5 Things to Know About California’s Cheapest Weed

Cannabis legalization brings a multitude of benefits states that decides to reform their laws. One such benefit is a considerable drop in price. There has been a lot of recent discussion around California's cheapest cannabis.

California is just recently emerging from their Black Market era, which carried prices as high as $60-80 for an ⅛ of an ounce. The market is now finally seeing lower prices than ever before.


The passage of Proposition 64’s legalization of adult recreational use has dropped prices immensely. This is because both affordable and high-end brands are now grown under strict regulations.

Those regulations allow companies to sell cannabis at ultra-competitive prices with hardly any dip in quality. In fact, some of the finest economy brands can be found in dispensaries and online weed delivery services, ranging anywhere from $12 to $25 for an ⅛.

All California cannabis products must pass quality checks put in place by California regulations. This means cannabis users looking for cheaper alternatives should should be excited about this regulation.

Here’s 5 things you should know about purchasing California's cheapest cannabis.

Cheaper cannabis is still quality cannabis

Despite the affordable price points, all cannabis products have to pass the same rigorous standards required from California’s regulations. In fact, the Loyal Flower brand offers well-known strains testing over 20 percent THC, at an affordable price of $22.99.

Good cheap weed

Cannabis cultivation can get a bit overwhelming with myriad designer strains releasing constantly. The folks at Old Pal, however, want to match their affordability with a straight-forward menu of three varieties -- Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid -- all of which come at a steal of $15 per ⅛. Old Pal is the top selling cannabis flower brand in California.

Indoor 'smalls' are great cheap weed

Pot smokers always love huge, dank nugs, but when it comes down to it, popcorn nugs are just as effective. The brand Farmer’s Market provides a line of strains exclusively using 'Smalls', or 'B buds' which provides high-quality cannabis at a reasonable price starting at $25 per ⅛, by reducing the bag appeal of fat colas.

Mericanna, the cheapest pre-rolls in California

One product that cant even be found cheaper in the black market is the Mericanna pre-rolls. Lab tested, sun grown and greenhouse flower for between $3-$4 per preroll. A half gram indica, sativa, or hybrid prerolls that absolutely does the trick.

You can get cheap weed delivery

Getting a good price on brand-name cannabis is now just as easy as entering your local recreational shop. But if that doesn’t work, legal pot consumers can always search bud.com for exceptional deals.

bud.com Visits 4/20 Around the Bay 2018

Northern California's Bay Area is the home of the modern medical cannabis movement, and now a hotbed of recreational cannabis activity. Since bud.com, our weed delivery service, was bred and spread in the Bay Area, we took in some local events around the 4/20 holiday in 2018. Here's some of what we saw:

420 Events Lineup

First off, we attended Designers + Geeks: High X Design on 4/19, a series of presentations on cannabis product design hosted at Yelp headquarters. It felt quite legitimate, and the guests were nice and didn't vape indoors where they could be seen vaping.

from left to right,
- Kristina Phillips of Frog Design, sharing this research PDF: Crossing the Cannabis Chasm
- Betsy Filson
- Kristen Winzent
- Tina Hardison, cannabis product designer who worked with brands including Triple Junction, Pax and Humboldt Legends
- Libby Cooper, who recently left a major cannabis delivery service as their Creative Director
For 4/20 our writer decided to start with some Triple Junction Sativa cannabis flower - blood orange tangie to be precise. Uplifting for the daytime.
Large brands affiliated themselves with the 420 holiday; here's a combined advertising campaign from a ride-hailing service Lyft & SuperTroopers 2 a Hollywood release.

Cannabis Celebrations in the Haight

Early in the afternoon on 4/20 we headed to the annual gathering at "Hippy Hill" in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, appropriately situated at the end of Haight Street.

"Adult Probation" officers were strolling Haight Street during the 4/20 afternoon - the writer's first time seeing those uniforms at a public gathering in the city.
A "Get Cash Here!!!" machine sits next to a booth proffering OFFICIAL MERCH at a large public 4/20 celebration in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, California.
He was telling folks about how hard he worked to sneak all this food-for-sale into the event.
Informal vending: someone sells cannabis products from their backpack at 4/20 in Golden Gate Park.
A legal cannabis delivery service pays an airplane to fly around the 4/20 celebration in Golden Gate Park: the banner trailing behind the airplane had three different URLs on it.
This device entitled "Heavy Hitter" would allow someone to take hits from 4 vape pens at the same time. Wow that's a lot of weed.
Four drones hover over the crowd, above the smoke and below the fog - just after 4:20 at Hippy Hill, a large public 4/20 celebration in Sharon Meadow / Robin Williams Meadow, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, California. Drones were expressly banned from the event, along with unlicensed vending.
Happy smoke rises into the sun above a smokey grove in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, California, shortly after 4:20pm on 4/20.
The band Mangobus plays a session on Haight Street as a pair of BEST BUDS walk by.

Hippy Hill was officially emptied by pleading hosts and cold winds. As the crowd dispersed, we caught a bus to a train to West Oakland, to a 4/20 house party.

West Oakland Cannabis Celebration

Visiting a house party in Oakland - cakes for the birthday girl. The 4 2 0 cakes were cannabis infused, the dollar bill cakes were magic-free.

All around the bay, we saw people loving, sharing, selling, and experimenting with cannabis. Good luck to all of us, in this new legal era!


Justin Hall, an internet pioneer, is CTO of bud.com. 

High Guide: Atlanta

Atlanta is a tiny blue anomaly in the otherwise red sea of the Southeast. Its most famous import, rap music, has colored the city in a truly unique way, reinforcing its nickname of “city in a forest.” For as many towering pecan and magnolia trees, there’s just as many breathtaking murals (make a point to stroll the Forward Warrior! works along Wylie Street, in addition to everything else). To save you a couple exhausting decisions, we built a super fun, super ambitious day to maximize Atlanta’s awesome. So tune your rental car’s radio to Streetz 94.5 and get ready to blaze through this secret gem of a Southern locale.

Java Cat Cafe
Make a reservation in advance for $10 a pop to surround yourself with a frenzy of kitties while sipping drip coffee or loose-leaf tea (one or the other is included with the entry fee). Grab a pastry, while you’re at it. Get your pet on and hey, if you’re looking for a new furry friend, you’re in luck; JCC partnered with no-kill shelter PAWS Atlanta to staff their in-cafe cats. So, yes, they’re all up for adoption.

Historic Oakland Cemetery
Just across the street from the cafe, explore the opulent, celebrated resting place of Gone With The Wind author Margaret Mitchell and Atlanta’s first African-American mayor Maynard Jackson. The cemetery is ideal for wandering without an agenda; between the dreamy oak trees and the winding paths, you never get lost—just rerouted.

Georgia Aquarium
Maybe this is hitting the nail too directly on the head, but that’s for a reason: cruising on a moving sidewalk through a tunnel of vibrant sea life is kinda as good as it gets. What you’re about to experience is otherworldly. Plus, get in early to skip crowds and soak up the majesty of the aquarium’s whale sharks. After all, they’re the only ones in captivity in the whole dang world.

Your DeKalb Farmers Market
Ever wish you could globetrot without leaving a single, enormous warehouse? Boom, baby. YDFM, as locals affectionately call it, stocks all sorts of produce—dozens of apple varieties as well as exotic fruit like jackfruit—as well as spices in bulk and on the cheap. Bring cash and hit the hot food bar (which also has a selection of killer fresh juices available for purchase). Scoop generously—prices here are mega low. And we know you’ll show up hungry. Don’t skip the cheese aisle but do know it’s not for the faint of heart.

Doll’s-Head Trail
South down Moreland Avenue and right by Constitution Lake, a folk-art trail lined with disembodied dolls’ heads. Back in the day, Carpenter Joel Slaton started exploring land off the beaten path, stumbling upon found objects (yep, including various doll appendages) along the way. There, he started adding more to the developing combination nature trail and public art installation, furthering along what he told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution he considers “an air of mischief and mystery.” The best part is, despite repeat visits, on Doll’s-Head Trail, you’ll always find something new.

H Massage
Listen, if you’re not about that social napping life, you’re doing it wrong. Inside H Massage, it’s dim and mellow, tricked out with glitzy gold and jade decor accents. Slowly drain a styrofoam cup of hot tea and melt into the reclining chairs designated for foot massages. Let the team of talented massage therapists guide your chariot to total relaxation. An hour is just $30.

El Rey Del Taco
Now that you’re all soupy, add some spicy sustenance just down Buford Highway. El Rey has super loud, technicolor vibes. Its walls range from magenta to lime green, roomy booths lining the windows. It’s easy enough to disappear into a back booth and treat the chips and queso like a trough. Or, opt for some ceviche and feign some class. (But we know the truth.)

Starlight Drive-In
You likely missed the early screening at this drive-in that boasts double features every night of the week, so shoot for the second one, usually falling around 9 or 10 pm. It almost doesn’t matter what’s playing. Fear not—there’s a concessions stand in the center of all the screens shelling delicious treats like nachos. (Okay. Maybe they’re not exactly delicious but they’ll do the trick).

Clermont Lounge
Less of a strip club and more of a dive bar where there just so happens to be mature topless women dancing by the taps, Clermont is an Atlanta institution. Not the best if you’re asthmatic, but quite the novelty if cigarette smoke doesn’t bug you. Come with cash, obviously, and, if you’re coming on a Saturday—when funkmaster DJ Romeo Cologne controls the 1s and 2s, making those deep Jackson 5 cuts drop hard as hell. Come ready to dance, too.

1AM Secret Show
With a revolving door of uproarious talent, the 1AM has become a late-night staple of both local and touring comedians. The line-up change all the time, but the high (get it?) quality never budges. Past performers include Maria Bamford, Aparna Nancherla, and Marc Maron.

Waffle House
Known more for consistency than quality, WaHo will always be there for you. Not much pairs with the end of an adventurous day quite like a pile of smothered, capped hash browns. Plus, it’d be a true disservice to visit the real capital of the Southeast without paying homage to Jermaine Dupri’s command: “After the party, it’s the Waffle House.” The mandatory ending to a day sailing and well spent in the A.


Beca is an Atlanta-based writer. Follow her on Twitter as @becagrimm

High Guide: Vegas

Las Vegas is finding its groove in the legalized pot business, with thirty-two dispensaries and counting. How fitting, then, that it's also one of the most bizarre, aggressively fun-filled, and foodiest cities in the world. In other words, it’s a great place to be high. Need some ideas for how to build your blunt-fueled adventures in Sin City? Come along.

Choose your den of iniquity

When it comes to finding a home base in Las Vegas there are so many options. You can easily find a hotel rate of $50 a night – just check your favorite travel deal site, and remember many hotels charge an added resort fee in the neighborhood of $30/night. And if you’re picky (I’m picky), and willing to spend a bit more, there are some pretty great options you should consider.

Located right on the Strip, The Cosmopolitan is all about exhibition. From electronic art encasing the lobby support beam to a number of interesting (and noteworthy) art collections on display throughout the property. The Cosmo is also home to the Wicked Spoon buffet, recently named Vegas’ best by The Las Vegas Review Journal, and the Juice Standard, one of just two juice bars on the strip. They also have a rather swanky casino, complete with high roller rooms and lots of fancy chandeliers. Honestly, I could just hang out and look at their chandeliers for a while, except they pump some stanky fragrance through the place 24/7. This is a theme with most strip hotel/casinos, so be prepared.

If you’re looking for a more retro experience, try staying off-strip in Downtown Las Vegas (which is way more chill, if also a bit seedier), then look into one of the themed  "Design-a-suites" at the El Cortez, which range from old-school glam to vintage rec room; all with deep soaking tubs. Then head downstairs for some prime rib and a baked potato, and pretend you’re back in 1950, living the American Dream. They, too, have a Casino (that’s why their rooms are so cheap). I’m not a big gambler, but this is apparently a good one that has won some awards.

There are also a ton of AirBnB rentals in Las Vegas, at reasonable rates (especially if you want to share with friends). Many have pools but be forewarned: most private residences (and some hotels) don’t heat their pools in the winter, as it would be prohibitively expensive. There’s some science there, around the rate of evaporation and the way dry air doesn’t hold heat, yada yada. I don’t know. Just don’t count on a pool in cooler months without checking into it first.


Las Vegas is for art-enthusiasts

There’s an enormous amount of art in Las Vegas, from big-name masters housed in some of the fancier hotels, to incredible street art downtown, to the talented artists selling their creations up and down the strip. Wherever your ramblings take you, just keep your eyes open and you’ll see creativity everywhere, I promise. Of course, there are a few sure bets.

Meerkats by Bordalo II, created for Life is Beautiful 2015, found on Fremont Street.

If you’re a fan of urban art, take a walk down Fremont Street. There’s some incredible work there, thanks in part to the Life is Beautiful festival which, aside from musical acts, hosts dozens of artists from all over the world (we’re talking Shepard Fairey, Amanda Parer, Banksy, and more). Each year, these talented artists transform the streets of Downtown Vegas with highly imaginative, impressive artwork. Start at the corner of Fremont and 11th street, and just walk toward downtown. You’ll see strangely beautiful, larger-than-life Meerkats crafted out of salvaged junk, full-sized tanker trucks fused together, one performing a graceful balletic lift of the other, beautiful yet disturbing murals, and so much more. You’ll also see some hilarious marquis signs… the origins of which remain a mystery to me.

Big Rig Jig by Mike Ross, installed 2016, found on Fremont Street.

If you like your art more curated, head over the Neon Museum of Las Vegas, final resting ground for more than 200 fabulous Vegas signs. They offer daytime, evening, and late-night tours for $19-28. They do host the occasional private party, so I recommend you call ahead.

Head back to the strip for artist James Turrell’s exhibit – which is really two giant pieces commissioned by Louis Vuitton and housed on the third story of their luxury store, smack-dab on the strip. These works, called Akhob, were inspired by the famous artist’s early years as a pilot. He experienced the Ganzfeld effect when the horizon disappeared and he became immersed in a field of color. Turrell wanted to recreate that sensation for visitors by bathing them in continuous color. Visitors must enter sans shoes, in groups of just six at a time. Make sure to plan ahead for this one. While free, visits require reservations and they’re currently booking two to four weeks in advance. There’s no website, so just give them a call at (702) 730-3150.


Pricier Las Vegas indulgences, in case you want to treat yo’ self

There’s no shortage of ways to blow through cash in Las Vegas, but these are a few of my favorites.

Want to escape from the crowds and just sink into a hot tub for a while? Most Vegas spas offer a day pass for $30-50, so you can enjoy the cucumber water, hot tub(s), spa pool, fluffy towels, etc. for as long as you want. Some stand-out spas that offer day passes include Espa at Vdara, Qua at Caesars, and the Spa at Canyon Ranch. It’s also worth checking discount sites like Groupon or Travelzoo, which almost always have a half-off Vegas spa treatment or two. Once you buy the treatment, the access pass is included.

A bit more varsity-level: go float yourself in a sensory deprivation tank—a soundproof pod where you can experience a feeling of weightlessness in highly salinized, body-temperature water—and just let your mind go. There are a ton of options in Vegas but, being mildly afraid of the full contents of my own mind, I’ve never tried any of them myself. The tanks at NV Float seem to be highly regarded. Sessions start at $110 per hour.

Cirque de Soleil has become a permanent fixture in Las Vegas and if you haven’t seen a show yet, you should. Unlike traditional circus acts they forgo the use of animals and kitschy acts, instead highlighting the strength and grace of the performers through incredible choreography and acrobatics, heightened by over-the-top production effects, and live music that will seriously transport you to the world they’ve created. KÀ and O are the most stoner-endorsed shows to see. Tickets start at $55.


Let’s stuff our faces in Las Vegas

Eating in Sin City has become almost as big a draw as gaming. From strip-mall ethnic cuisine to big-name chefs, they have it all. Here are a number of offerings that are worth a try.

Off-strip in the gritty-is-beautiful Arts District, Rebar has my vote for coolest place to hang out and get grub. Its offerings are pretty standard dive-bar fare (cheap drinks, giant hot dogs, pretzels), but it’s all served up in a convivial atmosphere with local color. The thrift store furnishings and décor (everything is for sale) give it a homey feel that will make you want to stay all day. And you can. Grab one of their board games. Chat with the locals. And enjoy their backyard smoking patio. It’s a gem.

Behold the wall of candy at the M&M store. Every flavor you could possibly want (and then some).

So, from down-to-earth right back to the supremely absurd: I’m talking about the M&Ms Store—four stories of candy and tacky merchandise. Most of the store is pretty much what you’d expect, and I am personally not a fan of the anthropomorphized M&M characters which appear on just about everything. But listen, there’s an entire wall full of bulk M&M candy, in every color and every single flavor, including some wacked out ones like peppermint, cherry, coffee-nut, birthday cake, and more. My personal favorite are the peanut butter M&Ms. And if you’re not as creeped out by the characters as I am, there’s a free 3D movie showing every hour.

The “King Kong” sundae at Sugar Factory. Its arrival includes dim lighting, lit sparklers, and clapping staff.

Sticking with sweets for now, you can get your ridunculous dessert fix at Sugar Factory, where over-the-top milkshakes laden with bruléed marshmallows, candy necklaces, and gummy worms  will give you the giggles. This place was designed more for Instagram than your palate, but’s worth it for the experience. And adding booze to the milkshakes helps immensely.

If you’re looking for a more grown-up meal, I seriously recommend Emeril’s New Orleans Fish House. I know it sounds like something your parents might like, and you have to walk through a casino to get there, but once your journey is complete you shall be rewarded. The food is New Orleans-inspired, so it’s spicy and comforting and DELICIOUS. The shrimp, the frog legs, the sliders… and if you still have room, the bigger-than-your-face banana cream pie. All of it is seriously good. The wine and cocktails are also spot-on, with a cold-pressed coffee old-fashioned that managed to wake me up and even out my buzz all at once. But what makes this place truly stoner-friendly is the atmosphere. The walls are sort of a subdued orangey yellow and they keep the lighting soft so you feel like you’re ensconced in honey. The music is equally chill. They were playing Dark Side of the Moon when I visited.

Also worth noting, though I haven’t been: off-strip there lies one of the most highly rated Thai restaurants in the country: the Lotus of Siam. The restaurant was a surprise hit, starting out in a nondescript strip mall space which left only recently, when the aging roof was damaged beyond repair. Recently rehoused and reopened, the restaurant serves up Northern Thai dishes that have been lauded by everyone from The Food Network to the James Beard Foundation.

When it comes to meeting your late-night munchies needs, I personally can’t imagine better than Taco Bell, and the Taco Bell Flagship Cantina is smack dab on the Las Vegas strip. Arrive on the right night and you’ll find a live DJ spinning from the upstairs booth. There’s a more relaxed outdoor patio, a wall of slushy concoctions—that you can order by the foot and add booze to—and, of course, there’s merchandise like taco hats and shirts. But for me the real attraction is the “Mexican-inspired” food, like crunchy double deckers, melty gorditas, and so on. Once I honestly ate there three times within 24 hours.


Notes on getting stoned in the City of Las Vegas

As with so much cannabis legislation, Las Vegas laws around marijuana are still a bit tricky. It’s legal to buy, but the only legal place to smoke or eat your weed is in a private home. Not in your hotel, your car, or on public streets.

Now, I did see plenty of people smoking openly, including friends who’ve never been hassled by cops. But be aware that smoking in the wrong place can net you a $600 ticket, or even get you kicked out of your hotel. Be smart, have fun, and come home happy.


Grace is a writer and content strategist based in Burlington, Vermont, and is lucky enough to write about the things she loves: her children, humor, food, travel, and the natural wonders of marijuana. Connect at @graceperlee.