When medicating with cannabis, having an inconspicuous and easy choice is always attractive, especially when that product is delicious. While a newer concept, adding cannabis to drinks is a trend that is quickly becoming popular. Convenience and efficacy are what many of these enhanced liquids and beverages boast, so it makes sense that this form of edible is gaining traction.

Dixie Elixirs are an easy and pleasant way to medicate, by offering THC-infused drinks in a variety of flavors. The bottle is a small and sleek design, holding 8.5 ounces of 100 MG of THC-infused liquid in a container that easily tucks away in the fridge. On the back of the bottle, the intensity level (this product rates 12 out of 20) is shown.  As is the amount of time it will take for the product to activate (30 minutes). As an added benefit, the bottle cap is designed to measure out 15 ML of the liquid, making it easier to control portions. It is recommended that you rinse out the cap after use to avoid sticky overspill, but otherwise, the bottle is very convenient.

I tried the Half tea and Half lemonade and Fruit Punch flavors. The Half and Half works well as a shot of sorts, or as a booster to a non-infused iced tea or lemonade. I found myself mixing the fruit punch with black cold brew coffee or just drinking it alone with a splash of ice water. Both flavors work well as a mid-afternoon way to lift your spirits.  And give your body a break from any aches or pains.

The Half and Half also lists black tea as an ingredient, making it a nice compliment to the afternoon.   It doesn’t make you zone out.  For nighttime, I found that the Fruit Punch offered more of a body relaxation, and I was able to fall asleep easier. Another benefit of this elixir was that it ignited my appetite, which is important for someone who has Crohn’s Disease, as I do.

Not only is the ingredient list simple and short, the product has no artificial flavors or colors, and no high-fructose corn syrup. The taste alone is pleasant, and even better when mixed with a favorite beverage. It has high potency without inebriation, if you use the cap measuring cup and take it slow.  As with any edible form of cannabis, it is best to tailor dosage to your needs.  Also be aware each product can affect you in a different way.

Dixie uses special technology that allows for quick uptake, or a fast reaction to the liquid, which I can attest to as a benefit. While it did take the full 30 minutes, it was a slow progression, felt mostly in the body. There was never a moment of hesitation or concern that I took too much.  The dosing works well to relieve my symptoms without making me feel high.

I would continue to use this elixir in all the flavors and recommend it as a convenient and fun way to medicate.


Diana-Ashley Krach is a freelance writer, journalist, and content creator whose work can be found on Everyday FeminismRavishly, and Playboy. She is the co-host and creator of Your Highness Podcast and founder of Good Vibes Marketing Agency. You can find her on Twitter or on her website