How can I sleep better?

Decent sleep is critical to human happiness. Today humans ingest all kinds of sleep aids and supplements to help them quiet their minds. People cycle through ambien, halcyon, melatonin, temazepam and seek out alternatives. Other folks drink a glass of wine hoping the sleepiness will last, only to find they wake up unexpectedly after a few hours and put on weight over time.

Can cannabis help me fall asleep and stay asleep?

For many folks, a small to moderate dose of indica-type cannabis can lead the mind to quiet and sleep, bringing on rest. Some of this type of pot is even characterized by the degree of “couch lock” it can bring on; the desire to remain stationary and feel the relaxation in your body. Marijuana can be a powerful aid for people who are wound up, or in chronic pain, allowing them to achieve peace and sleep. Many people use cannabis as part of an evening ritual to unwind. We’ve been exploring whether CBD help you sleep better? Comparing CBD oil, lotions and edibles.

cannabis and dreaming during sleep

It’s important to note: if you’re paying attention to your dreams, there’s some evidence that sustained and thorough ingestion of cannabis could diminish your REM-stage sleeping and dreaming during sleep. If you’re close to your dreams, if you do dreamwork as part of your spiritual or reflective practice, you might want to note how your dream recollection fares if you routinely use cannabis to sleep.

cannabis products that might help you sleep

Indica-type products can tend to help some people sleep. Here are some products that could assist your rest, or view all of our products that promote relaxation.

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