Top 12 Highest CBD Cannabis Strains To Try In 2019

Cannabidiol (CBD) is enjoying something of a rock star status right now. CBD has always been present in the marijuana plant, but it has spent a long time standing behind its stage-stealing brother THC (the compound responsible for marijuana’s strongest psychoactive effects).  

It’s cannabidiols time to shine right now, though. CBD is legal in every state, even ones where THC still has a long fight to legality. This is because it can be produced from hemp products that contain only the tracest amounts of THC.

But mere legality isn’t the reason that CBD has taken off. That has more to do with the research that has shown how much promise it has to treat a variety of conditions. While more medical research needs to be done, reports keep coming in from sufferers of a variety of conditions who report that CBD has made it possible for them to function again.

Are High-CBD Flowers and Oils the Right Option for You?

You may have been attracted to CBD because it was recommended to you by a friend, or because you heard a story on the news. You may also have a history of marijuana that is mostly defined by THC-heavy sativa and indica.

High-CBD strains have a much different effect than you’d expect if you’d tried typical strains in the past. Sativa-dominant strains are a great option for mood elevation, and Indica-dominant strains are a great option to drift to sleep, but CBD provides can provide both of those effects without any of the typical psychoactive effects.

All of that might make a high-CBD strain the perfect option for you. Just one problem: Where do you start? There are hundreds of strains coming out every year, and new ones constantly being developed by enterprising growers. You may need a guide to know what’s available, and that’s what we’ve got right here for you.

Here, in alphabetical order are some of the highest-CBD strains that are available right now. Some of them are classics and some of them are new. Some of them are widely available and some of them are designer exclusives to some of the most interesting cultivars operating today.


ACDC is as much a rockstar of the CBD world as its name suggests. It was bred from the strain Cannatonic—one of the first ever notable strains to contain a really high percentage of CBD to THC. This new strain has a 20:1 ratio of the two. As a result, it delivers all the benefits of the CBD with almost none of the intoxicating effects.

People who have experimented with ACDC report that it is a highly-effective strain at managing stress, physical pain, inflammation and even some psychological problems such as depression. Many of the most positive reviews reported that it was an exceptional strain for pain control.

This is also a strain that is available in a lot of different forms. You can find it sold as traditional flowers, but just as frequently as vape cartridges and oils.

Dance Hall

Dancehall (and its son coming up next) will nearly always show up whenever CBD strains are discussed. Lab tests have shown that Dancehall consistently tests as one of the most CBD-rich strains available on the market. It doesn’t just come down to numbers, however. It’s a consistently great strain with a legion of fans.

Dancehall lives up to its name by being a reliable source of great feelings. Its reviewers note that it has helped them with mentally-draining symptoms like depression and stress by helping them feel more relaxed, uplifted and even social. On top of all this, it is famously effective at managing pain, like every good CBD strain.

With great earthy, spicy flavors, it’s also very easy to take. It is most often sold in flower form, but it’s possible to find it available as vapor oil. It’s not often available as a concentrate, but you may get lucky.

Dance World

Dancehall has given birth to many other great strains, but Dance World is the one that can really live up to its father’s legacy when it comes to strong CBD effects. It is also one of the strains that always shows up in lists of the most CBD-rich strains. However, unlike its father, it has much less THC. For that reason, it is prized by many as a strain that can be smoked without debilitating effects.

Reviewers report that Dance World is an amazing strain for staying busy. Its psychoactive effects are reviewed as being limited uplifting, creative energy but without drowsiness or confusion. Like any good CBD strain, it is reported to be a great relief for several painful conditions like nausea, headaches and muscle spasms.

It’s a flavorful strain, that is known to taste deliciously of lime and pine. It is most frequently available as flowers, but may also be occasionally sold as vape oils and concentrates.

Charlotte’s Web

Charlotte’s Web is another strain that has an excellent concentration of CBD, but a very low accompanying THC level. This strain was bred specifically for a patient who suffered from seizures and is named after her. In accordance with the law at the time, it had to be developed from Hemp instead of psychoactive strains.

The modern version of the strain is highly-regarded by its fans. Reviewers report that it makes them feel happy and relaxed. While there are not many psychoactive effects, thanks to the almost non-existent THC levels, some reviewers do report dry mouth and headaches.

It’s not legal to state that this strain is effective for seizures without further medical research at the federal level, but it is used by patients with seizures.

While Charlotte’s Web is frequently sold as flowers, it’s also very popular as a vape oil where the THC concentration is quite a bit higher. It may be easier to find this strain as a vape oil than in most other forms. It’s only rarely available as a concentrate.

Fire Train

Fire Train was born of the widely-loved strains Train Wreck and Kashmir Fire. While this hybrid has less CBD than most of the stains on this list, it serves a different role. This is a CBD strain for those who want and demand potent marijuana effects. If you want the effects of CBD while at the same time experiencing the best that THC has to offer, this is the stain for you.

Fire Train shares most of the effects of its parent strains. The sativa-driven euphoria that made Train Wreck a legend along with the dreamy sedation that is the signature of Kashmir Fire. Together with the CBD, they make for a potent effect when you just want to lean back and forget about some misery or physical pain for a few hours.

Fire train is a popular strain that is widely available in California. You can find a lot of flower products, including jars in eighths and pre-rolls. You may be able to find it available in vape oils.


Harlequin is a great strain with a steady supply of CBD, but also enough of a THC bounce to keep things interesting. It is distantly cultivated from Colombian Gold, a strain that is well-known for its uplifting effects on mood. Harlequin holds onto that legacy while also offering a new dimension. The CBD tamps down any chance the THC content has of overdoing it while offering long-lasting pain relief.

Harlequin’s fans consider as equally effective at dealing with pain or stress, which is something that almost no other strains have pulled off. It’s also respected for how effectively it can resolve depression and fatigue for a few hours at a time.

This strain is likely to be available in most places as flowers. It’s possible that you may find it as a vape juice, but concentration would interfere with the delicate balance that Harlequin is already pulling off.  

Hawaiian Dream

Hawaiian Dream is the result of a mixture between Maui Waui and Blue Dream, two strains that are also legends in their own right. Unlike either of those, this one has an almost 2:1 ratio of CBD to THC. It is a favorite of patients who are trying to resolve symptoms of pain and inflammation.

Reviewers enjoy that the strain makes them feel happy and relaxed, though the pain-relieving effects also get top billing whenever its discussed. In addition to pain, it’s reported by patients to be effective for muscle spasms and inflammation. Even casual recreational users enjoy it, for the sweet tropical tastes as well as the effects.

Many of them would recommend this one be experienced as flowers to get the full effect of the amazing flavors. Of course, you’ll also frequently be able to find it a vape juice.


Nordle is a notably mild strain that approaches an almost 1:1 ratio of CBD and THC. While its mental effects are known to be muted, the physical effects are anything but. Nordle is treasured by those who use it to resolve pain and muscle spasms, both for those effects and for its reliability when delivering them.

Many of Nordle’s reviewers describe having difficulty getting into marijuana before they discovered this strain. It’s very gentle on those who are sensitive to the effects of THC, both because of the lower THC content, and because the THC is muted by the CBD content. The effects of this strain are often described as relaxing and uplifting.

The flowers of this strain are usually easy to find for those who want to use it to treat muscle spasms and pain. It’s not often sold as a concentrate, because the mild effects are the reason for its popularity.

Primo Cherry

Primo cherry is another strain for those who still want a great CBD experience without giving up the thrill that comes with a generous amount of THC. This strain is quite generous, with a rare 2:1 ratio of THC to CBD. It’s a balance that delivers all of the pain-relieving and muscle-relaxing effects, but also a thrilling head high.

This is a designer strain that is only available in limited quantities in limited places. Those who have tried it are immediately taken by the strong, vivid taste of cherries—as clear as classic Ricola cough drops.

Due to the rarity of this designer strain, it’s not common to find it as anything but flowers. When it’s available in greater quantities, just the taste makes it a great candidate for a concentrate.

Sour Tsunami

Sour Tsunami is another OG of CBD cultivation. The development took more than four years, but when it was ready, it became an immediate crowd favorite among those who used it for stress and inflammation. As one of the first strains to be bred specifically for CBD content, it caught on quickly and has developed many loyal fans in the medical marijuana community.

Now that CBD is so much better understood, it’s only going to get more popular. According to its reviewers, there’s even more to love than just the great balance of CBD/THC. There’s also the excellent flavor of diesel blended with rich citrus.

This strain is most likely to be found in flower form. Like several others on this list, it is maintaining an important balance that doesn’t demand concentration.

Ringo’s Gift

Ringo’s Gift was born from a blend of the first strain that appeared on our list: ACDC. Unlike that one, however, this one is not purposely sharing a name with a famous rock musician. The Ringo in question is the legalization activist Lawrence Ringo, who unfortunately is no longer with us. The strain that carries his name is a legacy in its own right.

Ringo’s Gift was one of the first strains to achieve a 1:1, and it has served as a test subject to push those limits even farther. Some forms of this strain boast a CBD:THC ratio as high as 24:1. As a result, it’s a great clear-headed strain with impressive pain relief.

This strain can be found in many places as a flower. It’s been around for a long time but tends to be more popular in Southern Europe than in the United States.

Tahoe OG Kush

Tahoe OG may be heavy in CBD, but you’re going to want to clear your schedule for the day before you take the chance to enjoy it. It’s a strain that is famous for sinking even experienced users into the nearest couch. With a combination of indica and CBD effects, it is a gateway to intense relaxation. It also has enough of a sativa edge to make the trip there an uplifting one.

There is a lot to love about Tahoe OG, and reviewers can’t stop talking about most of them. It has been reviewed as a great answer to pain, insomnia, stress, and depression. Most new users and those looking for lighter effects should probably try another strain, though. This one is for those looking for a heavy hit.

Though it already has a reputation for potency, it’s very common to find Tahoe OG as an amplified vape cart or concentrated. Guess you can’t have too much of a good thing.