Marin Weed Delivery

Cannabis Near Me in Marin?

Marin County is the birthplace of the 420 movement, which helped attach a new persona on cannabis culture in the 1970's.  The Waldos, a clique of five kids from San Rafael High, met up after class to smoke weed at their secret spot near a Campus statue of Louis Pasteur, at 4:20.  Apparently a treasure map leading to lost weed near Pt. Reyes was's not confirmed they ever found weed there.  Seems like the 'treasure' was secondary to getting Irie after class.  I dig it.  If it were today, Waldo's would be pulling out their iPhone and ordering online weed delivery in San Rafael. Works either way though.

Beautiful weather. Picturesque Pacific Ocean and SF Bay views.  A Ferry ride from the city..Landing just in time for weed delivery in Larkspur.  And inspiring natural sites like Muir Woods, Marin Headlands, Pt. Reyes, and Mount Tamalpais.  Marin is a great place to reach a 'higher connection' with nature.  But if you intend to enhance the natural beauty with sticky buds or gluten free gummies, you'll need a weed delivery service in Marin, since dispensaries are still banned in Marin county, in 2021. Yeah, doesn't make much sense to us either.

Weed Delivery in Novato and Mill Valley

Marin residents are stoked to live in a dynamic region both culturally and spiritually aware. is a San Francisco company with some of our owners living in Marin, so they naturally pushed us to provide Mill Valley weed delivery.  Another owner proudly attended College of Marin and so trusting his impaired judgement, we also provide weed delivery in Novato, and Kentfield.  If you live in Fairfax, Ross or Corte Madera, we got you too.  We love serving our backyard and relish the opportunity to bring you great products and provide exception customer service.

Edibles, Vape, Pre-roll, and CBD Delivery in Marin

420 in Marin is adhered to in various ways. provides every type of product for different tastes and affects. Popular edibles for delivery include gummies, cookies, chocolates and mints.  We cary sugar free, gluten free, vegan, and kosher options for those with dietary restrictions.

Of course flower is the most popular category with options spanning exotic indoor strains to great value sun grown.  For those who dont want to take time rolling, we respect your drive toward efficiency and offer all sizes of prerolls, infused joints, and blunts.

If your're on the anti combustion wagon, choose form an extensive selection of vape carts, vape pods, and disposable pens from leading Cali brands.



Los Angeles Weed Delivery

LA loves Weed.  The mecca of global entertainment business, and trendsetting TV, movies, and music.  All of which played a special role in casting cannabis as villain initially then driving the transformation of weed's image in America.  Los Angeles is also home to the largest legal cannabis market in California..and the Country, which began with pre-ICO medical dispensaries open since the late 90s.  Weed delivery in LA has helped fuel artists, who've in turn driven pop culture and affected society's view toward present-day matters.

Roots; LA, Rap, and Weed

Although Hip Hop started in the projects of New York in the mid to late 70s, It was Dr. Dre's iconic 'the Chronic' album, that put weed on front street and firmly planted Ganja into the center of Hip Hop's creative essence.

Although previously Dre previously uttered the infamous verse "I dont smoke or weed or.....cuz its known to give a brother bran damage..and brain damage on the mic dont manage nothin..but making a sucker and you equal- dont be another sequel- express yourself' NWA's hit Express Yourself, his debut album- The Chronic, forever married weed and rap.   And there were actually a quite a bit of sequels.  Dre's former protege Snoop Dogg, from Long Beach took the torch and ran with the weed flag.  Snoop is now an international figure the worlds best known dank smoker, purveyor of weed, cannabis investor, and hip hop cultural icon.

Weed + Delivery + Hollywood Vibes

So it makes that Los Angeles residents consume more 'legal' cannabis than any region in the world.  Weed delivery in Los Angeles, has big a thing for over 20 years.  But thats not surprising.  Los Angeles is vast.  And delivery has been a proven favorite for Los Angelinos..just refer to the Pink Dot.  West Hollywood's legendary delivery business brings everything from booze and beer to cigarettes and toilet paper, to LA's thirsty and constipated, for decades.  Does Pink Dot offer, weed delivery in West Hollywood? Unfortunately not..but has partnered with the best Dispensary in West Hollywood, LAPCG, to bring weed to those in need.

Of course also provides weed delivery in Hollywood , for residents..and tourists visiting the Walk of Stars, which are also well represented with icons tied to cannabis culture.  Too many to note- Bob Marley and Cypress Hill stand out.

Beverly Hills and Westwood; Part of Los Angeles Cannabis

Of course the artist and actors take center stage to promote weed in LA.  But producers, entrainment executive, and trendsetters facilitate an propagate the cultural trends. Beverly Hills is famously home to progressive producers and movie execs to who fund and facilitate cannabis culture.  We like to think weed delivery in Beverly Hills (along with presumably vodka and cocaine) has contributed to some of the maverick decisions to fund canna-culture steeped music and movies.  Even movies movies about weed delivery!

And who watches movies about weed delivery?  Students living on the outskirts of Hollywood- in Westwood at UCLA.  The same students utilizing weed delivery in Westwood.  Yes USC is known for its film school, but UCLA is California's largest public university and home to a massive population of in-the-know, Instagram-active young adults.  Influencers we dare say.  In skinny jeans.  And these dabbing and gummy consuming, college students proliferate trends and culture to the rest of the country.  All from Westwood via Hollywood, enabled by Beverly Hills.

Smoke a joint and think on it.

SF Peninsula Weed Delivery

The Bay Area's Peninsula sits between ultra progressive San Francisco, and pragmatic Silicon Valley.  Comprised of well healed neighborhoods and great weather, the strategically situated smattering of cities mostly located in San Mateo County.  The Peninsula is home to tech workers who are headquartered in either direction, San Francisco to the North and San Jose to the South.  Unfortunately thats where some of the closest marijuana dispensaries can be found.  Dispensaries are not yet permitted in the vast majority of San Mate County.  This makes for a subpar scenario for San Mateo County residents..including a segment of tech workers who smoke a lot of weed.

Delivering Cannabis in San Mateo County and Peninsula

Tech most adults in the Bay Area, partake in cannabis.  Cities like Burlingame, Los Altos, and Millbrae are home to tech families and parents drinking less, instead reaching for marijuana for a healthier inebriation..sans hangover.  And not just unwind or party.  Many coders and content creators notoriously smoke weed or take edibles while on the job. A recent study published in found 17% or tech workers admit to being high during work.  So given tech workers' acceptance if not reliance on cannabis, offers an elegant and intuitive cannabis ordering experience for our colleagues stuck in the dispensary desert that is San Mateo County.

We provide cannabis to the entire mid peninsula.  We offer, weed delivery in Burlingame,  weed delivery in San Carlos, weed delivery in San Mateo, weed delivery in Belmont, weed delivery in Redwood City

Cannabis Delivery Near SFO Airport

One reason the Peninsula is a popular location for tech workers and executives, it its proximity to SFO International, the world class international Airport which is located just outside the City in South SF.  Thus offers weed delivery in South San Francisco as well as, weed delivery in Daly City, and weed delivery in San Bruno. These are cities closest to San Francisco International Airpot - SFO, and home to conveniently situated Hotels.  In addition to delivering weed to hotels, also deliver to Airbnb rentals in popular cities for tech travels coming to the Bay Area by way of SFO.  Specifically we offer, weed delivery in Millbrae, a popular destination for business travelers.  Finally we also serve those staying near the Coast, providing weed delivery in Pacifica.  It's worth noting that Pacifica is the only City in San Mateo county that has legal cannabis dispensaries at the time of this post.

South Bay, Silicon Valley and Peninsula Weed Near Me

Further South, the Peninsula eventually passes Sand Hill Road, famed home to blue blood VCs, and the gateway to the fabled Silicon Valley.  Quite the irony that most VCs known to identify and fuel the brazen visions of contemporary disruptors, have largely steered clear of cannabis investments (with the notable exemption of Peter Thiel) even now in 2021. With Cannabis becoming mainstream (dare we say essential) and part of a healthier, more informed paradigm, leading to a titanic shift in both consumption and buying habits.  Predictably Beer sales have edged down in the months following cannabis legalization in Canada.  So It's reasonable to assume that as the political climate continues to shift and Federal legalization becomes a reality, VCs will come in droves.  Cannabis needs tech and tech needs cannabis. Until then, will deliver inspiration to your other words, we offer weed delivery in Menlo Park, weed delivery in Los Altos , and weed delivery in Mountain View for pre-gaming prior to concerts at Shoreline Amphitheater.

For future tech workers already living in the Valley, who are over 21 and looking for weed near me!?  We offer weed delivery in Palo Alto and, weed delivery in San Jose for students of two of finest learning institutions in our great state - Stanford and San Jose State.






Weed Delivery Across the East Bay

Oakland has long been known for its progressive politics and as a cultural melding pot with sounds of Jazz and smell of weed in the streets.  Hell, even the sports franchises most associated with Oakland- the Raiders and A's, are known for their non-conformist images and eclectic player and coaches personalities'.  The teams followed the persona of the respective owners of these franchises.  Al Davis and Charlie Finley were each disruptors in their sport.  Heavily scrutinized by many because of their 'different' approach, both delivered multiple championships home to the East Bay .  And Raiders and A's players were known to party like rockstars during their winning years, then go home to their homes and families in the East Bay Suburbs.  And many of the Raiders and A's fans too, live outside of Oakland sprinkled throughout the East Bay.

So of course, delivers across Contra Costa County and Alameda county, to ensure the entire East Bay Area has access to great cannabis products they can order online and get delivered to their door.

Weed Delivery throughout Alameda County

Much like Oakland's maverick Sport team images, the Town was on the frontline of the Cannabis legalization fight, home to some the first medical dispensaries in California in the late 1990s.  And the fruits of legalization can be seen in neighboring cities in Alameda County.  Weed delivery in Oakland is where we started. But we at couldn't sit by and watch our fellow sports fans and activist not have access to weed delivery in Fremont or weed delivery in Hayward.  Then our friends started asking for weed delivery in Berkeley, since they were active and pivotal in the legalization push as well.

We then refocused on Alameda county cities that have no dispensaries, and started serving weed delivery in San Leandro, weed delivery in Livermore, weed delivery in Pleasanton, weed delivery in Dublin. We noticed these folks smoke a lot of weed and loved edibles.  So we kept our head down as COVID entered our vocabulary and aggressively expanded to enable our friends to have access to weed delivery in Albany ,weed delivery in Castro Valley,and even for our friends that are practically surrounded by Oakland, weed delivery in Piedmont.

Hearing the amazing feedback and comments in Reviews, we then re-focussed to the remaining that East Bay that have legal dispensaries. Although Alameda now has a couple operational dispensaries, the feedback we got led us to provide weed delivery in Alameda. And soon after we naturally expanded to the home of Pixar and began providing weed delivery in Emeryville.

Contra Costa County Weed Delivery allows weed enthusiast sport fans (or just weed enthusiasts) order weed online 24 per day, seven days a week, 365 days per year.

So of course of our friends in the neighboring Contra Costa County, the other significant amalgamation of cities that makes up the 'East Bay Area', wanted in on the flexibility and convenience of cannabis delivery. At the time of this post, Contra Costa has no dispensaries in any its cities.  Since cannabis was deemed essential in California, we at Bud knew we had a duty.  The answer-weed delivery in Concord, weed delivery in San Ramon, weed delivery in Walnut Creek, weed delivery in Danville, weed delivery in Martinez, weed delivery in Pleasant Hillweed delivery in Lafayette, weed delivery in El Cerrito, weed delivery in Orinda, and of course weed delivery in Moraga.

Delivering Edibles, Pre-rolls, Vape Carts, THC, and CBD

The East Bay offers an amazing mix of urban city culture, pristine views, and well healed suburban communities.  For the diverse tastes in such a diverse region, Bud offers a selection of Flower and prerolls for our East Bay smokers.  You can choose delivery of edibles , including all popular brands of Gummies, including Plus Gummies, KIVA.  Rest assured if you have dietary restrictions, we likely have products to address your needs. Gluten Free, Sugar Free, and Kosher products are available.

For vape fans, we offer a broad selection of carts, pods, and live resin vapes.  We also have a vast selection of cannabis topicals and creams for treating localized pain.  All product categories including Flower, Vape, pre-rolls, and edibles are all offered in THC and also CBD, for those looking for a more functional experience.

Why'd we write this? We like weed, the Raiders, the A's...and we figured why the F not?!  We're from here!  Give a try. works with select dispensaries

We help local dispensaries launch delivery service. We look for dispensaries anchored in their community who want to focus on their core business while we focus on bringing & supporting delivery orders. works with select dispensaries to drive delivery eCommerce growth and sustainable customer acquisition.

We market delivery in their local area leveraging the growing strength of our presence on the web.

We facilitate the establishment of delivery operations for dispensary operators.

We help with driver recruiting, onboarding, and dispatch.

We handle customer support communications with our Customer Experience team.

We drive re-engagement through email campaigns today and SMS campaigns soon in 2021.

We provide access to a reporting dashboard to assess our the conversion funnel for cannabis shoppers.

Our bud eCommerce software platform integrates with a number of leading cannabis POS systems to allow inventory syncing and order synching. We currently work with dispensary POS systems include Treez, Blaze, Meadow, and Cova.

If you are running a dispensary and looking to launch or expand your cannabis delivery, please check out our partners page.

LAPCG wins Best Dispensary of West Hollywood for 2020 and delivers with

Weed Delivery in West Hollywood with LAPCG

Best Dispensary Delivery in Los Angeles

We are proud to launch delivery service with LAPCG, the oldest operating collective in L.A. County.

LAPCG (Los Angeles Patients and Caregivers) started as a not-for-profit medical cannabis dispensary in the heart of West Hollywood serving legally-qualified patients in 2004. They focused on compassionate service, making cannabis accessible for people with earnest need. When recreational cannabis became legal in the state in January 2018, LAPCG was able to serve a broader range of patients from their store at 7213 Santa Monica Blvd, West Hollywood, CA 90046.

LAPCG wins Best Dispensary of West Hollywood for 2020 and delivers with
LAPCG wins Best Dispensary of West Hollywood for 2020 and delivers with

Best Dispensary in West Hollywood now offers Delivery

LAPCG won Best West Hollywood Dispensary 2020 from WEHOville, so they're not just old school, LAPCG is finding new ways to serve their community. This award allows LAPCG to raise their profile just as they are launching their first delivery service offering. Now you can get the curated products from LAPCG delivered when you order online on

LAPCG today is known for their Emerald Cup-award winning cannabis strains. They work with the likes of Molecular Farms, Abatin Farms, and Phytologie to bring forward both fire THC strains, and enhanced flower "type 2" CBD-strong products. Keep an eye out for functional CBD:THC ratio flower and more from these affiliated product marks: Speciale, Tzoof!, Sunflower, Kashmir, and The House Collection,

LAPCG focuses on keeping good cannabis products in stock, and bringing them to your home. takes care of the online ordering and customer support to help you find what you're looking for. You can order delivery with LAPCG to these areas Hollywood, West Hollywood, Fairfax, Beverly Grove, Hancock Park, Mid-Wilshire, Pico-Robertson, Beverlywood, Cheviot Hills, Rancho Park, Carthay, Westwood, Beverly Hills, Bel-Air, Beverly Glen, Holmby Hills, Brentwood, and Century City.

We look forward to serving you soon.

Let's bend the arc towards Equal Justice

tldr; happy 4th of July - †oo many Americans aren't free. This weekend is matching donations to Equal Justice Initiative.

A few weeks ago we watched as Americans confronted each other in the streets. Some members of our team and their families marched in solidarity: we agree with the cries to value black lives and to hold our justice system accountable.

People handling cannabis have been at the receiving end of aggressive policing for decades. Certain communities, particularly black and latinx communities, were targeted by police representing the predominately white lawmakers who initially criminalized marijuana plant medicine. Now formal regulations allow companies like to sell cannabis proudly in public, online even. As our weed delivery business takes shape, we have a special obligation to pay back for the costs of the war on drugs. Decades of locking up people for what is now legal has limited the potential for generations of black and brown entrepreneurs.

We looked at charities that specifically focus on healing drug war and cannabis prohibition wounds. But there's a bigger problem out there: the creeping reach of the carceral state. For too many people beyond pot the tools of government are punitive and not enabling. The deep unrest roiling our country will only come to calm through challenging interventions to improve our collective conduct. Since our justice system is a reflection of our values made into rules, it is critical that we live up to our best values of equality. Beyond bud, everyone deserves quality justice.

Equal Justice Initiative is working to establish the basic rules of fairness and equality under law. Based in Montgomery Alabama, EJI has the nation's deep economic roots in slavery just underfoot as they work to help the wrongly convicted and the poor get access to effective legal representation.

This Independence Day weekend you can elect to add a donation to the Equal Justice Initiative to your purchase. will be matching those donations. We went looking for a charity making a direct impact on a serious sustained social ill. We believe Equal Justice Initiative is part of the solution to addressing America's racist past and building a better more equal future.


We ran this campaign to raise money for the Equal Justice Initiative over the Independence Day weekend. Across our locations, 31% of bud shoppers elected to make a donation to support EJI with us. This is much higher than we had expected; we were delighted and humbled by our customers' participation.

Black Lives Matter.

Bud believes, unequivocally, that Black Lives Matter. We are committed to doing our part in the fight against white supremacy, and against the ongoing institutional violence and disenfranchisement facing the black community. As a cannabis industry business, we recognize our deeper responsibility in responding to this crisis.

We know that we are late in making this statement. It was important to us that our response include the voices of our black colleagues, so we have spent the last few weeks in roundtable discussions, collaboratively defining our values and brainstorming ways we can make tangible impact both now and on a continuing basis.

Systemic racism and police brutality are not new issues facing black people, nor will they be resolved overnight. Cannabis industry businesses in particular have a responsibility to undo the gentrification of our industry and uplift communities that have been impacted by the war on drugs. We will be following up this statement with an action plan outlining specific steps we can take as a company and with our supply chain. These actions will be written in a scaleable way, ensuring that the impact we're able to make grows alongside us as we do. We look forward to sharing our commitments with you soon.

In love and solidarity,


Rest In Power:

Rayshard Brooks. Robert Fuller. Dominique Alexander. Riah Milton. Dominique “Rem’mie” Fells. Oluwatoyin Salau. Jamel Floyd. David McAtee. Malcom Harsch. Tony McDade. George Floyd. Dion Johnson. Breonna Taylor. Sean Reed. Steven Demarco Taylor. Manuel Ellis. Ahmaud Arbery. Darius Tarver. William Green. Michael Lorenzo Dean. Eric Reason. Ariane McCree. Kobe Dimock-Heisler. Atatiana Jefferson. Christopher Whitfield. Christopher McCorvey. Brian Quinones. Elijah McClain. Devon Bailey. Isak Aden. Ryan Matthew Smith. Dominique Clayton. Pamela Turner. Troy Hodge. Miles Hall. Ralph Bell. Willie McCoy. Bradley Blackshire. Ronell Foster. Jemel Roberson. Botham Jean. Nia Wilson. Marcus Deon Smith. Antwon Rose. Stephon Clark. Charleena Lyles. Timothy Caughman. Aaron Bailey. Jordan Edwards. Alteria Woods. Cordale Handy. Terrill Thomas. Mary Truxillo. Kevin Hicks. Demarcus Semer. Tyre King. Terence Crutcher. Korryn Gaines. Paul O’Neal. Alton Sterling. Joseph Mann. Philando Castile. Randy Nelson. David Joseph. Kionte Spencer. Peter Gaines. Sylville Smith. Torrey Robinson. Willie Tillman. Marco Loud. Antronie Scott. Darius Robinson. Janet Wilson. Christopher Davis. Wendell Celestine. Calin Roquemore. Dyzhawn Perkins. Quintonio Legrier. Keith Childress Jr. Bettie Jones. Kevin Matthews. Michael Noel. Miguel Espinal. Janisha Fonville. Lamontez Jones. Patterson Brown. Dominic Hutchinson. Michael Lee Marshall. Jamar Clark. Bennie Lee Tignor. India Kager. Angelo Delano Perry. Corey Jones. La’Vante Biggs. Tyree Crawford. Alonzo Smith. Nathaniel Harris Pickett. Anthony Ashford. Keith Harrison McKleod. Junior Prosper. Christian Taylor. Assahms Pharoh Manley. Michael Sabbie. Brian Keith Day. Felix Kumi. Albert Joseph Davis. Samuel Dubose. Billy Ray Davis. Albert Joseph Davis. Sandra Bland. Salvado Ellswood. George Mann. Jonathan Sanders. Kalief Browder. Darrius Stewart. Brendon Glenn. Alexia Christian. William Chapman II. Freddie Gray. Walter Scott. Eric Harris. Phillip White. Mya Hall. Anthony Hill. Tony Robinson. Corey Carter. Natasha McKenna. Frank Smart. Matthew Ajibade. Jerame Reid. Rumain Brisbon. Tamir Rice. Akai Gurley. Tanisha Anderson. Laquan McDonald. Darrien Hunt. Michelle Cusseaux. Dante Parker. Ezell Ford. Michael Brown. John Crawford III. Eric Garner. Victor White III. Yvette Smith. Renisha McBride. Larry Jackson Jr. Terrence Franklin. Tayler Rock. Clinton R. Allen. Derrick Ambrose Jr. Wayne Arnold Jones. Kendrick Johnson. Karvas Gamble Jr. Victor Duffy Jr. Rekia Boyd. Trayvon Martin. Ramarley Graham. Reginald Doucet Jr. Danroy “DJ” Henry Jr. Aiyana Stanley-Jones. Oscar Grant III. Sean Bell. Martin Lee Anderson. Timothy Thomas. Alfred Abuka Sanders. Amadou Diallo. Demetrius Dubose. Bobby Russ. James Byrd Jr. Nicholas Heyward Jr. Malice Green. Tycel Nelson. Phillip Pannell. Martin Luther King Jr. Malcom X. Cynthia Wesley. Carole Robertson. Addie May Collins. Medgar Evers. Emmett Till. Mary Turner. Henry Smith. The millions of enslaved black people who remain unnamed. And so many more.


How To Order Legal Marijuana Delivery in Sacramento

Online services are steadily becoming a convenient option when it comes to ordering marijuana delivery in Sacramento.

Websites such as allow residents from Sacramento and other nearby cities to purchase and receive high quality cannabis from the comfort of home. These cannabis delivery services are great for both local residents and college students. 

Sacramento weed delivery is also great for visitors coming to watch sports. Whether you’re coming to watch Kings basketball or River Cats minor league baseball, online services are a great way to stock up before the big game. And yes they also have concerts in Sac!

Weed delivery in Citrus Heights, West Sacramento, Elk Grove, Carmichael and Fair Oaks

Ordering weed delivery in Sacramento is a breeze, no matter what part of town you live in. Services such as offer delivery throughout Sacramento and the surrounding county. Marijuana delivery is available to areas including West Sacramento, Carmichael, Citrus Heights, Elk Grove, Fair Oaks, Folsom, and Rancho Cordova.

Cannabis delivery is also accessible in towns just outside of Sacramento County limits. Pot delivery is open to neighboring towns such as Rocklin, Granite Bay, Roseville, Orangevale, and Rio Linda.  We make sure to deliver to all areas with a significant population.  If you find that we do not delivery to your area, please contact us and we'll try to find our way to your city.

Nearby college students can also access weed delivery throughout places nearby Sacramento. Students attending Sacramento State University, UC Davis, or any of the local junior colleges can order cannabis online.

Cannabis vapes, edibles and flower delivered to your door in Sacramento

Many delivery services carry an impressive number of products comparable to a walk-in shop. Traditional smokers can purchase the usual flowers and pre-rolls.

Dabbing enthusiasts will marvel at the options of concentrates and available vape pens.  For non-smokers infused edibles are also in stock for those looking to simply eat and relax.

Weed delivery is ideal for veterans and medical patients

Ordering marijuana delivery can be quite convenient, but might be the only option for many.

These services provide safe access for immobile consumers such as medical patients, veterans, and the elderly.

In fact, offers a discount on cannabis delivery to military veterans.

Peak Cannabis Numerology Foiled?

If 4/20 is a holiday based on calendar numbering, this year is the most epic 4/20 there may ever be in human history! Not only is the day 4/20, but the whole month is also 4/20! And if you write the whole thing it's 4/20/2020 which is just a lot of 20. And if you write 4/20/20, there's 20/20 vision in there. Not until 4/20/2420 might the pot party potential be this big again.

And then coronavirus emerged to reset so much of human planning.

prohibited: pot prerolls in the park with strangers

So now for 4/20/20 we aren't going to be passing joints between strangers in a park. Many of us will be staring at futures grown more uncertain than usual. Death and illness loom larger in conversation. Maybe we need a party more than ever - to see a stranger and see them smiling because they're not wearing a mask.

But we don't puff puff pass in public on 4/20 this year. Because we value the human tribe. We value our elders. We don't want to be responsible for helping infect people we love. We don't want to lose more folks than we have to.

We can be inside if we have to. And cannabis can help us abide isolation, insecurity, anxiety, and boredom.

One Sesh In

To make Monday a bit memorable for marijuana mavens, a few of our dispensary partners are promoting The Great American Sesh In - a virtual online smoke session with famous tokers. Aundre Specialé is billed as a guest, as is Tommy Chong. I plan to drop by for a spell to see what's an online sesh; I hope the audience gets a chance to meet itself.

The event runs with @TheGreatAmericanSeshIn on Twitch on 4/20 from 11am-6pm PST. Sounds like a bit of a telethon (bongathon? tokeathon? tokealong?), with proceeds will benefit Direct Relief, working to get protective gear and critical care medications to health workers on the front-lines of COVID-19.

The dispensaries are promoting The Great American Sesh In to give their dedicated audience a reason to stay home on 4/20. From the program's web site: "you are flattening the rush of patrons to your location on 4/20, and safely maintaining social distancing." Dispensaries don't want to see a long queue of people lined up for 4/20 deals when they only have curbside pickup. How strange is this time! Consider delivery for 4/20 instead of going anywhere weed-related.

delivery on 4/20 will be running safe legal delivery of fire weed and compelling cannabis products for all of 4/20, with a number of deals featured across our service - check your area. We have been busier than ever in the last month. Crews of dedicated folks work on delivery, dispatch, and dispensary operations to keep the cannabis flowing. Some of us are socially isolated in our homes. Some of us are driving to people's homes to make deliveries. We are grateful for our front line folks, who are working hard and taking precautions to protect themselves and you.

One of our early business partners told me something he liked about working in weed. He says cannabis promotes proactive empathy. Let's recognize what's happening here: we value our collective safety and health, so we're not going to see each other out in the world for this momentous moment of marijuana numerology. We are alone together. Maybe this 4/20 we connect online. Ultimately, let's remember much of the journey is inwards. Good luck, be well, have the fun you can.