Aerial view of New York City - this picture was taken so high.

New York City Weed Delivery Guide

New York, New York, the city of dreams..and anything else you can stuff in a backpack and get delivered to your walkup in midtown.  Or your brownstone in Tribeca.  Hells Kitchen, SoHo, meat-packing, uptown..anywhere in Gotham City- you name it.  Weed delivery in NYC has been a thing well before it was legal.

Weed Delivery in Manhattan

The 'traditional' Manhattan weed delivery experience has been about overpaying for decent herb meticulously transported from the sunny left coast and served up quite professionally by a backpack toting traveling salesman/shaman (with varying ratios of salesman to shaman available..i'm told).  Usually the contents of said backpack are filled with a cornucopia of items to tickle virtually all senses and vices.  And these folks employ advanced customer retention tools to actively reach out and give you a courteous poke once their contact number or app id changes.  Which happens quite often, for reasons of self preservation..we're told.

Cannabis in New York 2021

Fast forward to 2021, with social stigma dissipating daily, recreational cannabis has been approved by voters and made available in neighboring States including Massachusetts, New Jersey and the District of Columbia.  Those States are now capturing legal sales tax revenue from New Yorkers driving across the border to buy weed.  With social (and voter) acceptance, and economic benefits including a multi billion dollar tax base, and creation thousands of jobs, the leadership of New York State, in particular Governor Cuomo has pledged to legalize adult use cannabis as part of his 2021 State of the State address.

What does that mean? Get ready to smoke legally produced, compliance tested, aptly taxed bowls, from your big apple pipes.

Tested Cannabis Delivery near me in NYC

No shit. Tested weed and vapes are better for you.  It's a simple concept.  We respect the hustle and ingenuity of growing black market pounds, especially if it's fire.  But trust us, regulated weed is SAFE weed. There are many shortcuts to growing marijuana that are unseen to the eye (EG what is used for pest control?) but terrible for the body.  Home made extracts and edible are even a bigger problem. No accuracy dosed edibles have lead to panic attacks and hospital trips while unlicensed cannabis oil extraction operations have killed people and blown up residential buildings much like meth labs.  Of course the popcorn lung disease attributed to illicit vapes and vape carts using thinning agents cut by home chemists. Like the food we eat, consuming cannabis puts all the ingredients used directly into our bodies.  And finally New Yorkers can soon choose to search for weed delivery near me, order cannabis online and enjoy safe, trusted weed and cannabis products. That includes weed delivery in Brooklyn and weed delivery in the Bronx.

Marijuana Edibles, THC Gummies, and Vape Carts

One of the best parts of legalization is getting great options for those who don't smoke.  Weed delivery in NYC will include Edibles, Topicals and Vapes, the likes of which absolutely are not available through our backpack shaman friends.  Innovative products, like micro dosed THC infused beverages, fast acting sublingual strips infused with CBN, the sedative acting cannabinoid for natural sleep. And of course the vaunted THC Gummy. Tons of gummies via weed delivery in Manhattan. Professionally made, safe, innovative products used habitually by millions of people across the U.S. are finally coming to NYC and we could't be more stoked for the fine citizens of the Empire State to finally have access to an amazing variety of cannabis in NYC.

Most of all remember to consume safely and as we continue in the post-COVID world. No puff, puff, and pass which is bummer but kinda gross when you think about it a bit.  We can indulge and share in other ways people.  Stay healthy NYC.  And Onward.

The Best Los Angeles Weed Delivery

LA loves weed.  And LA loves delivery. The mecca of global entertainment business, and trendsetting TV, movies, and music.  All of which played a special role in casting cannabis as villain initially then driving the transformation of weed's image in America.  Los Angeles is also home to the largest legal cannabis market in California..and the Country, which began with pre-ICO medical dispensaries open since the late 90s.  Weed delivery in LA has helped fuel artists, who've in turn driven pop culture and affected society's view toward present-day matters.

And lets not forget to thank our lucky stars that we live in California- one of the few recreational states that have cannabis delivery.

Roots; LA, Rap, and Weed

Although Hip Hop started in the projects of New York in the mid to late 70s, It was Dr. Dre's iconic 'the Chronic' album, that put weed on front street and firmly planted Ganja into the center of Hip Hop's creative essence.

Although previously Dre previously uttered the infamous verse "I dont smoke or weed or.....cuz its known to give a brother bran damage..and brain damage on the mic dont manage nothin..but making a sucker and you equal- dont be another sequel- express yourself' NWA's hit Express Yourself, his debut album- The Chronic, forever married weed and rap.   And there were actually a quite a bit of sequels.  Dre's former protege Snoop Dogg, from Long Beach took the torch and ran with the weed flag.  Snoop is now an international figure the worlds best known dank smoker, purveyor of weed, cannabis investor, and hip hop cultural icon.

Weed + Delivery + Hollywood Vibes = West Hollywood Weed Delivery

So it makes that Los Angeles residents consume more 'legal' cannabis than any region in the world.  Weed delivery in Los Angeles, has big a thing for over 20 years.  But thats not surprising.  Los Angeles is vast.  And delivery has been a proven favorite for Los Angelinos..just refer to the Pink Dot.  West Hollywood's legendary delivery business brings everything from booze and beer to cigarettes and toilet paper, to LA's thirsty and constipated, for decades.  Does Pink Dot offer, weed delivery in West Hollywood? Unfortunately not..but has partnered with Ktown Collective to bring weed to those in need.

Of course also provides weed delivery in Hollywood , for residents..and tourists visiting the Walk of Stars, which are also well represented with icons tied to cannabis culture.  Too many to note- Bob Marley and Cypress Hill stand out.

Beverly Hills and Westwood; Best Los Angeles Cannabis Delivery

Of course the artist and actors take center stage to promote weed in LA.  But producers, entrainment executive, and trendsetters facilitate an propagate the cultural trends. Beverly Hills is famously home to progressive producers and movie execs to who fund and facilitate cannabis culture.  We like to think weed delivery in Beverly Hills (along with presumably vodka and cocaine) has contributed to some of the maverick decisions to fund canna-culture steeped music and movies.  Even movies movies about weed delivery!

And who watches movies about weed delivery?  Students living on the outskirts of Hollywood- in Westwood at UCLA.  The same students utilizing weed delivery in Westwood.  Yes USC is known for its film school, but UCLA is California's largest public university and home to a massive population of in-the-know, Instagram-active young adults.  Influencers we dare say.  In skinny jeans.  And these dabbing and gummy consuming, college students proliferate trends and culture to the rest of the country.  All from Westwood via Hollywood, enabled by Beverly Hills.

Smoke a joint and think on it.

How To Order Legal Marijuana Delivery in Sacramento

Online services are steadily becoming a convenient option when it comes to ordering legal marijuana delivery in Sacramento.

Websites such as allow residents from Sacramento and other nearby cities to purchase and receive high quality cannabis from the comfort of home. These cannabis delivery services are great for both local residents and college students. 

Sacramento weed delivery is also great for visitors coming to watch sports. Whether you’re coming to watch Kings basketball or River Cats minor league baseball, online services are a great way to stock up before the big game. And yes they also have concerts in Sac!

Weed delivery in Citrus Heights, West Sacramento, Elk Grove, Carmichael and Fair Oaks

Ordering weed delivery in Sacramento is a breeze, no matter what part of town you live in. Services such as offer delivery throughout Sacramento and the surrounding county. Marijuana delivery is available to areas including West Sacramento, Carmichael, Citrus Heights, Elk Grove, Fair Oaks, Folsom, and Rancho Cordova.

Cannabis delivery is also accessible in towns just outside of Sacramento County limits. Pot delivery is open to neighboring towns such as Rocklin, Granite Bay, Roseville, Orangevale, and Rio Linda.  We make sure to deliver to all areas with a significant population.  If you find that we do not delivery to your area, please contact us and we'll try to find our way to your city.

Nearby college students can also access weed delivery throughout places nearby Sacramento. Students attending Sacramento State University, UC Davis, or any of the local junior colleges can order cannabis online.

Cannabis vapes, edibles and flower delivered to your door

Many delivery services carry an impressive number of products comparable to a walk-in shop. Traditional smokers can purchase the usual flowers and pre-rolls.

Dabbing enthusiasts will marvel at the options of concentrates and available vape pens.  For non-smokers infused edibles are also in stock for those looking to simply eat and relax.

Weed delivery is ideal for veterans and medical patients

Ordering marijuana delivery can be quite convenient, but might be the only option for many.

These services provide safe access for immobile consumers such as medical patients, veterans, and the elderly.  We are humbled by the wisdom and valor of our elders, all those fought to help protect our freedom in this great Country.

In fact, offers a discount on cannabis delivery to military veterans and seniors..whom we refer to as OGs!

Weed and Waves near me; Santa Cruz Cannabis Delivery

Santa Cruz is one of California's OG Cannabis outposts, and is thrilled to add the legendary surf town to its list of available delivery zones in California. now offer both on-demand and scheduled cannabis delivery in Santa Cruz and surrounding cities throughout the Central Coast, which include some of California's most scenic towns and travel destinations.

Santa Cruz Cannabis Delivery during Coronavirus

Our lives have been impacted and most industries brought to a screeching halt due to COVID-19. Cannabis, along with staples such as gas stations, restaurants, and grocery stores. Many cities have either shut down or mandated cannabis retail dispensaries operate as curbside pick-up or delivery only. As we all deal with home confinement, the demand for cannabis has surged. The best way to ensure social distancing while copping your legal cannabis products is using a delivery service.

State cannabis regulations mandate that we deliver the package to an adult over 21, so unfortunately we can't leave cannabis on the doorstep.  However we are encouraging drivers and customers to use a method of social distancing.  Drivers can leave a package on your doorstep along with a tray to receive cash payments.  Additionally, we have gotten a waiver from the State to forego a signature on all debit card transactions.  Our drivers keep a respectful distance, and keep hand-sanitizer in their cars for use between calls.  We are doing everything possible to enable touch-less  cannabis delivery.

Vape, preroll, edibles delivery's Santa Cruz weed delivery works with the top California cannabis brands. Our inventory features best in class high end products, as well as the most trusted value driven brands. Vape, preroll and edibles delivery have all grown during coronavirus. Edibles are the fastest selling product, having grown roughly 46% in popularity since the onset of self quarantine in's (Northern) California's largest served cities including Santa Cruz, San Francisco, Oakland and San Jose. On the edibles side we carry Kiva, Stokes Confections, Plus Gummies, Wyld Gummies, and Breez mints. Among the Vapes we carry are Rove and Dompen. We also carry Mericanna, California's most popular value preroll. 

If you're looking for THC-free products including CBD Hemp gummies, topicals, tinctures, or cbd prerolls our sister company can ship in 1-3 days directly to any State, including of course California.

Best weed delivery service in Santa Cruz

In addition to weed delivery in Santa Cruz, delivers throughout California's beautiful Central Coast. We cover Santa Cruz county, including Aptos, Freedom, Scotts Valley, Soquel, Watsonville. We make weed deliveries in Santa Clara County including San Jose, Campbell, Cupertino, Gilroy, Los Gatos, Milpitas, Morgan Hill, Santa Clara, Saratoga, Alviso, Coyote, New Almaden, San Martin. In Monterey County we offer weed delivery in Salinas, Carmel, Carmel Valley, Greenfield, Soledad, Castroville, Moss Landing, and weed delivery in Monterey.

California is known for its verdant coast. is proud to deliver quality flower, prerolls, edibles, and vapes where rich soil meets epic water.

A Guide To Oakland Cannabis Delivery

The Bay Area is synonymous with pot culture, but while San Francisco gets much of the headlines, make no mistake, Oakland is home to some of the first medical cannabis shops in the Country, and steeped in weed culture, and amazing cannabis. This discussion may be able to help anyone curious about weed delivery in Oakland.

The crown jewel of Alameda County is known for its wide availability of high quality marijuana. Dozens of storefronts operate throughout town, but online marijuana delivery is a quick and easy option for locals and visitors alike.

The Raiders and Warriors left town. At least we can still get weed delivery

Unfortunately, the East Bay has recently taken some major losses in the sports world.

The Raiders left for Las Vegas, but you can still root for them on television as legal pot reaches your doorstep.

Cannabis delivery in Oakland is possible with online services like, where customers can get legal cannabis products to arrive straight to their doorstep.

The former NBA champion Golden State Warriors also moved out, choosing to remain close across the Bay Bridge. Don’t worry about running late for the game, because you also place an order for weed delivery in San Francisco.

Lets go A's!

Order the best Edibles, Vapes, and Prerolls for fast delivery in Oakland

Bud offers a robust product menu, rivaling the stock of large dispensaries. Fans of edibles can enjoy gummies, exotic mints and chocolates from leading infused product manufacturers like Kiva Confections. Beyond featuring products for all tastes and budgets, we also feature edibles for those with dietary restrictions, including; vegan, gluten free, sugar free, and kosher.

If you're a flower lover we have Cookies and leading flower brands featuring exotic strains as well as old school staples- all from the best growers in California. From ultra high THC fire, to great value on ounces, our vast flower menu is second to none.

Discrete vapes are your thing? Our distinguished vape cartridges, pods and disposable pens from brands like Stiiizy, Sherbinski, and Absolute Xtracts. Choose from live resin carts, high CBD, and various ratios of THC/CBD vapes.

If you're looking to grab and go, we've offer an extensive selection of prerolls for delivery.  No need for rolling skills, shop for single joints, dog-walkers(minis), and multipacks of full flower prerolls.  To raise it up a notch, infused joints with hash, oil, and shatter are also available.

Oakland weed delivery is reliable and safe

The Town gets a bad rep for crime and overall safety, although neighborhoods continue to show improvement.

Even then, some people who use medicinal cannabis may have trouble accessing a brick and mortar dispensary. 

With that in mind, Oakland weed delivery services provide a safe alternative to physical shopping.

Cannabis delivery in Alameda and Contra Costa County offer delivery to surrounding cities throughout Alameda and Contra Costa counties. Next time you search for weed delivery near me in the East Bay, we got you. 

In Alameda County, whether its; weed delivery in San Leandro, weed delivery in Emeryville, or weed delivery in Alameda, it takes a few clicks from your mobile device or computer to easily order cannabis from the comfort of home.

In Contra Costa County, choose from; weed delivery in Orinda, weed delivery in Moraga, weed delivery in Walnut Creek, or perhaps weed delivery in Lafayette, weed delivery in San Ramon, or even weed delivery in Concord.

That was mouth full!! You get the point. We get you weed in Oakland, and all over the East Bay.

A San Francisco Tourist's Guide to Weed Delivery

Visiting a new city can be a bit overwhelming to navigate. Finding a decent place to eat can be frustrating, much less trying to find safe, legal cannabis for adults.

Hopefully, this discussion can aid in making the best decision for your traveling needs.

Travelers should also make note that all cannabis products should be consumed while in state. Weed is still illegal in federal spaces and in certain states without reformed laws.

San Francisco Cannabis delivery: A convenient option for hotel guests

Navigating the remarkable number of pot shops operating throughout San Francisco may prove daunting, however. If so, a legal cannabis delivery service in San Francisco might be more practical for certain tourists. 

These services normally house reliable staff, curating a lineup of the finest cannabis brands and products.

They also provide cannabis delivery to hotels located throughout the city, as long as customers provide a valid government ID.

Instead of searching for "weed delivery near me," visit an online service like They're known to deliver the best cannabis products to all neighborhoods in SF, and now including LA weed delivery.

Marijuana Tourism in San Francisco

San Francisco and weed have a special connection.  Like clam chowder and sour dough, the two are synonymous!  Formerly home to hippies in the 60s, San Francisco is now known as one of the most progressive cities on the planet.  San Francisco is also home to the first medical cannabis dispensaries in the US, starting with prop 215 which allowed for compassionate care collectives to open as medical-only dispensaries starting in 1996.

Weed delivery to San Francisco neighborhoods

San Francisco's eclectic neighborhoods are jewels.  We recommend getting lost and running into amazing finds.  Russian Hill, Polk Street, Ocean Beach (formerly home to Playland, the funhouse, and Sutro Baths) are fun places to walk, and are steeped in culture. There are also popular attractions like Fisherman’s Wharf, the counterculture of Haight Street, and the SOMA district nightlife, and the SF Zoo.  Something for all interests..including cannabis enthusiasts.

But one of the best reasons to visit the City by the Bay is the plethora of legal cannabis dispensaries. Many pot shops are open to out-of-state visitors. Adults 21 and over should plan to indulge in California’s recreational market.

If you can make it into a dispensary or dont want to deal with long lines, delivers to all neighborhoods within San Francisco, including- Richmond, Sunset, SOMA, FIDI, Pacific Heights, Russian Hill, Marina, Embarcadero, Crocker Amazon, Haight, Mission, Tenderloin,  Lone Mountain, Castro, Twin Peaks, Bernal Heights, Silver Terrace, and others.

Cannabis delivery is available throughout the Bay Area

A weed delivery service can reduce time and effort that could be better used to adventure throughout the Bay Area.  

Sports fans can visit the new Chase Center in San Francisco, home of the world champion Golden State Warriors.

Don't forget to experience one of the most technologically advanced NFL stadiums and new home of the San Francisco 49ers. Located in Santa Clara, Levi's Stadium is a hot destination.

Marijuana delivery in Marin County

For those who would rather experience the beauty of nature, weed delivery in Marin is also available. Afterwards, go wander off into breathtaking conservation areas and campgrounds that will undoubtedly reconnect hikers to the environment.  Whether you are staying in woodsy area close to nature, or in one of Marin's larger cities, we got you.  Bud offer same day and scheduled service for; Sausalito, San Rafael weed delivery, Novato weed delivery, Mill Valley weed delivery, Larkspur weed delivery

Weed delivery near SFO and San Francisco Peninsula

Don’t worry if you can’t make it back to San Francisco before dark. Many services offer weed delivery in San Mateo and SFO Hotels located on the Peninsula, which sits between the City, and Silicon Valley.  There are no dispensaries in major peninsula cities, however offers a huge selection of products to order online.  On-demand and scheduled service is offered in the following Peninsula cities; San Mateo, Millbrae weed delivery, Burlingame weed delivery, Redwood City weed delivery, Belmont weed delivery, South San Francisco weed delivery, and Daly City weed delivery.  

Order hemp-derived CBD direct to your hotel door

Want to wind down before heading home? Services dedicated to hemp-derived CBD can deliver a variety of products.

Reduce the stress of traveling with a relaxing bath bomb, or by snacking on some organic edibles.