Ktown Collective on Melrose in Hollywood (LA) joins

We at are juiced to be launching a delivery and in-store pickup partnership with the OGs at KTown on Melrose.

Koreatown Collective was founded in 2007 as one of LA's first 187 pre-ICO retailers..and one of very few to be led by a woman.  Janice Hardoon and her crew have been serving weed on one of the most trendy stretches of Melrose Ave- in the heart of Hollywood. Known affectionately as just  'Ktown' to patrons, the club's current location (since 2013) on 7382 Melrose at Martel Ave projects an LA-gangster chic vibe, far different from more sterile shops modeled after Apple Stores.

Beyond authenticity, KTown has a great menu featuring iconic Cali brands like Ember Valley, Stiiizy, Wyld, Big Pete's and Kiva.  Bud is excited to accelerate online and delivery sales for KTown, while offering our customers in LA a strong menu, great prices and professional service.  Our service area will span from West Hollywood, Los Angeles, Century City, Beverly Hills, Pacific Palisades, Santa Monica, Encino, Reseda, North Hills, Agoura Hills, Van Nuys, Panorama City, Sherman Oaks, Burbank, North Hollywood, Studio City, Valley Village, and Universal City. Order ahead and drop in on Melrose or let us bring Ktown weed to you.


Tijuana San Diego Bud Cannabis Delivery

Bud launches delivery and pickup in San Diego

When Bud looked to expand South we went all the way. We've partnered with the southern most dispensary selling weed in California to launch delivery and pickup in San Diego.  A Green Alternative™ was the first legal dispensary in San Diego starting medical service on March 20, 2015. Today AGA is a marijuana dispensary with the mission of creating a professional and safe atmosphere for purchasing lab-tested cannabis products. We're stoked to launch bud in San Diego with AGA.

Weed delivery and dispensary pickup in San Diego

Located at 2335 Roll Drive, San Diego, AGA is also the closest dispensary to the US-Mexico border, something AGA embraces.  Several AGA employees actually reside in Tijuana, Baja California, and there's a daily flow of folks buying green bud, vapes and edibles, then heading home to Mexico.  We LOVE the irony of weed going into Mexico from the US, after decades of 'brick' weed coming into the US courtesy of our neighbors to the south.

Green > Brown

Beyond the comical irony, the fact that citizens of Mexico have been educated on and seen evidence of 'legal' weed being superior to 'cartel' weed, is a microcosm of the changing attitude toward cannabis. It is further proof that the quality and safety of compliant California cannabis products deliver a better experience and normalized comfort than ultra-accessible, and much cheeper Mexican weed.  A Green Alternative is exactly that- a place to get quality green bud at great prices.  Because if its brown..we ain't down.  Apparently thats a thing in Mexico too.

Make a run for the border

Please go to to check out our San Diego weed delivery menu and punch your address to see the aggressively priced menu and huge product selection.  And remember, when hitting the border to spend the day or weekend in TJ or Rosa Rita Beach, AGA is the last green oasis you'll see before crossing.  With proper planning, one could order weed online, and pickup all the lighters, rolling paper, and other accessories (wait..did we forget something?) needed for a successful weekend in Baja California.  Grab the fuego and get your party on.

For more cannabis content related to San Diego please check out our SD delivery guide.

Bud Launches Cannabis Delivery In San Diego

San Diego Weed Delivery

You can now find Bud in the deep south...of California.  We're stoked to offer delivery services all the way down to the US-Mexico border, with our new delivery and pickup partners. A Green Alternative.  San Diego weed delivery and amazing in-store and delivery deals are now available on Bud throughout San Diego.

Happy to do our part to keep San Diego classy.

Cannabis delivery in San Diego from Dispensary near me

One unique characteristic of San Diego is the diversity of its neighborhoods. With cool breezes and the temperature-moderating effects of the ocean, coastal areas can be many degrees cooler in the summer and many degrees warmer in winter. San Diego is sprawled over some of the most scenic land along Southern California right down to the southern U.S. border.  And Bud delivers throughout the great neighborhoods of California's second largest City.  To the Padres fans, ordering weed from in La Jolla, Mission Hills, or Point Loma.  Or current and ex Charger fans ordering weed in Coronado, Balboa Park or the Gaslamp.  Fans (including students of legal age)of San Diego State University and UC San Diego can get La Mesa weed delivery, and Ocean Beach, and El Cajon residents will also be stoked to click and get cannabis delivered to their home or office.

Buy weed online in Chula Vista and Imperial Beach for Dispensary pickup

In addition to delivery throughout San Diego, Bud now offer in-store pickup for deep SoCal peeps looking for a cool dispensary experience.  Including weed delivery in Chula Vista. A Green Alternative is the best dispensary in San Diego in our humble yet informed opinion.  We love AGA because of the friendly, bilingual staff and amazing deals on a huge selection of top brands.  In fact we loved them so much we actually partnered the AGA.  We are stoked to extend their great deals and menu to our delivery and pickup customers throughout San Diego and into Baja California, Mexico (for pickup in SD).

Best Edibles, Pre-rolls and Vapes in San Diego

The most trusted brands in California are on Bud and available in SD. For edibles lovers we have an amazing array of gummies, chocolate, drinks with varying amounts of THC and CBD.  Top edibles brands on our San Diego menu include Kiva, Plus, and Wanna.  Dietary restrictions?  Not a problem. Whether you're vegan or kosher, we got you.  If vapes and pods are your thing check our San Diego collection from category leaders Stiiizy and Moxie.  And of course for those pre-roll lovers wanting instant contact, we offer a broad selection of top shelf singles and multipacks.  Looking for a doobie with an extra punch?  Infused joints covering the gamut of strains twaxed with hash, kief and other exotic concentrates from trusted California cultivators.

Best weed deals to be had in San Diego

Bud offers the 'OG discount' to everyone over 65, and all military personnel.  Both get 10% off their orders.  And of course the deals...cant forget about the deals.  Bud SD has amazing daily deals across all categories.  Go to, punch in your address, and see the deals offered at the top of the menu.  Happy shopping and above all...stay classy.



One of the many protests in front of the Capitol - you can see Aundre there with the megaphone

Local Companies Prioritizing Social Responsibility

Would you rather shop with a company that aligns with your internal views on social justice issues and the environment?

From IKEA to LEGO, companies around the world are increasingly prioritizing social and environmental responsibility in their business strategies.  This trend is seen in Fortune 500 companies and small businesses alike; including businesses in the cannabis space. 

California cannabis delivery company Bud and Sacramento dispensary Abatin are now collaborating on a joint philanthropic campaign to amplify the companies’ individual social responsibility efforts.

Roots in Sacramento Compassion

Local award-winning cannabis dispensary Abatin Sacramento is led by Aundre Speciale. Speciale is one of the few folks with experience retailing legal weed for decades not years. She got her start canvassing the country with cannabis legend Jack Herer, author of an essential weed history tome: The Emperor Wears No Clothes. From tabling to raise cannabis literacy next to Herer’s Hemp Bus, Speciale graduated to agitating with Americans for Safe Access (ASA) on behalf of imprisoned growers outside of Sacramento’s courthouse.

One of the many protests in front of the Capitol - you can see Aundre there with the megaphone
One of the many protests in front of the Capitol - you can see Aundre Speciale there with the megaphone

In 2005, Speciale launched the first of her California state medical marijuana dispensaries, in Sacramento. Speciale says one of the first things they did was clean up the block. Shortly after, she cold-called the Sacramento police department to invite them for a dispensary tour: she was able to demonstrate how a cannabis dispensary could help clean up the neighborhood 

At this time California and North America were still learning what “legal weed” might look like. In 2003, the California State Senate bill SB420 had strengthened legal cannabis rules. Medical marijuana collectives serving their patient members had to be nonprofit, but there wasn’t much other guidance on operating. Speciale and her crew identified a nearby building that could be used as a community center, and came up with an innovative idea to find teachers for free classes or volunteers to help elderly neighbors - she offered patients weed in exchange for providing these no-cost services to other patients in need.

By 2010, the Sacramento News & Review reported that Speciale’s dispensary was offering daily classes in yoga, tai chi, massage, cooking and fitness, life, and spiritual counseling. They hosted a chess club, art therapy, veterans meetups, HIV/AIDS support group, guitar lessons, a book exchange, and more. Her facility had an apartment for hosting people coming to town for cancer treatments. Speciale remembers, “it was a place of comfort, and cannabis was just a part of it.”

Growing Bud to Support Local Business

Today Abatin Wellness works with to help them reach and support Sacramento cannabis users. helps their dispensary partners build their online presence, so they can focus on the people and the products in the store.’s CEO Dean Arbit has a background in building new businesses. He left college before graduation and built an out-of-home media company in San Francisco, which he later sold. With a taste for growing companies and a curiosity for the power of the plant, Arbit launched New West Summit, a cannabis & tech event in 2011. Arbit has since co-founded cannabis businesses in manufacturing, technology, and media.

Arbit co-founded in 2017 as a California benefit corporation: requiring the company to account for more than just monetary revenue and profit. Arbit explains “this obligation for social good is a key part of our company’s DNA.” Since is a software company serving the cannabis industry, they don’t have a license but they serve a range of license holders including both dispensaries and brands. This gives them an opportunity to forge new partnerships across companies and regions to help better the cannabis industry and the communities it serves.

By focusing on win-win deals, Arbit positioned to help multiple parties throughout the emerging cannabis retail supply chain. “We have always looked at as a place to activate and connect with cannabis customers,“ says Arbit, “We can offer them products, and if we offer good service, we can ask their attention for some local issues that could use a lift.”

The Growing Corporate Responsibility

Social and environmental responsibility looks vastly different across industries and businesses. An analysis in Harvard Business Review, groups corporate responsibility efforts into strictly philanthropic, integrated into a company’s operations, or foundational to an entire business model. Whatever the approach, many agree that social and environmental responsibility should be a priority for companies. In two separate surveys, both CEOs and consumers ranked this as the most important aspect of a company’s success or offerings. 

Within the cannabis industry, efforts also range from philanthropy to transformative business models, although there can be differences from other industries. Thanks to Federal prohibition, cannabis companies can’t take advantage of tax deductible donations to nonprofits. Just like banking restrictions on cannabis, the lack of common sense to these laws actually work to dissuade companies in the space from philanthropy, by nullifying basic charity deductions.  But they haven’t stopped the industry from growing and supporting causes as well as their communities. 

Local Efforts

Abatin and Bud have philanthropy in their roots. More recently under the leadership of Sophia Linares, the General Manager, Abatin has contributed to community organizations such as the Gender Health Center, Front St. Animal Shelter, and the North American Parkinson’s Conference. Currently, the Sacramento-based dispensary serves as a donation point for Nor-Cal Resist, a community aid and activism group. Abatin customers who drop-off dry foods, diapers, or formula for those in need receive a 5% discount on their purchases. 

Meanwhile, Bud has oriented their community efforts towards supporting digital literacy, equal justice and using cannabis to reduce harm. Bud also currently offers discounts to retirees and veterans, and matching contributions to local charities in coordination with their local dispensary delivery partners. In July 2020, Bud ran a donation campaign to benefit the Equal Justice Initiative, an Alabama-based nonprofit focused on ensuring justice for the wrongly incarcerated - the results surprised Bud’s CEO Dean Arbit, who told the Bee; “We were floored by the numbers and humbled by the generosity of our customers..we got donations on 31% of all orders over the course of a long weekend”

A New Partnership

Now, Bud and Abatin are teaming up to help the Sacramento community. During the month of September, customers making Sacramento dispensary delivery orders through Bud with Abatin will be offered the opportunity to donate to the Mustard Seed School. The Mustard Seed School, run by Loaves and Fishes, provides free private school for children 3-15 who are experiencing homelessness. Loaves and Fishes is a community pillar in the Sacramento area, supplying food, shelter, medical care, and mental health and legal services to people experiencing homelessness.  

The Mustard Seed School is one of several ways Loaves and Fishes provides resources to local children. The school can give kids a sense of belonging and continuity. Their living situation may be in flux, but school and a community of peers is still available to these children. The staff at Mustard Seed also help students and parents prepare for enrollment or re-enrollment at public schools once the family is settled. With their new donation partnership, and their commitment to each match customer donations, Bud and Abatin hope to raise money and awareness for Mustard Seed School and all that it does for Sacramento’s kids. 

What’s Next

It’s only been 5 years since the end of prohibition in California and cannabis businesses are still experimenting and finding the business models that are right for them. However, it’s clear that many of them have integrated social and environmental responsibility into their priorities from the start. Even as bigger players become involved, there still seems to be a sense that the industry should make a positive impact.

Recently, entertainment power couple Beyoncé and JAY-Z started directing funds towards social equity in cannabis. JAY-Z even has his own cannabis line, MONOGRAM, and investing company, The Parent Company. Both companies have focused on creating positive cannabis experiences and righting wrongful incarcerations from prohibition. 

So, what comes next? Speciale has an interesting take on another form of ‘activism’ "we have new varieties like ENHANCED+, which are specifically designed to deliver a great and fun high, but without negative side effects like anxiety or paranoia. So this means patients who might have had a bad experience in the past, or thought cannabis wasn’t an option for them, can now enjoy the benefits… This to me is what ‘next-level’ activism is about — access at the flower-level itself.”

The future is evolving. Cannabis is becoming more mainstream and with that comes additional public scrutiny of the industry. Many other states and the Federal government are still deciding how they will handle cannabis. In the meantime, companies like Abatin and Bud are doing their part to steer the industry towards being a force for good in local communities. 

Bud's Picks Best Cannabis Prerolls of 2021

Best 13 Pre-rolls in California 2021

Just grab and puff.  in 2021 Pre-rolls are one of the most popular cannabis products consumed in California.  And even slightly more popular on, where pre-rolls make up roughly 18% of all products sales.  California loves its pre-rolls and we aim to clue you in to the best brands and pre-rolls California has to offer in 2021.

Awesome right!? Well to be downright candid...pre-rolls have a checkered in past in the Golden State.  The reason-  California has the Nation's most mature cannabis retail market and culture.  We're also obviously known as the mecca of cannabis cultivation.  Back to the 1990's around the time Prop 215 legalized medical marijuana in California, most residents had ready access to outdoor weed grown in Humboldt or Mendo, or one of the thousands of indoor gown in the State.

So what does this have to do with pre-rolls you ask?  The term preroll, was made popular by dispensaries in the late 90s. Previously referred to as joints,Js, doobies, dubs, spliffs, doinks, and whatever you uncle called 'em. The first round of 'commercially' processed joints were mostly the shake at the bottom of the bag.  A Shepherds Pie of duff..but served up super conveniently.  We've come a long way.  Processing technology and packaging have raised the bar.  Pre-rolls are now full flower, pick-your-size and infusion (or not) delight for smokers of all kinds.

The best pre-rolls in California are available for delivery, and here are they are by category:

Best 1G doobie

Bud's Picks Best Cannabis Prerolls - Farmer and The Felon
Bud's Picks - 1G Doobie: Farmer and The Felon

The most common format for single pre-rolls, 1g joints are on available every existing dispensary menu.  As we exit the COVID-19 pandemic in 2021, we hope this shareable products is once again shared between friends.


Cali Indoor growers Connected Cannabis grow and sell some of the best and priciest weed in the State.  At one time this brand was literally connected to Cookies (see below), but have successfully carved out their own share of the market.  In 2021 Connected won first place for Indoor Flower, and the Breeders Cup, essentially signifying 'best in show' at the Emerald Cup, the most prestigious prize for California growers.


Cookies Gary Payton pre-rolls are one of the most popular strains of the year and a top seller from Berner's brand.  Gotta love that Gary Payton, Oakland native and NBA legend is an active and outspoken proponent of cannabis.

Farmer and Felon

The sun grown flower brand from NorCal stalwart Canna Craft, offers solid outdoor weed with a purpose.  They offer a platform for social justice and align with products and organizations working to fix the harm of the failed drug war.  Beyond the social purpose, which we commend and align with, FaF's Gorilla Snacks strain took 1st Place for Sun Grown Flower in Emerald Cup 2021.

Henry's Original

Henry's Original is a sustainably grown flower brands boasting Clean Green Certified sun grown flower.  Grown in beautiful Mendocino County, Henry's features dozens of strains between multi-packs and extensive lineup of 1G joints.  Mango Haze, Banana Kush, and Black Mamba are some of the favorites served up in Henry's conspicuous craft packaging.


Unlike many of the products and brands on our list, Canndscent is the brainchild of a former Ivy league and corporate veteran.  Accordingly their approach is different.  Canndescent was one of first brands to market their pre-rolls for effects rather than highlighting strain names.  Choose your preroll from Create, Calm, Charge, Connect, or Cruise.

Best Infused Pre-roll

Bud's Picks Best Cannabis Prerolls - Biscotti
Bud's Picks - Infused Pre-rolls: Biscotti

Looking to get lit?  If so, a joint infused with hash, shatter or live resin will certainly twist your cap.  These potent smokes offer THC potency

Ganja gold tarantula

One of the first infused prerolls in California, Tarantula was the first keif-dipped joint on the market.  There are those who wonder if kief-on-the-outside is actually getting you high...we maintain it doesnt really matter.  By the amount of copy cat products on the market, seems like the smokers have spoken.  The Tarantula and the 2g King Tarantula are perennial favorites for Cali smokers into their pre-twaxed joints.


If you're looking for brand who's products feature the taste and essence of Hash, give Biscotti a try.  Using European hash making the Bay, Biscotti has become one of the most popular hash and infused pre-rolls on the market.  Cold water hash on these hot Cali days just sounds good, doesn't it?

Space Coyote

"Born on a galactic night in Joshua Tree during a meteor shower, Space Coyote combines quality cannabis flower and delicious concentrates into 100% cosmic prerolls." Cosmic vibes and good flower infused with Hashes and THCA crystals.  Space Coyote collaborates with leading concentrate makers like Field Extracts and NASHA. Heady folks seem to approve. Very good infused j.

Best Value Joint


Looking for a cheep ass joint that kicks? Look no further than the patriotic colors of Mericanna.  California's cheapest preroll is also one of best pound-for-pound joints in the State.  Made from sun grown and greenhouse full flower, Mericanna half grams typically retails for between $3-$4.  Mericanna Minis, a multipack of dog-walkers using the same strains, is also the best value among mini Js.  We at love joints that can be purchased with the change between couch cushions.


Best Mini Joint

Bud's Picks Best Cannabis Prerolls - Jeeter
Bud's Picks - Mini Joints: Jeeter


Infused BabyJeeter minis are one of the hottest products of 2021.  An SoCal's Jeeters are perhaps the hottest preroll brand on 2021.  Their muti-packs of minis offer great tasting strains, dipped in kief.  Cute but packing a punch.

Sublime Fuzzies

Made by Sublime, fuzzies are one of the oldest and most popular infused mini pre-roll brands in California.  Fuzzies are a product that appeals to a wide variety of consumers, and got votes for the Best Infused Pre-roll and Best Value Joint categories on this list.  Earlier this summer (June of 2021) Fuzzies announced they were acquired by Harborside.

Best CBD x THC pre-roll


The hands down category winner is Speciale.  Namesake of cannabis pioneer and dispensary operator Aundre Speciale, Speciale offers some of most exotic, award winning strains exclusively within this ultra premium brand. Preroll strains include multiple Emerald Cup winning cultivars such as Lemon Crush which won First Place overall, aka Breeder's Cup. In 2021 the latest Emerald Cup winner is Peach Preserves for Most Unique Terpene.  Among the truly special flavors, are several popular 2:1 and 1:1 THC/CBD ratio strains.  Grape Lollipop, OG Citron, and Holy Crunch- yet another Cup Winner, are all immensely popular with folks looking for a really nice functional high.  Hands down our favorite in this category.

Best Blunt (tobacco free)

Bud's Picks Best Cannabis Prerolls - St. Ides
Bud's Picks - Blunts: St. Ides

St Ides Blunts

The old school malt liquor maven is slanging blunts these days.  A clean pivot into cannabis with a very on-brand product.  St. Ides Blunts, are wrapped in hemp and come in singles and 2 packs, featuring strains like Wedding Cake, Jack, and LA Kush .


Pre-rolls Delivered in California

Anyone looking for the best pre-rolls in California, including all the products on this list, you can find them for sale on


Bud's Picks Best Cannabis Infused Edibles of 2021

13 Best Cannabis Infused Edibles in California 2021

2021 has a been a huge year for Cannabis.  States such as New Jersey and Arizona have legalized recreational Cannabis.  Others states including New York and Virginia have confirmed they are on track for legal weed.  And of course cannabis was deemed 'essential' in the midst of the COVID19 pandemic, yet another signal that social acceptance for cannabis at an all time high.  As more consumers gain access to legal weed products, the fastest growing product category in recreational states is edibles.  In California, where our cannabis industry is robust and mature, edibles are now the largest product category outside of flower.  To celebrate our love for infused treats, we're happy to list our best edibles for delivery in California.

Edibles come in all formats, flavors, and CBD and THC ratios.  There are also options for all dietary restrictions- including Vegan, Kosher and Sugar Free diets, among others.  Short on time or patience?  We can offer edible infused with nano-emulsion technology with promotes bioavailability- or basically a faster on-set of affects.

Here are the best edibles in California based on their popularity on

Best Cannabis Infused Cookies 2021

Cannabis Edibles Cookies
Bud's Picks Best Edibles of 2021 - Cookies: Big Pete's

Big Pete's Treats

The iconic Santa Cruz based cookie maker...makes cookies.  The best infused weed cookies.  And thats it.  A refreshing notion, at a time when many brands veer into multiple product categories trying to seize more sales and market.  Founded and run by a father and son Team, Big Pete's has been making infused cookies and spreading surf city vibes since the prop 215 days.  Their impressive lineup includes chocolate chip, DOUBLE chocolate chip, and for those who want it all..Peanut butter oatmeal chocolate chip. All flavors are sold in 100mg THC bags with each cookie at 10 mg, with Indica and  Sativa options.


Prior to recreational legalization in 2018, Korova was synonymous with high dose edible in California.  The infamous Black Bar was among several products loaded with of over 1000 mg or THC, favored by medical patients and high tolerance edibles users.  With adult-use regulations reigning in dosage standardization and maximum THC limits per package (100 mg) and dose (10 mg), Korova reinvented itself and launched vape and flower lines.   However we still know them best for their cookies!  California consumer still love the selection of flavors including Lemon Poppy, Vegan Oatmeal, and our favorite, their signature Mint Chocolate Chip.

Best Infused Gummies 2021

Plus Cannabis Infused Gummies
Bud's Picks Best Edibles of 2021 - Gummies: Plus

Kanha Gummies

Manufactured by multi state operator Sunderstorm, One of the largest Gummy producers in California, Kanha offers the largest combinations of products in the State.  Kanha offers over 20 SKUs in various exotic flavors within three distinct lines of gummies.  The regular gummies come in Indica/Sativa/Hybrid with great flavors, like Lychee, our favorite.  Servings are 10mg.

Kanha Cannabis Infused Gummie Treats

Kanha Nano Gummies

The best fast acting acting cannabis gummy!  Nano-molecular technology is used to create cannabinoid particles smaller than a wavelength of light, which makes for a quicker onset and higher absorption rate.  The average onset is around 15 minutes!  There are 5 flavors to choose from and options including Key Lime and Cran-Pomegranate Punch.  The Nano line includes both 5 mg and 10 mg serving options.

Kanha Nano Vegan Gummies

Vegan cannabis gummies utilizes fast-acting nano-molecular technology and maintains a soft texture.  Offered in Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid with flavors, including our Vegan favorite- Sour Apple.

The first product made by Plus was not gummies.  It was chewing gum.  They quickly pivoted to making their unique square shaped gummies which became a hit in California.  They have continued to innovate with a 'strains' based SKUs- we love Grand Daddy Purple.  All packages come in 5mg servings and 100mg cans, just as their original affect based flavors.

Sensi Chews

Sensi Chews is another OG California edibles brand that is a pioneer in affect-based product formulations.  They began selling their 50 mg THC Amore edibles to enhance sexual pleasure, and 100mg insomnia chews, back in the medical prop 215 days. Their unique taste more closely resembles a tootsie roll, something that earned the brand loyal customers.  Women run, the company more recently launched Sensi Gummies, a more traditional gummy format with 6 flavors of both THC only and THC-CBD ratios which are Vegan, Gluten free, and enhanced with Omega 3.


Recreate is an edibles brand by the Stanley Bothers, who famously bred the CBD-rich strain Charlotte's Web strain inspired by Charlotte Figi , the young girl suffered from Dravet Syndrome, a debilitating form of epilepsy.  Venturing into THC products, the Brand stays with a wellness theme and offers affect-based gummies which are infused with THC, CBD, and botanicals like Yerba Mate, Cordyceps, and Ashwagandha.  Who couldn't use an extra shot of Ashwagandha, right?! Novel and healthy...we're in.

KIVA Camino Gummies

Kiva is on of the largest cannabis manufacturers in the Country, selling multiple lines of products across leading Cannabis markets. Camino Gummies, their best selling infused gummies are known for qualify ingredients, slik packaging, and innovative flavors like Pineapple Habanero, Sparkling Pear, and Watermelon Lemonade.  Extra points for the nice tins.

KIVA Lost Farms

KIVA's newest product is a unique strain-specific, plant-based gummies and chews infused with 100% live resin for a distinctively full spectrum, true-to-the-plant-high.  The exploding taste of strains in Lost Farm is hit with consumers looking for the unabashed taste of weed in their edibles.  All Lost Farms products come in 10 mg servings and 100 mg of THC per package.

Best Cannabis Infused Chocolate 2021

Bhang Cannabis Infused chocolates
Bud's Picks Best Edibles of 2021 - Chocolate: Bhang

Bhang Chocolate

Bhang is a venerable California infused chocolate maker which has gown to operate in seven U.S. states and Canada.   The Brand has evolved, adding DJ Muggs of Cypress Hill to help guide growth, alongside CEO Jamie Pearson, one of the few women running public Cannabis companies  One thing that hasn't changed is delectable taste among the uniquely flavored THC and CBD infused chocolate bars.  Bhang bars come in 100 mg and single serve packaging, with award winning flavors including: Cookies and Cream White Chocolate, Cherry Cream Milk Chocolate, and Espresso Dark Chocolate made with award-winning sustainably-sourced 74% cocoa Dark Chocolate.

For those who like edibles noticeably lacking the taste of cannabis, Bhang is the best tasting chocolate bar on the market.


Kiva chocolates bars, infused blueberries and espresso beans are old school California favorite edibles.  Customers consistently choose these trusted infused products from the Oakland based edibles maker.


The edibles line from CannaCraft features some of our favorite foods dipped in infused chocolate.  Satori's line includes chocolate dipped blueberries, strawberries, and almonds in both milk and dark chocolate options.  These are some of the best tasting edibles on the market, however note that given the natural variation in each piece of fruit or nut, each package containing 100mg will have some variation in the amount of THC per piece.

Best Cannabis Infused Drinks 2021

Pabst Cannabis Infused Drinks
Bud's Picks Best Edibles of 2021 - Drinks: Pabst

Beverages are the fastest growing edible category in the Country.  While most see infused drinks as a refreshing way to consume weed, especially in the summer, these drinks provide a sipping option to the many consumer deciding to quit drinking alcohol.  We see continued growth ahead for this category, and here are best liquid edibles in California:

Pabst Labs

We love to see traditional brewers entering the infused beverage market as a sign of social acceptance for cannabis.  Pabst has been brewing beer since 1844, including namesake Pabst Blue Ribbon.  And in 2021 they made their first 12 oz can of THC infused Lemon Seltzer that's a hit with fans of the brand and weed drinks.  10 mg of THC per refreshing serving.

Hi-Fi Hops

The Fist prominent beer brand to launch a cannabis beverage is Lagunitus Brewing Company, the famed Petaluma brewer.  Hi-Fi Hops is a collab between the Brewer and their north bay neighbors, vape giant AbsoluteXtracts.  Hi-FI Hops taste will never be confused with any of Lagunitas' famed ales, but it does have a refreshing hoppy bubble water taste and is available in 5 and 10 mg cans.


Taking the micro dose approach to beverages has made Cann an instant hit.  Simple idea.  Low calorie seltzer water infused with interesting flavors and a hint of THC.  Only 2 grams of THC allows folks to indulge, and have a few.  We concur.  Simple yet innovative.  And easy to drink.  Try some this summer...if Ellen DeGeneres will leave some on shelves for the rest of us!

If you are new to edibles, all these products are amazing, however please remember that edibles affect everyone differently, and tolerance to THC doesn't necessarily correlate to an individual's size or weight.  So don't be a hero, start low and go slow to ensure a great experience eating or drinking THC.


Shop online now on Bud .com for weed delivery and pickup near you dispensary pickup and delivery launched cannabis delivery in January 2018 when California legalized recreational. Working with dispensaries to serve customers before and during COVID we learned much about buying weed online. Some people are excited to shop online, but still want to visit the dispensary. So we pulled our team together to revise to better serve folks. Since July 1 you can buy weed online from for both delivery and in-store pickup from dispensaries. helps you buy cannabis online from a dispensary near me doesn't have a cannabis license: we partner with local dispensaries dedicated to making quality cannabis products available to their communities. We help these dispensary grow a sustainable business; we only succeed if they do. That model must be catching on - dispensaries from all kinds of legal states are reaching out.

As cannabis becomes increasing legal and available in North America, a national cannabis shopping brand like can help customers find local businesses to support in a sustainable way. Whether you order weed online for delivery or pickup, can help you find convenient lab-tested cannabis. launched cannabis delivery service in 2018

Cannabis delivery combines regulated products with transportation logistics. Cannabis delivery can only be done by certain people in certain types of vehicles with certain quantities of products secured and tracked in certain ways. Aligning regulations, dispensaries, products, and customers is a great adventure. Most legal states are not playing along. You can shop for legal weed delivery online in only a half dozen or so states. You can buy weed online for in-store retail only in dozens more medical and recreational cannabis states. launched in 2018 with a 21st century experience: legal cannabis delivered where you want it. We got our start in California, which has had some form of legal cannabis since 1996. We were able to learn from folks like veteran dispensary operators like Aundre Specialé, who fought first for legalization before they were able to set up a shop to sell weed. After setting ourselves up to patiently grow our local delivery business, the COVID pandemic forced people indoors. Suddenly in the spring of 2020, cannabis delivery became an "essential business" in California. We were encouraged by the state to continue going about our business to help people cope with anxiety and hunker down in isolation. launched in-store marijuana pickup service in 2021

Earlier in 2021 as people began leaving their house from COVID-19, we saw an opportunity to offer a friendly cannabis shopping experience for in-store pickup orders. Today we are live for in-store pickup orders with dispensaries across California. We offer pot pickup for California cities like Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Sacramento, Santa Cruz, Berkeley.

Now we can offer more people a chance to buy dispensary weed online. offers customers in-store pickup at medical and recreational dispensaries alike across America. In cities like Chicago, Seattle, Anchorage, Phoenix, Billings, you can't get delivery easily but you can order weed pickup from a dispensary near me. Now that can help people place orders in these areas, we are talking to local dispensaries that can handle orders from people looking for safe, accessible weed values. Learn more or get in contact with us through our dispensary partners site.

More Access to Cannabis with Michigan Weed Delivery

The state of the Great Lakes has been on board with cannabis for over a decade. While recreational marijuana regulations weren’t established until 2018, Michiganders enjoyed access to medical marijuana way back in 2008.  Recently, Michigan furthered access to cannabis by allowing marijuana delivery. Michigan is now among U.S. States that offer legal cannabis delivery. Legislators opened up home delivery services just in time for the lockdowns in 2020. Today, the citizens of Detroit, Lansing, Ann Arbor, Kalamazoo, Flint, and other major population centers enjoy Michigan’s cannabis delivery services.

Offering reasonably priced marijuana delivery expands access for some of Michigan’s most vulnerable citizens. Often, the residents who need cannabis the most don’t have a dispensary close to them geographically. A recent study found a significant correlation between opioid deaths and access to legal cannabis stores. Marijuana delivery is the best way to bridge the gap between people who need cannabis in their life but don’t have the means to travel to a dispensary.

Delivery Near Detroit

How can the motor city go without a cannabis delivery service? America’s home of the ‘Big Three’ car manufacturing companies was once the most successful auto manufacturers in the US and the world, earning Detroit its respective nickname.

Detroit is an iconic American city that now offers its citizens recreational cannabis delivery. Weed delivery near me in the great city of Detroit is now possible, joining the many states that allow their citizens to have their weed brought to them.

As the largest city in Michigan, Detroit cannabis delivery is essential to give users who need cannabis and the potential benefits to living their best quality of life. Weed delivery near me opens an opportunity for cannabis consumers to get cannabis in large urban centers without traveling on public transport or ride-sharing costs. People who don’t have access to a vehicle or the means to afford ride sharing shouldn’t be prevented from accessing cannabis products.

The motor city is the largest city in Michigan and the largest US city on the Canadian border. Detroit serves as one of the largest legal cannabis markets in the Midwest. We are happy to see the classic American city offer its citizens cannabis delivery in Detroit.

Weed Delivery Near Lansing

Adding cannabis delivery in Lansing is one of the best things that could have happened in the state’s capital city. The central Michigan city is known for its beautiful scenery, government buildings, and beautiful State campus.

Lansing sits on the Grand River, one of the greatest tributaries of Lake Michigan. The residents of Lansing enjoy recreational activities like fishing, hiking, and hunting around the city limits. Cannabis delivery in Lansing adds to the general well-being of the people of Lansing and the surrounding areas.

The home of Michigan State offering weed delivery near me presents more options for the citizens of Lansing to enjoy cannabis products. Lansing did not escape the consequences of the COVID-19 lockdowns in both loss of life and economic destruction. Offering cannabis delivery in Lansing helped the people cope with the unprecedented times we all experienced over the past year. Michiganders, especially in the capital city, were subject to a tremendous political divide due to the business restrictions set in place by the governor, Gretchen Whitmer.

As we come out of the pandemic and businesses start opening up, it is still important to offer the citizens of Lansing weed delivery near me. Whether people enjoy cannabis products recreationally or for medical purposes, we have to expand the access to cannabis in states with legal programs in place.

Weed Delivery Near Ann Arbor

Offering cannabis delivery in Ann Arbor is particularly important because smaller cities have sparse populations and less effective public transit systems. With a population of just over 100,000, many residents of southern Michigan city live in rural areas far from being able to walk to a cannabis dispensary. Giving access to a cannabis delivery program is crucial in areas with lower population densities.

Ann Arbor is another one of Michigan’s college towns. The University of Michigan Wolverines call the small ‘Tree Town’ home. While the legal age to consume cannabis is 21 in Michigan, weed delivery in Ann Arbor definitely adds appeal to the city.

‘Tree Town’ continues to be one of Michigan’s most popular tourist destinations. Ann Arbor sits on the banks of the Huron River and offers many outdoor recreational activities. The city center is also known to draw in tourists. The famous Michigan Theater is one of the cultural highlights in the entire state.

Adding weed delivery in Ann Arbor was a wise decision by government legislators. The move adds to the culture and draw that makes Ann Arbor of the hidden cultural gems of the Midwest.

Edibles, Pre-Rolls, and Vapes from Your Favorite Brands Delivered

Any cannabis product you can imagine can be delivered conveniently to your residents through the Michigan weed delivery service. Whether residents are looking to smoke cannabis using a vape cartridge filled with cannabis oil or prefer edibles, they have the option to receive their cannabis from a reliable, fully compliant delivery service.

Cannabis legalization gives access to products that have undergone rigorous testing protocols. Patients suffering from health conditions can easily order weed delivery using a phone app and be assured they will have a safe product delivered right to their door.

The citizens of Michigan not only deserve legal access to cannabis products but the freedom to have their choice of edibles, pre-rolls, and vapes delivered at the push of a button. Weed delivery in Michigan gives the most in-need access to reliable, compliant cannabis products, even if the consumer doesn’t have the means to travel to a dispensary.

When we think of legal cannabis in the US, states like Colorado, Oregon, and California come to mind. Many people forget that Michigan offered its citizens a medical cannabis program back in 2008. Being one of the first states to open up medical cannabis, the Great Lakes State has a sophisticated recreational and medical program, now available to all Michiganders through weed delivery.

foods that boost weed high cannabinoids terpenes

Foods That Boost Weed High

Terpenes are an interesting issue in the realm of cannabis.  In excess of 100 assortments of terpenes, the fragrant oils that give the plant its smell, have been recognized in cannabis.  They start in the bloom’s gum organs, close by THC and CBD, yet they are not one of a kind to cannabis.  Terpenes are bountiful in numerous leafy foods.

Like cannabinoids, terpenes are accepted to impact the cannabis experience by authoritative to receptors in the cerebrum, with various terpenes offering distinctive restorative advantages.  Eating nourishments that are high in terpenes and Omega-3 unsaturated fats could likewise affect how your body communicates with cannabis.

And keeping in mind that everybody has a special endocannabinoid framework and encounters cannabis in an unexpected way, GreenState has distributed elite of five nourishments that, as indicated by science, may very well lift your high.  Below are some foods that are good to have around before you dial up a weed delivery service.


Greasy nourishments can enable your body to retain cannabinoids like THC and CBD quicker.

“CBD and THC mixes are fat-dissolvable, so fat is their medium,” clinical nutritionist Kelly Dorfman told GreenState. “On the off chance that you devour them with nourishments that contain fat, they will retain better — simply like nutrient E by and large assimilates better in the event that it is taken in the oil structure.”

Nuts are a sound and high-fat choice that may very well lift you up somewhat higher while likewise giving insurance to your heart.  As per PotGuide, the high convergence of sound fats in nuts can lessen pulse and be useful for those with cardiovascular issues.


Mangoes are stacked with myrcene, one of the most generally discovered terpenes in cannabis.  Myrcene is accepted to prompt loosening up impacts.  In the event that you eat a mango about an hour prior to you expend cannabis, the thought is that your cannabis receptors will be heated up and prepared to deal with the cannabis all the more proficiently.

Steep Hill Labs offers this clarification: “Myrcene has been appeared to expand the most extreme immersion level of the CB1 receptor, taking into account a more noteworthy greatest psychoactive impact.  For the vast majority, the utilization of a new mango, 45 minutes before breathing in cannabis, will bring about a quicker beginning of psycho action and more noteworthy force.”


Broccoli is as of now perhaps the most beneficial thing you can eat, it’s pressed with iron, magnesium, selenium, fiber, and even protein, and offers a wide scope of nutrients.  Broccoli is likewise high in beta-caryophyllene, a terpene that is well known in cannabis. Matching the two together can prompt a feeling of quiet, reports GreenState.  Strains that are high in beta-caryophyllene, similar to Sour Diesel, may likewise decrease torment and aggravation.


Indeed, even before adding cannabis to the blend, yams can help support your disposition by expanding serotonin creation.  Yet, by matching it with cannabis, the euphoric impacts of the bloom can be considerably more grounded.

Yams are an extraordinary wellspring of Vitamin E, a supplement that assumes a key job in the wellbeing of your mind while additionally securing your heart.  As per the Mayo Clinic, Vitamine E likewise has cancer prevention agent properties.


Discussing cell reinforcements, tea is brimming with them as flavonoids, which additionally happen in cannabis.

“Polyphenols, or flavonoids, are likely a key segment to what in particular makes tea an energizing beverage,” as indicated by the Harvard School of Public Health. “These substance mixes go about as cancer prevention agents, which control the harming impacts of free radicals in the body.”

Combined with cannabis, the cancer prevention agents in tea can tip your cannabis experience towards sedation and unwinding.  Cannabis tea is well known everywhere on over the world, and it’s accepted that the principal recorded clinical remedy of pot, in 2737 BC, came as cannabis-implanted tea. full-spectrum cannabinoids

What are Full-Spectrum Cannabinoids?

As you shop for your favorite cannabis products, you might notice that some say they contain full-spectrum cannabinoids.  Gain a deeper understanding of cannabinoids to learn what this claim means and if it impacts which products you should buy.

The Endocannabinoid System

Cannabis affects the human body because of our endocannabinoid system. This system plays a role in mood, sleep, appetite, and many other bodily functions. Endocannabinoids are molecules naturally traveling throughout the body, helping regulate how it operates.  Researchers don’t fully understand how endocannabinoids work, but their receptors are present in the brain, nerves, heart, skin, bones, gastrointestinal tract, and organs.

Cannabinoids are molecules found in the cannabis plant. They have a similar molecular structure to our body’s own endocannabinoids.  This similar structure allows them to attach to our body’s endocannabinoid receptors, which can greatly affect our mind and body.

Taste The Rainbow Of Full-Spectrum Cannabinoids

  • Cannabis contains many cannabinoids. Two of these cannabinoids receive the most attention because we understand them the best and believe they have the greatest impact on us:
  • Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)
    Cannabidiol (CBD)

THC is the cannabinoid known for having psychoactive effects or producing a high.  CBD is known for relieving pain and anxiety without producing a high.

Researchers have discovered at least 113 cannabinoids so far. Cannabinoids besides THC and CBD that are becoming more well-known include:

  • Cannabigerol (CBG)
  • Cannabinol (CBN)
  • Cannabichromene (CBC)

At this point in time, our understanding of what the dozens of cannabinoids in cannabis do is very limited.  Researchers are just beginning to scratch the surface of the effects of other cannabinoids.

The Entourage Effect

The “entourage effect” refers to cannabinoids working together synergistically. Experts believe that cannabinoids work differently together than when they are in the human body individually. Certain cannabinoids might enhance the effects of others, while some cannabinoids might suppress the effects of others.

Researchers have most thoroughly studied the entourage effect of THC and CBD.  For many people, CBD mitigates the psychoactive properties of THC.  Similarly, for many, THC reduces the sleepiness that can come with CBD. Cannabis is sold in a variety of CBD:THC ratios because different people experience these cannabinoids differently and aren’t all looking for the same effects.

It’s likely that other cannabinoids impact how our bodies react to THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids.  Unfortunately, we don’t yet know exactly what each individual cannabinoid does in the human body, much less how it impacts the effects of other cannabinoids.

Choosing What to Buy

Once you understand more about cannabinoids, you might find yourself wanting a full-spectrum product.  Cannabis Flower is its natural state, so it is always full-spectrum.  Cannabinoids begin being destroyed when the cannabis flower is treated with a solvent to create an extract.  Cannabis products that are often not full-spectrum include:

  • Vape oils
  • Oils and tinctures
  • Edibles

Full-spectrum concentrates tend to be darker in color and have a stronger scent than extracts that aren’t full-spectrum.  For example, shatter and wax are often considered full spectrum.

Experimenting is the best way to determine which cannabis products fit your needs.  Try a variety of products with different CBD:THC ratios, then stick with whatever gives you the effects you desire.