New York, New York, the city of dreams..and anything else you can stuff in a backpack and get delivered to your walkup in midtown.  Or your brownstone in Tribeca.  Hells Kitchen, SoHo, meat-packing, uptown..anywhere in Gotham City- you name it.  Weed delivery in NYC has been a thing well before it was legal.

Weed Delivery in Manhattan

The ‘traditional’ Manhattan weed delivery experience has been about overpaying for decent herb meticulously transported from the sunny left coast and served up quite professionally by a backpack toting traveling salesman/shaman (with varying ratios of salesman to shaman available..i’m told).  Usually the contents of said backpack are filled with a cornucopia of items to tickle virtually all senses and vices.  And these folks employ advanced customer retention tools to actively reach out and give you a courteous poke once their contact number or app id changes.  Which happens quite often, for reasons of self preservation..we’re told.

Cannabis in New York 2021

Fast forward to 2021, with social stigma dissipating daily, recreational cannabis has been approved by voters and made available in neighboring States including Massachusetts, New Jersey and the District of Columbia.  Those States are now capturing legal sales tax revenue from New Yorkers driving across the border to buy weed.  With social (and voter) acceptance, and economic benefits including a multi billion dollar tax base, and creation thousands of jobs, the leadership of New York State, in particular Governor Cuomo has pledged to legalize adult use cannabis as part of his 2021 State of the State address.

What does that mean? Get ready to smoke legally produced, compliance tested, aptly taxed bowls, from your big apple pipes.

Tested Cannabis Delivery near me in NYC

No shit. Tested weed and vapes are better for you.  It’s a simple concept.  We respect the hustle and ingenuity of growing black market pounds, especially if it’s fire.  But trust us, regulated weed is SAFE weed. There are many shortcuts to growing marijuana that are unseen to the eye (EG what is used for pest control?) but terrible for the body.  Home made extracts and edible are even a bigger problem. No accuracy dosed edibles have lead to panic attacks and hospital trips while unlicensed cannabis oil extraction operations have killed people and blown up residential buildings much like meth labs.  Of course the popcorn lung disease attributed to illicit vapes and vape carts using thinning agents cut by home chemists. Like the food we eat, consuming cannabis puts all the ingredients used directly into our bodies.  And finally New Yorkers can soon choose to search for weed delivery near me, order cannabis online and enjoy safe, trusted weed and cannabis products. That includes weed delivery in Brooklyn and weed delivery in the Bronx.

Marijuana Edibles, THC Gummies, and Vape Carts

One of the best parts of legalization is getting great options for those who don’t smoke.  Weed delivery in NYC will include Edibles, Topicals and Vapes, the likes of which absolutely are not available through our backpack shaman friends.  Innovative products, like micro dosed THC infused beverages, fast acting sublingual strips infused with CBN, the sedative acting cannabinoid for natural sleep. And of course the vaunted THC Gummy. Tons of gummies via weed delivery in Manhattan. Professionally made, safe, innovative products used habitually by millions of people across the U.S. are finally coming to NYC and we could’t be more stoked for the fine citizens of the Empire State to finally have access to an amazing variety of cannabis in NYC.

Most of all remember to consume safely and as we continue in the post-COVID world. No puff, puff, and pass which is bummer but kinda gross when you think about it a bit.  We can indulge and share in other ways people.  Stay healthy NYC.  And Onward.