The Bay Area’s Peninsula sits between ultra progressive San Francisco, and pragmatic Silicon Valley.  Comprised of well healed neighborhoods and great weather, the strategically situated smattering of cities mostly located in San Mateo County.  The Peninsula is home to tech workers who are headquartered in either direction, San Francisco to the North and San Jose to the South.  Unfortunately thats where some of the closest marijuana dispensaries can be found. SF Peninsula weed delivery is essential to keep our tech workers productive during COVID.

Dispensaries are not yet permitted in the vast majority of San Mate County.  This makes for a subpar scenario for San Mateo County residents..including a segment of tech workers who smoke a lot of weed.

Delivering Cannabis in San Mateo County and Peninsula

Tech most adults in the Bay Area, partake in cannabis.  Cities like Burlingame, Los Altos, and Millbrae are home to tech families and parents drinking less, instead reaching for marijuana for a healthier inebriation..sans hangover.  And not just unwind or party.  Many coders and content creators notoriously smoke weed or take edibles while on the job. A recent study published in found 17% or tech workers admit to being high during work.  So given tech workers’ acceptance if not reliance on cannabis, offers an elegant and intuitive cannabis ordering experience for our colleagues stuck in the dispensary desert that is San Mateo County.

We provide cannabis to the entire mid peninsula.  We offer, weed delivery in Burlingame,  weed delivery in San Carlos, weed delivery in San Mateo, weed delivery in Belmont, weed delivery in Redwood City

Cannabis Delivery Near SFO Airport

One reason the Peninsula is a popular location for tech workers and executives, it its proximity to SFO International, the world class international Airport which is located just outside the City in South SF.  Thus offers weed delivery in South San Francisco as well as, weed delivery in Daly City, and weed delivery in San Bruno. These are cities closest to San Francisco International Airpot – SFO, and home to conveniently situated Hotels.  In addition to delivering weed to hotels, also deliver to Airbnb rentals in popular cities for tech travels coming to the Bay Area by way of SFO.  Specifically we offer, weed delivery in Millbrae, a popular destination for business travelers.  Finally we also serve those staying near the Coast, providing weed delivery in Pacifica.  It’s worth noting that Pacifica is the only City in San Mateo county that has legal cannabis dispensaries at the time of this post.

PRO TIP- if you’re visiting San Francisco and staying in the City, have a look at our SF cannabis delivery guide for tourists.

South Bay, Silicon Valley and Peninsula Weed Near Me

Further South, the Peninsula eventually passes Sand Hill Road, famed home to blue blood VCs, and the gateway to the fabled Silicon Valley.  Quite the irony that most VCs known to identify and fuel the brazen visions of contemporary disruptors, have largely steered clear of cannabis investments (with the notable exemption of Peter Thiel) even now in 2021. With Cannabis becoming mainstream (dare we say essential) and part of a healthier, more informed paradigm, leading to a titanic shift in both consumption and buying habits.  Predictably Beer sales have edged down in the months following cannabis legalization in Canada.  So It’s reasonable to assume that as the political climate continues to shift and Federal legalization becomes a reality, VCs will come in droves.  Cannabis needs tech and tech needs cannabis. Until then, will deliver inspiration to your other words, we offer weed delivery in Menlo Park, weed delivery in Los Altos , and weed delivery in Mountain View for pre-gaming prior to concerts at Shoreline Amphitheater.

For future tech workers already living in the Valley, who are over 21 and looking for weed near me!?  We offer weed delivery in Palo Alto and, weed delivery in San Jose for students of two of finest learning institutions in our great state – Stanford and San Jose State.

Go to bud dot com for weed delivery across the SF Peninsula down to Silicon Valley.