My ability to blend in with healthy people relies on access to discreet, swift, and effective ways to consume THC. But turning down the volume on physical pain (without having to walk a few blocks in the cold to cough down a joint) has required picking up a few tricks. 

Like a little old lady learning to roll her first blunt, I’ve found a few helpful remedies for subtle holiday dosing, whatever you might be managing. You might just need to weather a politically-polarized Christmas dinner with some calming assistance. Remember, you’re valid no matter what the reason this season. Stay genuinely merry with these five picks. 

1. PLUS Products Mints 

PLUS is unique as an edibles maker backed by food scientists who grasp the importance of good manufacturing practices and dose precision. Their fast-acting secret sauce is absorbed like a tincture orally—no waiting for digestion. They also offer CBD-only options if that’s your bag. The mints evoke less psychedelia for me than gummies, but as with any edible: start low, go slow, and learn how you react. Definitely test-drive these solutions before you’re among the eggnog and stressful relatives so you know how you’ll be impacted when you’re in it. 

2. Dosist 

Dosist vape pens are compact, disposable, and—most vitally—precision-dosed. You get exactly 2.25 mg with each puff, so you can track and create precision sessions. Predictability and the high CBD:THC ratio (10:1) in their Calm option takes the edge off of anxiety. They organize their products by effect and incorporate terpenes for their supporting properties. Calm has myrcene, the terpene you’ll recognize for pain, anxiety, and inflammation relief in classic strains like Granddaddy Purple and OG Kush. Notably, this doesn’t have an overpowering scent, and, unlike fumbling with flower, is super-efficient. 

3. Tranquili Tea 

Kikoko’s Tranquili Tea is CBN-heavy (5:3 CBN:THC) so if you’re especially susceptible to this night-night time cannabinoid, this may be a good bet to guarantee some solid recuperative sleep while you’re home for the holidays rather than during your operating hours. I’ve got a pretty high threshold for it, so drinking it during the daytime in my case just helps calm overall sensitization (a component of my chronic illness).  

It’s easy enough to procure some hot water and scuttle to privacy to infuse it with the convenient individual tea bags. The rest of the ingredients smell great and make for a pleasant, herby tea—peppermint, chamomile, valerian root, lemon myrtle, licorice root, rosemary, lemongrass, lavender, and cornflower petals. I don’t find the taste or aroma overwhelmingly weed-y, so it’s a great stealth option in a to-go mug.

4. Dixie’s Half Tea/Half Lemonade Cannabis Elixir

Dixie Elixir makes a neat, tasty, effective drink that hits relatively quick. It comes with a dosing cap and at 100ml, you can get a good six-ish doses out of one bottle. Aside from the benefit of drinkables lacking an odor, they’re more bioavailable than your standard edible and feel more like a tincture. It’s an Arnold Palmer with weed instead of booze—just the ticket to making you a more affable holiday reveler.  For more insights have a look at our Dixie Elixir review.

5. Veil

If you’re still jonesing for a delicious pack of joints from, discretion be damned, you might not need to put on your coat and boots to enjoy it. Veil has devised a smoke-obliterating room spray, and it comes in a travel-size 2 ounce bottle as well. If you need to blow rings within your domicile, spritz Veil (around 2-3 spritzes per hit, they recommend) and it’ll melt away into a mellow spicy blend of sweet orange, black pepper, and virginia cedar. They urge you to “stay high on the low,” and if that ain’t the name of the game during the holidays…


Chaya Rusk is a writer living in Cambridge with her partner and their polydactyl cat. She focuses on chronic illness and public health.