhaps the most beneficial thing you can eat, it’s pressed with iron, magnesium, selenium, fiber, and even protein, and offers a wide scope of nutrients.  Broccoli is likewise high in beta-caryophyllene, a terpene that is well known in cannabis. Matching the two together can prompt a feeling of quiet, reports GreenState.  Strains that are high in beta-caryophyllene, similar to Sour Diesel, may likewise decrease torment and aggravation.


Indeed, even before adding cannabis to the blend, yams can help support your disposition by expanding serotonin creation.  Yet, by matching it with cannabis, the euphoric impacts of the bloom can be considerably more grounded.

Yams are an extraordinary wellspring of Vitamin E, a supplement that assumes a key job in the wellbeing of your mind while additionally securing your heart.  As per the Mayo Clinic, Vitamine E likewise has cancer prevention agent properties.


Discussing cell reinforcements, tea is brimming with them as flavonoids, which additionally happen in cannabis.

“Polyphenols, or flavonoids, are likely a key segment to what in particular makes tea an energizing beverage,” as indicated by the Harvard School of Public Health. “These substance mixes go about as cancer prevention agents, which control the harming impacts of free radicals in the body.”

Combined with cannabis, the cancer prevention agents in tea can tip your cannabis experience towards sedation and unwinding.  Cannabis tea is well known everywhere on over the world, and it’s accepted that the principal recorded clinical remedy of pot, in 2737 BC, came as cannabis-implanted tea. full-spectrum cannabinoids

What are Full-Spectrum Cannabinoids?

As you shop for your favorite cannabis products, you might notice that some say they contain full-spectrum cannabinoids.  Gain a deeper understanding of cannabinoids to learn what this claim means and if it impacts which products you should buy.

The Endocannabinoid System

Cannabis affects the human body because of our endocannabinoid system. This system plays a role in mood, sleep, appetite, and many other bodily functions. Endocannabinoids are molecules naturally traveling throughout the body, helping regulate how it operates.  Researchers don’t fully understand how endocannabinoids work, but their receptors are present in the brain, nerves, heart, skin, bones, gastrointestinal tract, and organs.

Cannabinoids are molecules found in the cannabis plant. They have a similar molecular structure to our body’s own endocannabinoids.  This similar structure allows them to attach to our body’s endocannabinoid receptors, which can greatly affect our mind and body.

Taste The Rainbow Of Full-Spectrum Cannabinoids

  • Cannabis contains many cannabinoids. Two of these cannabinoids receive the most attention because we understand them the best and believe they have the greatest impact on us:
  • Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)
    Cannabidiol (CBD)

THC is the cannabinoid known for having psychoactive effects or producing a high.  CBD is known for relieving pain and anxiety without producing a high.

Researchers have discovered at least 113 cannabinoids so far. Cannabinoids besides THC and CBD that are becoming more well-known include:

  • Cannabigerol (CBG)
  • Cannabinol (CBN)
  • Cannabichromene (CBC)

At this point in time, our understanding of what the dozens of cannabinoids in cannabis do is very limited.  Researchers are just beginning to scratch the surface of the effects of other cannabinoids.

The Entourage Effect

The “entourage effect” refers to cannabinoids working together synergistically. Experts believe that cannabinoids work differently together than when they are in the human body individually. Certain cannabinoids might enhance the effects of others, while some cannabinoids might suppress the effects of others.

Researchers have most thoroughly studied the entourage effect of THC and CBD.  For many people, CBD mitigates the psychoactive properties of THC.  Similarly, for many, THC reduces the sleepiness that can come with CBD. Cannabis is sold in a variety of CBD:THC ratios because different people experience these cannabinoids differently and aren’t all looking for the same effects.

It’s likely that other cannabinoids impact how our bodies react to THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids.  Unfortunately, we don’t yet know exactly what each individual cannabinoid does in the human body, much less how it impacts the effects of other cannabinoids.

Choosing What to Buy

Once you understand more about cannabinoids, you might find yourself wanting a full-spectrum product.  Cannabis Flower is its natural state, so it is always full-spectrum.  Cannabinoids begin being destroyed when the cannabis flower is treated with a solvent to create an extract.  Cannabis products that are often not full-spectrum include:

  • Vape oils
  • Oils and tinctures
  • Edibles

Full-spectrum concentrates tend to be darker in color and have a stronger scent than extracts that aren’t full-spectrum.  For example, shatter and wax are often considered full spectrum.

Experimenting is the best way to determine which cannabis products fit your needs.  Try a variety of products with different CBD:THC ratios, then stick with whatever gives you the effects you desire.

Aerial view of New York City - this picture was taken so high.

New York City Weed Delivery Guide

New York, New York, the city of dreams..and anything else you can stuff in a backpack and get delivered to your walkup in midtown.  Or your brownstone in Tribeca.  Hells Kitchen, SoHo, meat-packing, uptown..anywhere in Gotham City- you name it.  Weed delivery in NYC has been a thing well before it was legal.

Weed Delivery in Manhattan

The 'traditional' Manhattan weed delivery experience has been about overpaying for decent herb meticulously transported from the sunny left coast and served up quite professionally by a backpack toting traveling salesman/shaman (with varying ratios of salesman to shaman available..i'm told).  Usually the contents of said backpack are filled with a cornucopia of items to tickle virtually all senses and vices.  And these folks employ advanced customer retention tools to actively reach out and give you a courteous poke once their contact number or app id changes.  Which happens quite often, for reasons of self preservation..we're told.

Cannabis in New York 2021

Fast forward to 2021, with social stigma dissipating daily, recreational cannabis has been approved by voters and made available in neighboring States including Massachusetts, New Jersey and the District of Columbia.  Those States are now capturing legal sales tax revenue from New Yorkers driving across the border to buy weed.  With social (and voter) acceptance, and economic benefits including a multi billion dollar tax base, and creation thousands of jobs, the leadership of New York State, in particular Governor Cuomo has pledged to legalize adult use cannabis as part of his 2021 State of the State address.

What does that mean? Get ready to smoke legally produced, compliance tested, aptly taxed bowls, from your big apple pipes.

Tested Cannabis Delivery near me in NYC

No shit. Tested weed and vapes are better for you.  It's a simple concept.  We respect the hustle and ingenuity of growing black market pounds, especially if it's fire.  But trust us, regulated weed is SAFE weed. There are many shortcuts to growing marijuana that are unseen to the eye (EG what is used for pest control?) but terrible for the body.  Home made extracts and edible are even a bigger problem. No accuracy dosed edibles have lead to panic attacks and hospital trips while unlicensed cannabis oil extraction operations have killed people and blown up residential buildings much like meth labs.  Of course the popcorn lung disease attributed to illicit vapes and vape carts using thinning agents cut by home chemists. Like the food we eat, consuming cannabis puts all the ingredients used directly into our bodies.  And finally New Yorkers can soon choose to search for weed delivery near me, order cannabis online and enjoy safe, trusted weed and cannabis products. That includes weed delivery in Brooklyn and weed delivery in the Bronx.

Marijuana Edibles, THC Gummies, and Vape Carts

One of the best parts of legalization is getting great options for those who don't smoke.  Weed delivery in NYC will include Edibles, Topicals and Vapes, the likes of which absolutely are not available through our backpack shaman friends.  Innovative products, like micro dosed THC infused beverages, fast acting sublingual strips infused with CBN, the sedative acting cannabinoid for natural sleep. And of course the vaunted THC Gummy. Tons of gummies via weed delivery in Manhattan. Professionally made, safe, innovative products used habitually by millions of people across the U.S. are finally coming to NYC and we could't be more stoked for the fine citizens of the Empire State to finally have access to an amazing variety of cannabis in NYC.

Most of all remember to consume safely and as we continue in the post-COVID world. No puff, puff, and pass which is bummer but kinda gross when you think about it a bit.  We can indulge and share in other ways people.  Stay healthy NYC.  And Onward.

Colorado State Highway 291, photo by Jeffrey Beall

Colorado Weed Delivery Goes Legal in 2021

Most Consider California as the center cannabis culture, however history will show Colorado as the pioneering State to be the first to legalize recreational cannabis in the United States.  In 2012 Colorado voters approved Amendment 64 to enable adult use cannabis sales. However, a big omission in the original legal operating framework was only recently addressed, paving the way for legal weed delivery in Colorado to finally launch in 2021.

The State set forth a licensing process for cultivating cannabis, manufacturing infused products, and in-store retail to set the stage for adult use dispensaries throughout the State. The historic initiative launched on Jan 1, 2014.

In 2019, House Bill 1234 finally outlined regulations around medical delivery which launched in 2020.  In 2021 the same law set in motion recreational weed delivery, finally allowing consumers in the Rocky Mountain region to have cannabis delivered to their doors.

Congrats to Colorado residents as their state joins the other states which offer legal cannabis delivery.

Aurora Weed Delivery Now Available

The Aurora City Council gave preliminary approval, by an 8-2 vote, to cannabis delivery in Aurora, Colorado’s third-largest city, clearing the way for deliveries of marijuana to begin in early 2021.

Nearly 400,000 residents, at least the ones 21 or older, are now able to tap on a phone screen and order cannabis edibles and marijuana flower for delivery to their doorstep — weed delivery in Aurora has arrived.

That makes Aurora weed delivery the first major city in Colorado where consumers can place an order for recreational weed from their couch and wait for it to arrive in the comfort of their homes.

“Delivery is needed particularly because of the pandemic,” said Aurora Councilwoman Alison Coombs, who supported the measure. “Folks are having to stay safely in their homes.”

Colorado is known for mountains, forests, a freedom-loving spirit, and weed.  However there is no denying Denver is a unique metropolitan city, with all the big city perks (and annoyances).  There's also no doubt weed delivery is coming to Denver, a top tier 'major league' city, home to Franchises in the NBA, NFL, NHL, and MLB.

Weed delivery in Denver should serve to galvanize the community and bring a Championship to a State who last saw a world Championship in 2016, when Payton Manning, Von Miller and the Broncos won Super Bowl 50.

For those who aren't fans of professional sports, its important to note the Broncos play their home games at Mile High Stadium.  We think it's because of its' location situated in the thin air of the Rockies.  However there are conspiracy theories abound, crediting the name to time travelers alluding to Colorado becoming the first State to legalize adult use pot.  We dispute this theory.

But there's no disputing that Denver weed delivery will propel the city's sports fans, to in turn propel their beloved teams to reach new heights.

Boulder and Fort Collins Weed Delivery

Colorado is also home to several colleges and universities, including the two largest in the State- the University of Colorado in Boulder and Colorado State in Fort Collins.  Higher education is of course aligned with the concept of utilizing technology to leverage efficiencies in obtaining ones marihuana.  So naturally, direct to consumer cannabis is in demand within these bastions of creativity.  No need to waste time driving, instead keep hitting the 'books', and lean on weed delivery in Fort Collins and Boulder.  And remember edibles to sleep

Both universities have strong sports programs and renowned as exceptional party schools- and that was prior to weed delivery in Boulder or Fort Collins weed delivery becoming legal.  Epic status will now be achieved in these legendary college towns.

Weed Delivery Aspen and Colorado Springs

Of course Colorado is also home to world class skiing.  Vail, Breckenridge, and Telluride are all amazing mountains and world renowned destinations.  However Aspen and Colorado Springs are especially revered.

In the case of Aspen, it's not only for their slopes.  Aspen is known as the most expensive ski town in America.  Where the rich and famous shred and cavort.  And don't get it twisted, weed delivery in Aspen is must-have mountain chic.  In the summer, cannabis delivery is a great complement or precursor to festivals and scenic hikes.

The most challenging mountain to ski in Colorado? That would be Colorado Springs.  Home to U.S. Ski Team.  Although there are many amazing and challenging mountains for skiers and snowboarders throughout the U.S., Colorado Springs is perhaps the most challenging.  When going online to order weed delivery in Colorado Springs, remember to throw some cannabis topical cream in your cart- you'll need some soothing, localized pain relief after an intense ski or board session.

Edibles, Pre-rolls, and Vapes Delivered in Colorado

Remember, legal cannabis delivery includes more than flower.  For discrete and on-the-go needs both thc and cbd vapes and live resin carts  are available for delivery.  For fast uptake with a punch, pre-rolls and infused joints will heighten your mile high.  And of course enjoy edibles of all sorts including gummy delivery with products for all dietary restrictions or AM or PM use.

So yeah Colorado...all the compliance-tested products you've loved since 2014 will finally be available via delivery and a few clicks on your mobile device.


United States outlined

What States Have Weed Delivery?

Which States in America have legal weed delivery? Which states offer only medical delivery, and which states offer recreational cannabis delivery for adult use?

We've combed the internet to learn about the legal delivery states. We've pulled together a breakdown of where you can expect to order delivery marijuana from licensed dispensaries selling lab-tested product.

Weed Delivery Now in these States:

California Cannabis Delivery

The most populous State in U.S., and famously home to the 6th largest economy in world, California has been a leader in Cannabis Legalization.  Medical cannabis was legalized back in 1996, with prop 215, and weed has been conveniently delivered ever since in much of the Golden State.  Recreational or adult use cannabis delivery has been available since January 2018. Cities like Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Oakland, Santa Cruz, Sacramento all have delivery service. Also suburbs like Palo Alto, Walnut Creek, Lafayette, Granite Bay, Rocklin, Beverly Hills - places that might not have as many dispensaries can also now get dispensary delivery.

Oregon Cannabis Delivery

Oregon has trees on top of trees, and of course recreational cannabis delivery across the state.  The following cities offer weed delivery: Albany, Ashland, Beaverton, Bend, Corvallis, Eugene, Forest Grove, Grants Pass, Gresham, Hillsboro, Keizer, Klamath Falls, Lake Oswego, McMinnville, Medford, Milwaukie, Newberg, Oregon City, Portland, Redmond, Roseburg, Salem, Sherwood, Tigard, Tualatin, West Linn, Wilsonville, and Woodburn.

Maine Cannabis Delivery

Who doesnt like lobster??  Aside from our friends with dietary restrictions or allergies to shellfish, everyone loves lobster...and its even better with ganja!  Maine is the least populous state offering recreational weed delivery service, which means theoretically deliveries should be faster.  Try weed delivery across Maine and cities including-  Auburn, Augusta, Bangor, Biddeford, Lewiston, Portland, Saco, and South Portland.

Nevada Cannabis Delivery

When most people think of Nevada, SIn CIty comes to mind.  Weed is no sin, and recreational marijuana delivery is avaiblle throughout the state, and not just in Carson City, Elko, Fernley, Henderson, Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, Reno, Lake Tahoe, or Sparks.  Remember, weed delivery in Las Vegas is a cure for hangovers, which are not uncommon for those visiting the Vegas strip.

You can see where delivers cannabis across a wide range of places today.

Weed Delivery for States Coming in 2021:

Colorado Cannabis Delivery

Colorado will have recreational delivery available in early 2021. At the time of this article in February, the first delivery permit in Colorado has been issued.  Good for you Colorado!  Folks in cities like Denver, Boulder, Aurora, Fort Collins will soon be able to have weed brought to their house.

New Jersey Cannabis Delivery

New Jersey has voted to legalize cannabis in 2021 which should lead to delivery soon in the Garden State, for cities like  New Brunswick, Newark, and Vegs of the West- will not feature Atlantic City weed delivery.

Soon after New Jersey should come New York state, and customers across NY state can order delivery.  Albany, Ithaca, New Rochelle, New York City, Niagara Falls, Poughkeepsie, Rochester, Syracuse, and Yonkers.  Upstate is great, but legal weed delivery in NYC will be a game changer for the cannabis industry.  New York City is perhaps the most influential city in the world, and the bigger population center in the Empire State.  Look for P diddy to change his name back to Puffy!

Medical cannabis delivery states:

These states deliver medical cannabis, and they seem well-poised to expand their service to adults:

Arizona Cannabis Delivery

A state with vast swaths of both senior and college students, the Copper State offers medical cannabis delivery across the State. With places like Apache Junction, Avondale, Buckeye, Bullhead City, Casa Grande, Chandler, El Mirage, Flagstaff, Florence, Fountain Hills, Glendale, Goodyear, Kingman, Lake Havasu City, Marana, Maricopa, Mesa, Nogales, Oro Valley, Peoria, Phoenix, Prescott, Prescott Valley, Queen Creek, Sahuarita, San Luis, Scottsdale, Sierra Vista, Surprise, Tempe, Tucson, Yuma

Massachusetts cannabis delivery

Cities including; Acton, Agawam, Amherst, Andover, Arlington, Attleboro, Barnstable, Belmont, Beverly, Billerica, Boston, Bourne, Braintree, Bridgewater, Brockton, Brookline, Canton, Chelmsford, Chelsea, Chicopee, Danvers, Dartmouth, Dedham, Dracut, Easton, Everett, Fall River, Falmouth, Fitchburg, Framingham, Franklin, Gardner, Gloucester, Haverhill, Hingham, Holyoke, Lawrence, Leominster, Lexington, Lowell, Ludlow, Lynn, Malden, Mansfield, Marblehead, Marlborough, Marshfield, Medford, Melrose, Methuen, Middleborough, Natick, Needham, New Bedford, North Andover, North Attleborough, Northampton, Norton, Norwood, Peabody, Pittsfield, Plymouth, Randolph, Reading, Revere, Salem, Sandwich, Saugus, Scituate, Shrewsbury, Somerset, Somerville, Stoneham, Stoughton, Taunton, Tewksbury, Wakefield, Walpole, Waltham, Wareham, Watertown, Wellesley, West Springfield, Westborough, Westfield, Westford, Weymouth, Wilmington, Winchester, Woburn, Worcester, Yarmouth

Michigan Cannabis Delivery

Home to Motown and american muscle, Michigan cities offering delivery (medical only at time of this post) include; Adrian, Allen Park, Ann Arbor, Auburn Hills, Bay City, Burton, Dearborn, Dearborn Heights, Detroit, East Lansing, Eastpointe, Farmington Hills, Ferndale, Flint, Forest Hills, Garden City, Grand Rapids, Hamtramck, Haslett, Holland, Holt, Inkster, Jackson, Kalamazoo, Kentwood, Lincoln Park, Livonia, Madison Heights, Midland, Muskegon, Norton Shores, Novi, Oak Park, Okemos, Pontiac, Port Huron, Portage, Rochester Hills, Romulus, Roseville, Royal Oak, Saginaw, Southfield, St. Clair Shores, Sterling Heights, Taylor, Trenton, Troy, Warren, Westland, Wyandotte, Ypsilanti

Montana Cannabis Delivery

Weed delivery is uber convenient for a State such as Montana, with vast territory and a lack of population and business density.  And thats how Montana residents like it.  Luckily the Cannabis will travel via delivery services for places like Billings, Bozeman, Butte, Great Falls, Helena, Kalispell, Missoula

Vermont Cannabis Delivery

Montpelier and Burlington are not alone...Vermont in Bernie is Country and folks definitely 'Feel the Bern'... and the burn.

Maryland Cannabis Delivery

Delivery service exists for Annapolis, Baltimore, Bowie, College Park, Cumberland, Frederick, Gaithersburg, Greenbelt, Hagerstown, Rockville, Salisbury, Westminster

We expect to see service in cities in New Mexico, Rhode Island, Arkansas within the next couple years.

Who we think is coming 2022 or thereafter:

Eventually we see states shifting from no cannabis to medical cannabis. Then from medical cannabis to recreational cannabis. Coronavirus illustrated the critical function of the delivery channel to reach customers. Many medical customers require delivery to safely access legal cannabis products. Once the convenience and reliability of medical cannabis delivery become apparent, local communities can feel prepared to open up delivery for adult use.

Our sources for this data include legalization articles hosted on Wikipedia, as well as numerous articles about cannabis from across endemic and general publications.

You can read more about where we deliver cannabis, hopefully near you or coming soon. The situation is evolving as legalization spreads; please check back for updates.

Marin Weed Delivery Guide

Cannabis Near Me in Marin?

Marin County is the birthplace of the 420 movement, which helped attach a new persona on cannabis culture in the 1970's.  The Waldos, a clique of five kids from San Rafael High, met up after class to smoke weed at their secret spot near a Campus statue of Louis Pasteur, at 4:20.  Apparently a treasure map leading to lost weed near Pt. Reyes was's not confirmed they ever found weed there.  But of course there was no legal weed delivery in ditch weed and treasure hunts were your choices.  Seems like the 'treasure' was secondary to getting Irie after class.  I dig it.  If it were today, Waldo's would be pulling out their iPhone and ordering online weed delivery in San Rafael. Works either way though.

Beautiful weather. Picturesque Pacific Ocean and SF Bay views.  A Ferry ride from the city..Landing just in time for weed delivery in Larkspur.  And inspiring natural sites like Muir Woods, Marin Headlands, Pt. Reyes, and Mount Tamalpais.  Marin is a great place to reach a 'higher connection' with nature.  But if you intend to enhance the natural beauty with sticky buds or gluten free gummies, you'll need a weed delivery service in Marin, since dispensaries are still banned in Marin county, in 2021. Yeah, doesn't make much sense to us either.

Weed Delivery in Novato and Mill Valley

Marin residents are stoked to live in a dynamic region both culturally and spiritually aware. is a San Francisco company with some of our owners living in Marin, so they naturally pushed us to provide Mill Valley weed delivery.  Another owner proudly attended College of Marin and so trusting his impaired judgement, we also provide weed delivery in Novato, and Kentfield.

If you live in Fairfax, Ross or Corte Madera, we got you too.  We love serving our backyard and relish the opportunity to bring you great products and provide exception customer service.

Edibles, Vape, Pre-roll, and CBD Delivery in Marin

420 in Marin is adhered to in various ways. provides every type of product for different tastes and affects. Popular edibles for delivery include gummies, cookies, chocolates and mints.  We cary sugar free, gluten free, vegan, and kosher options for those with dietary restrictions.

Of course flower is the most popular category with options spanning exotic indoor strains to great value sun grown.  For those who dont want to take time rolling, we respect your drive toward efficiency and offer all sizes of prerolls, infused joints, and blunts.

If your're on the anti combustion wagon, choose form an extensive selection of vape carts, vape pods, and disposable pens from leading Cali brands.

And finally, if you're visiting and plan on spending time in the City, check our weed delivery guide for San Francisco tourists.  If visiting the Alameda or Contra Costa County check our our weed delivery guide for the East Bay.



The Best Los Angeles Weed Delivery

LA loves weed.  And LA loves delivery. The mecca of global entertainment business, and trendsetting TV, movies, and music.  All of which played a special role in casting cannabis as villain initially then driving the transformation of weed's image in America.  Los Angeles is also home to the largest legal cannabis market in California..and the Country, which began with pre-ICO medical dispensaries open since the late 90s.  Weed delivery in LA has helped fuel artists, who've in turn driven pop culture and affected society's view toward present-day matters.

And lets not forget to thank our lucky stars that we live in California- one of the few recreational states that have cannabis delivery.

Roots; LA, Rap, and Weed

Although Hip Hop started in the projects of New York in the mid to late 70s, It was Dr. Dre's iconic 'the Chronic' album, that put weed on front street and firmly planted Ganja into the center of Hip Hop's creative essence.

Although previously Dre previously uttered the infamous verse "I dont smoke or weed or.....cuz its known to give a brother bran damage..and brain damage on the mic dont manage nothin..but making a sucker and you equal- dont be another sequel- express yourself' NWA's hit Express Yourself, his debut album- The Chronic, forever married weed and rap.   And there were actually a quite a bit of sequels.  Dre's former protege Snoop Dogg, from Long Beach took the torch and ran with the weed flag.  Snoop is now an international figure the worlds best known dank smoker, purveyor of weed, cannabis investor, and hip hop cultural icon.

Weed + Delivery + Hollywood Vibes = West Hollywood Weed Delivery

So it makes that Los Angeles residents consume more 'legal' cannabis than any region in the world.  Weed delivery in Los Angeles, has big a thing for over 20 years.  But thats not surprising.  Los Angeles is vast.  And delivery has been a proven favorite for Los Angelinos..just refer to the Pink Dot.  West Hollywood's legendary delivery business brings everything from booze and beer to cigarettes and toilet paper, to LA's thirsty and constipated, for decades.  Does Pink Dot offer, weed delivery in West Hollywood? Unfortunately not..but has partnered with the best Dispensary in West Hollywood, LAPCG, to bring weed to those in need.

Of course also provides weed delivery in Hollywood , for residents..and tourists visiting the Walk of Stars, which are also well represented with icons tied to cannabis culture.  Too many to note- Bob Marley and Cypress Hill stand out.

Beverly Hills and Westwood; Best Los Angeles Cannabis Delivery

Of course the artist and actors take center stage to promote weed in LA.  But producers, entrainment executive, and trendsetters facilitate an propagate the cultural trends. Beverly Hills is famously home to progressive producers and movie execs to who fund and facilitate cannabis culture.  We like to think weed delivery in Beverly Hills (along with presumably vodka and cocaine) has contributed to some of the maverick decisions to fund canna-culture steeped music and movies.  Even movies movies about weed delivery!

And who watches movies about weed delivery?  Students living on the outskirts of Hollywood- in Westwood at UCLA.  The same students utilizing weed delivery in Westwood.  Yes USC is known for its film school, but UCLA is California's largest public university and home to a massive population of in-the-know, Instagram-active young adults.  Influencers we dare say.  In skinny jeans.  And these dabbing and gummy consuming, college students proliferate trends and culture to the rest of the country.  All from Westwood via Hollywood, enabled by Beverly Hills.

Smoke a joint and think on it.